Surveying The Landscape After The 2012 Trade Deadline

Now that dust has settled on the 2012 trade deadline, let’s take stock of the altered landscape and view the in-season maneuvering as a complete narrative rather than a few stray transactions, a symphony rather than a string of notes, a meal rather than a collection of ingredients. Or apply your own bland metaphor.

Reflected here are all the player-for-player trades consummated between Memorial Day and the July 31 deadline--with one exception. I included the Ernesto Frieri-to-the-Angels deal from May 3 because it’s a classic example of a contender swapping prospects for a veteran. Otherwise, most of the trades here took place in the 10-day period leading up to the deadline, 14 of them in the final 24 hours.

We’ll go through the names Art Vandelay style, classifying players as either imports or exports. A series of two slashes (//) marks the dividing line between major league and prospect listings. Standings are as of the morning of Aug. 1.


• Import • 3B Casey McGehee, RF Ichiro Suzuki
• Export • RHR Chad Qualls // RHR Danny Farquhar (AAA), RHS D.J. Mitchell (AAA)

Orioles (6.5 GB)
• Import • 1B Jim Thome
• Export • C Gabriel Lino (Lo A), RHR Kyle Simon (Hi A)

Rays (7.5 GB)
• Import • 3B Ryan Roberts
• Export • 2B Tyler Bortnick (AA)

Red Sox (8.5 GB)
• Import • LHR Craig Breslow, RHS Zach Stewart // RHR Jose de la Torre (AA), RHS Steve Wright (AA)
• Export • RHR Matt Albers, UTIL Brent Lillibridge, UT-OF Scott Podsednik, 3B Kevin Youkilis // 1B Lars Anderson (AAA)

Blue Jays (9 GB)
• Import • RHR Steve Delabar, LHR J.A. Happ, RHR Brad Lincoln, RHR Brandon Lyon // RHR David Carpenter (AAA)
• Export • RHR Francisco Cordero, RF Ben Francisco, LF Travis Snider // RHS Kevin Comer (R), RHS Joe Musgrove (R), C Carlos Perez (Lo A), LHS David Rollins (Lo A), LF Eric Thames (AAA), RHS Asher Wojciechowski (Hi A)

The Blue Jays added five relievers in the span of three transactions, but otherwise the AL East clubs remained fairly quiet, adding pieces around the margins.


White Sox
• Import • LHS Francisco Liriano, RHR Brett Myers, 3B Kevin Youkilis
• Export • SS Eduardo Escobar, UTIL Brent Lillibridge, RHS Zach Stewart // RHR Chris Devenski (Lo A), RHS Matt Heidenreich (AA), LHS Pedro Hernandez (AAA), LHS Blair Walters (Hi A)

Tigers (1.5 GB)
• Import • 2B Omar Infante, RHS Anibal Sanchez // supp first-round pick
• Export • RHS Jacob Turner // C Rob Brantly (AAA), LHS Brian Flynn (AA), supp second-round pick

Indians (5 GB)
• Import • UTIL Brent Lillibridge // 1B Lars Anderson (AAA)
• Export • RHR Jose de la Torre (AA), RHS Steve Wright (AA)

Twins (11 GB)
• Import • SS Eduardo Escobar // LHS Pedro Hernandez (AAA)
• Export • LHS Francisco Liriano

Royals (13.5 GB)
• Import • RHS Jeremy Guthrie // LHR Donnie Joseph (AAA), RHS Juan Carlos Sulbaran (AA)
• Export • RHR Jonathan Broxton, LHS Jonathan Sanchez

The White Sox struck both first and last, acquiring Kevin Youkilis and Brett Myers before the Tigers made their move for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante. Chicago then added Francisco Liriano in the weekend before the deadline.


• Import • RHS Ryan Dempster, C Geovany Soto
• Export • RHS Jake Brigham (AA), RHS Kyle Hendricks (Hi A), 3B Christian Villanueva (Hi A)

Angels (3 GB -- Wild Card 1)
• Import • RHR Ernesto Frieri, RHS Zack Greinke
• Export • 2B Alexi Amarista (AAA), RHS Johnny Hellweg (AA), RHS Ariel Pena (AA), RHS Donn Roach (Hi A), SS Jean Segura (AA)

Athletics (3.5 GB -- Wild Card 2)
• Import • C George Kottaras
• Export • RHR Fautino de los Santos (AAA)

Mariners (12 GB)
• Import • RHR Logan Bawcom (AA), RHR Danny Farquhar (AAA), CF Leon Landry (Hi A), RHS D.J. Mitchell (AAA), LF Eric Thames (AAA)
• Export • RHR Steve Delabar, RHR Brandon League, RF Ichiro Suzuki

The Angels picked up both a No. 1-caliber starter (Zack Greinke) and a closer (Ernesto Frieri). Other than the Angels with Greinke, five other contenders added starters who could factor in playoff games for their new clubs: Ryan Dempster (Rangers), Francisco Liriano (White Sox), Paul Maholm (Braves), Wandy Rodriguez (Pirates) and Anibal Sanchez (Tigers).


