BA Online Adding Subscription-Only Site

By Will Lingo

May 16, 2001

It seems the only constant on the Web is change. This has been especially true in the last several months, as the heady days of the Internet gold rush yielded to economic reality. Many of the sites you visited last year don't exist this year.

So we're proud to tell you Baseball America Online is not only still going strong, but also continues to get bigger and better. You’ve probably noticed changes in recent weeks as we’ve added new features such as the Prospect Hot Sheet. But more is on the way.

Starting next week, much of the best content on our site, including feature stories and other content from our print edition, will be available by subscription only. This includes our unparalleled draft coverage, kicked off by exclusive preview information that will begin appearing on the site next week.

We’ll still publish our Draft Preview issue. But as in the last couple of years, Baseball America Online will feature more draft information than we can fit into the magazine. That includes more news, more player ratings and more scouting information. And you’ll have only one way to get it: subscribe.

Perhaps most important to our loyal readers, current print subscribers are already taken care of. You will be able to access everything on the site with a member number that will be printed on your mailing label for each issue.

If you aren't already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? You can subscribe to the magazine, of course, for the regular price of $48.95. But we will also offer an electronic subscription for $36 that will provide access to the site only.

When the subscriber site debuts, you will notice the homepage doesn't look much different. And many of your Web favorites will still be available, including statistics and other daily coverage. To read our exclusive prospect ratings, unique features and other in-depth information that appears on the site from our print edition, though, you'll have to subscribe.

“We are excited about the continuing evolution of Baseball America Online,” publisher Lee Folger said. “Our Website's growth in audience and capabilities means we can provide Baseball America subscribers with additional premium coverage.

“Certain Baseball America content will continue to be available at no expense on the Web. But only Baseball America subscribers will have access to our most current and in-depth premium coverage, with the BA perspective they have come to rely upon.”

Again, if you're already a print subscriber, you'll get it all. We're just giving you more value for your money. You'll get additional coverage and you'll have access to the information immediately. And if you're not a current subscriber, we hope now you'll have more reason than ever to become one.

We will continue to add more subscriber-only features, such as exclusive chats and Web-only columns and stories from Baseball America’s great lineup of writers.

So keep watching this space for more details. We think you’ll like the changes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please drop a line to .