‘Tats equal tickets for Daytona Cubs

By Blair Lovern
November 28, 2001

If you really, really like the Daytona Cubs, then they’ve got a promotion for you.

Any fan 18 or older who gets a Daytona Cubs tattoo from Willie’s Tropical Tattoo in Ormond Beach, Fla., will receive a lifetime general admission ticket.

“If we’re permanent on your body, your body is permanent in our ballpark,” Cubs general manager Buck Rogers said.

The Cubs scheduled Tattoo Night at the Ballpark for May 23, 2002, when fans can get rub-off tattoos. If you want the real deal, you’ll have to forever sacrifice a four-by-four-inch patch of skin.

“I’m not squeamish about where someone wants to put it,” said Charlie Subock of Tropical Tattoo. “It might be disrespectful to get it on your butt. But if you didn’t like the Cubs, that may be the place to put it.”

Subock said he and the team came up with the idea while talking about advertising with the club next season.

“What really struck me as cool is that they were into something that promoted quality tattooing,” he said. “I’m really a big baseball fan and have been for years. So for me it’s really fun. On the promotional night we’re going to talk about quality tattooing, the importance of having a sterile environment and all that sort of thing.”

The cost of the Cubs tattoo will be discounted compared to others of similar size, Subock said.

“It’s a real nice tattoo,” he said. “You can’t do a cool logo if it’s really small; it’s not like drawing on a piece of paper. So something that size, which usually would be a few hundred bucks, will now cost about $100.”

One fan has gotten the Cubs tattoo since the promotion was announced Tuesday, Subbock said.

“You can pay extra money and have an upgrade, so she got a seat right behind home plate,” he said.