Top 100 Prospect Tidbits

• Of the 1,146 players to be on a Top 100 Prospects list from 1990-2009, 1,020 (89 percent) made the major leagues.

• Top 100 Prospects players have won 29 MVP awards, 19 Cy Young Awards and 38 Rookie of the Year awards.

• Of the 74 2012 all-stars, 49 (66 percent) appeared on a Top 100 Prospects list, and 23 were ranked in the top 10.

• The franchises with the most Top 100 rankings (players ranked multiple years count each time) from 1990-2012 are the Braves (122), Dodgers (95), Yankees (92), Blue Jays (91) and Marlins (91).

• The franchises with the fewest Top 100 rankings from 1990-2012 are the Tigers (48), Diamondbacks (48), Phillies (53), Brewers (60) and Giants (61).

• Of the 80 different players ranked in the top five on Top 100 Prospects lists between 1990-2009, 44 have been all-stars and have combined for an average Baseball-Reference WAR of 19.2, so far.

• Of the 141 different pitchers ranked in the top 25 from 1990-2009, just 10 never reached the big leagues. The average number of innings by the pitchers who did (so far) is 855, and 46 have more than 1,000 big league innings.

• Of the 196 different hitters ranked in the top 25 from 1990-2009 (including Rick Ankiel), just three never reached the big leagues. The average number of plate appearances by those who did (so far) is 4,022, and 28 different hitters from that group have recorded more than 7,500 big league plate appearances.

• This is the fifth Top 100 appearance for Rangers lefthander Martin Perez, which is not necessarily a good thing. The other players who ranked on five lists includes Ryan Anderson, Michael Cuddyer, Carl Everett, Chad Hermansen, Chipper Jones, Adam Miller, Marc Newfield, Jarrod Parker, John Patterson, Felix Pie, Jim Pittsley, Pokey Reese, Luis Rivas, Ruben Rivera and Ian Stewart.

• According to Baseball-Reference’s salary data (along with our own draft signing bonus records), the 20 different players ranked No. 1 on the Baseball America Top 100 list between 1990-2012 have signed contracts worth more than $1.8 billion, so far.