I have to disclose a bias when it comes to Fresno’s upcoming promotion: Johnny Drama vs. Dwight Schrute Night.

It’s no contest. Drama wins. In fact there may not be a better character on television.

So to bring the readers of the Business Blog fair and impartial reporting, I turned to my esteemed colleagues at Baseball America to cast a vote (believe it or not, we do watch television shows other than baseball, except in October).

The results were stunning. Of the seven responses I received in the 15 minutes I’ve devoted to this news-breaking blog entry . . . four were for Schrute. (I’m penning my resignation letter now.)

Hopefully the folks in Fresno have better taste than these BA jokers (two of whom are Red Sox fans. Figures).

To help my cause, I bring you The Top 5 Johnny Drama Quotes I Found Online Suitable To Be Printed On

5) “North of Ventura Boulevard is hell’s waiting room.”

4) “I could already see (E’s) future. He’s going to move in with Sloan, drive her daddy’s Bentley and join a country club that restricts us.”

3) “She’d go to the Gaza Strip in a yarmulke for Vince.”

2) “I’ve been working steady for the past twelve years, minus the last three.”

1) “Nobody appreciates their girlfriend until they get herpes from the next broad, know what I’m saying?”

Case closed.