Withrow Experiences Unusual Injury

Every year, it seems like there’s a bizarre injury that occurs to a player. Whether it’s Joel Zumaya playing Guitar Hero, Sammy Sosa sneezing or Jeff Kent cleaning his truck, it seems that there’s always at least one usual story that comes up to explain why a player was placed on the disabled list.

Today, we present Dodgers righthander Chris Withrow, the 20th overall pick in 2007 and the No. 6 prospect in the organization. With a clean delivery and fluid arm action, you might not expect to find Withrow come down with an injury so soon, but perhaps that smoothness only helps him on the mound.

"Chris had an unfortunate incident in spring training where he grabbed a plastic snorkel mask," Dodgers pitching coordinator Marty Reed said. "He was on the beach and he grabbed it and he threw it. Well, the hard piece of the plastic sliced a pretty good little slice in his hand, so he couldn’t throw a ball for almost three weeks because he had to let that thing heal up and all that. And then when he started to come back, he kind of went through the dead-arm stage that a normal guy who had gone though spring training would go through. He’s just really starting to come around right now. I’d say he would probably be two to three weeks into spring training at this point, but he’ll be all right."

After signing for $1.35 million, Withrow used a low-90s fastball that touched 98 mph in the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League to strike out 13 batters in nine innings last year.

"He’s just so talented," Reed said. "He’s similar to Kershaw in terms of the way the ball comes out of his hand and the velocity that he can create. He’s got a great breaking ball, it’s just a matter of we just need to get him going and get him out there and get him pitching. I think we’ll see a lot of real good things from him towards the end of this year. It’s unfortunate, but we don’t want to start him back and then his hand blows up, and you’re dealing with this thing for six weeks instead of four weeks. So I think towards the end of the season this year he’ll start coming around."