The Week Ahead In The Minor Leagues (June 23-29)

Series to Watch at the Park

Nick and Tom Gordon

Nick Gordon (left) and his father Tom Gordon at the 2014 draft (Photo by Tomasso DeRosa)

Elizabethton at Burlington (June 25-27): An Appy League series? Yep, an Appy League series. Because the Royals eliminated their Arizona League franchise, Burlington is stocked with prospects this year. To wit, their roster carries their second first-round pick, Foster Griffin (who debuts today), their supplemental first-round pick, Chase Vallot (who homered yesterday), as well as their fourth-, fifth- and sixth-round selections. That’s in addition to Marten Gasparini, the barely 17-year-old Italian shortstop. Not bad, right? There’s more. Elizabethton houses Nick Gordon, another teenaged shortstop who went No. 5 overall in this year’s draft. Beyond Gordon, the E-Twins have every pick Minnesota has signed from the first through tenth rounds. That’s three days of good watching, even if some of them get promoted to low Class A before then.

MILB.TV Series Of The Week

Modesto Nuts at San Jose Giants (June 23-25): Among the full-season leagues, the California League is a desert for (the Florida State League is a compete abyss with no teams broadcast, but that’s a story for another day). But there is one oasis in the Cal League, which are the San Jose Giants broadcasts. So when San Jose is home, and especially when they are playing a interesting club like Modesto, which includes third baseman Rosell Herrera and shortstop Trevor Story, they are some required prospect viewing.

Prime Promotions

June 26 at Durham--90s Night: Remember when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince, Nirvana was sweeping the nation, Tamagotchis were all the rage (as was the phrase, “all the rage”) and a young bottle blond named Marshall said “Hi!” to the world? Well the Durham Bulls do, and they’re going to take you back to the 1990s on Thursday when they face the Indianapolis Indians.

June 26 at Greensboro--Bike Night: No, we’re not talking about a Huffy here. We’re thinking more of a Harley. If you have a motorcycle and are in the area, bring it out Newbridge Bank Park on Thursday and you might be able to participate in a pre-game parade around the warning track with your two-wheeled king of the road.

June 26 at Eugene--Whoopee Cushion Night: Always wanted to make Whoopee at the ballpark? Well, this is the closest you’ll get (or the closest you should get, at least). This is part of the Messin’ With Sasquatch Night, and the first 2,500 fans will receive a Whoopee Cushion to mess with their friends. If fraudulent flatulence isn’t your thing, come back to P.K. Park the next night and get a fleece Emeralds blanket, which you’re probably better served to use during the cooler winter months.