Team USA Survives

So after the draft deadline passed . . . the Olympics were still going on. Team USA vs. Canada turned into a good one, with the U.S. rallying from a 4-3 deficit to win 5-4. Twins lefthander Brian Duensing got the last 10 outs for Team USA as manager Davey Johnson decided against using struggling closer Jeff Stevens or Blaine Neal. Duensing allowed a ninth-inning baserunner, and on a 3-2 pitch, Stubby Clapp’s line drive down the right-field line just landed foul.

It would have tied the game, but instead Duensing went back after Clapp and retired him on a flyout to left field. So the U.S. advances to 2-2 in the Olympics, while at 1-3 Team Canada likely must sweep Japan, the Netherlands and Taiwan to reach 4-3 and make the medal round.

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