Top 4th: World runs out of another rally


World team manager Tino Martinez isn’t afraid to let his runners take off, that’s for sure. The World had another basestealer thrown out in the fourth, making the team 1-for-4 on steal attempts through four innings.

Pablo Sandoval opened the inning by walking on four pitches from Cardinals righthander Jess Todd. Luke Hughes then worked a full count in a seven-pitch at-bat, but he struck out swinging on an 84 mph slider, and Sandoval–not a player known for his speed–was thrown out at second in a strike-em-out/throw-em-out double play. Scott Campbell grounded out to short to end the inning.

Todd looked like he could roll out of bed and throw 89 mph fastballs, as he did it with metronomic consistency in the inning. He had three pitches that came in at 89,  but otherwise it was 89 every time. He threw four sliders against the three batters he faced, in the 82-84 mph range.

Pitching is dominating at this point in the game, which usually is the case in the Futures Game.