Marlins in, Braves out in Jamestown

March 18, 2002

Dave Wellenzohn's short-season Jamestown franchise was technically still a Braves affiliate, but only because of a mountain of paperwork.

“We haven't signed anything yet,” the general manager said of his franchise's affiliate switch to the Marlins. “Nothing's been signed, sealed and delievered. But it's out there in paper.”

What's out there is a stack of papers that everyone involved has to sign. That includes the Braves, for whom Jamestown has been an affiliate for the last three seasons; the Orioles, who added a short-season affiliate with Cal Ripken's new Aberdeen franchise; and the Marlins, who were left scrambling for a new short-season affiliate when Ripken bought the Utica franchise.

The swap would have gone through sooner if not for the sale of the big league Marlins, which wasn't completed until late February. But Florida already has named the Jammers' coaching staff for 2002, so the change is only a matter of time.

“The whole thing is out there in red-tape limbo,” Wellenzohn said. “But there are no problems.”