Baseball For The Ages

September 8, 2003

Baseball America will present its annual Baseball For The Ages feature in a future issue and welcomes the public at large to join in the selection process.

If you know of a worthy candidate from ages 12 to 18, please e-mail your nomination to (Please put “Baseball For The Ages” as the subject line.) Nominations also will be accepted by FAX at 919-682-2880 (ATTENTION: Baseball For The Ages). The deadline for making a submission is Friday, September 19.

We’re looking for players from Canada and the United States who excelled this summer in youth league competition at the international, national or state levels.

Please submit the player’s name and support each nomination with background information: name of team, tournament/events participated in, list of awards/accomplishments, statistics (if available), player’s school, player’s age/birthdate. Also, provide your name, phone number and e-mail address as well as a contact to independently verify the information–just our way of checking up on a few overzealous dads.

To establish a player’s age, we will use the universal youth league cutoff date of August 1. His age on that date establishes his age for the project.

As part of our Baseball For The Ages feature, we will also present the top player from ages 19 to 25 but we are not accepting nominations in those ages.