• Import • None
• Export • None

Braves (3.5 GB -- Wild Card 1)
• Import • LHS Paul Maholm, UT-OF Reed Johnson // SS Paul Janish (AAA)
• Export • RHR Jaye Chapman (AAA), RHS Todd Redmond (AAA), RHR Arodys Vizcaino (DL)

Mets (12 GB)
• Import • None
• Export • None

Marlins (14.5 GB)
• Import • RHS Nate Eovaldi, 1B Carlos Lee, RHS Jacob Turner // C Rob Brantly (AAA), 3B Zack Cox (AAA), LHS Brian Flynn (AA), CF Gorkys Hernandez (AAA), RHR Scott McGough (Hi A), supp first-round pick, supp second-round pick
• Export • LHR Randy Choate, 2B Omar Infante, RHR Edward Mujica, RHS Anibal Sanchez, 3B Hanley Ramirez // 3B Matt Dominguez (AAA), RHR Kyle Kaminska (AA), LHS Rob Rasmussen (Hi A), 1B Gaby Sanchez (AAA), supp first-round pick

Phillies (16.5 GB)
• Import • RHR Josh Lindblom, RF Nate Schierholtz // C Tommy Joseph (AA), C Gabriel Lino (Lo A), RHS Ethan Martin (AA), RHR Seth Rosin (Hi A), RHR Kyle Simon (Hi A)
• Export • RF Hunter Pence, 1B Jim Thome, CF Shane Victorino

As outlined in Jim Callis’ latest column, the Marlins snagged the most prospect talent in summer trades (three of the top 10, including No. 1 Jacob Turner), followed by the Brewers (three, led by No. 2 Jean Segura), the Cubs (two, led by No. 3 Arodys Vizcaino) and the Phillies (two, led by No. 4 Tommy Joseph). Naturally, these four NL clubs had the best talent for sale, including three of the top starters (Ryan Dempster, Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez) and two of the top position players (Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino).


• Import • RHR Jonathan Broxton // RHS Todd Redmond (AAA)
• Export • SS Paul Janish (AAA), LHR Donnie Joseph (AAA), RHS Juan Carlos Sulbaran (AA)

Pirates (3 GB -- Wild Card 2)
• Import • LHS Wandy Rodriguez, LF Travis Snider, RHR Chad Qualls // RHR Kyle Kaminska (AA), 1B Gaby Sanchez (AAA)
• Export • RHR Brad Lincoln, 3B Casey McGehee // LHS Colton Cain (Hi A), CF Robbie Grossman (AA), CF Gorkys Hernandez (AAA), LHS Rudy Owens (AAA), supp first-round pick

Cardinals (7 GB)
• Import • RHR Edward Mujica
• Export • 3B Zack Cox (AAA)

Brewers (15 GB)
• Import • RHR Fautino de los Santos (AAA), RHS Johnny Hellweg (AA), RHS Ariel Pena (AA), SS Jean Segura (AA)
• Export • RHS Zack Greinke, C George Kottaras

Cubs (17.5 GB)
• Import • RHS Jake Brigham (AA), RHR Jaye Chapman (AAA), RHS Kyle Hendricks (Hi A), 3B Christian Villanueva (Hi A), RHR Arodys Vizcaino (DL)
• Export • RHS Ryan Dempster, LHS Paul Maholm, UT-OF Reed Johnson, C Geovany Soto

Astros (27 GB)
• Import • RHR Francisco Cordero, RF Ben Francisco // LF Bobby Borchering (AA), LHS Colton Cain (Hi A), RHS Kevin Comer (R), RHR Chris Devenski (Lo A), 3B Matt Dominguez (AAA), CF Robbie Grossman (AA), RHS Matt Heidenreich (AA), LF Marc Krauss (AA), RHS Joe Musgrove (R), LHS Rudy Owens (AAA), C Carlos Perez (Lo A), LHS Rob Rasmussen (Hi A), LHS David Rollins (Lo A), LHS Blair Walters (Hi A), RHS Asher Wojciechowski (Hi A)
• Export • LHR J.A. Happ, 3B Chris Johnson, 1B Carlos Lee, RHR Brandon Lyon, RHR Brett Myers, LHS Wandy Rodriguez // RHR David Carpenter (AAA)

No team traded away more players from its active 25-man roster than the Astros (six); you could bump that total to seven because while David Carpenter was in Triple-A at the time he was traded to the Blue Jays, he actually made Houston’s Opening Day roster and spent most of the year in the bigs. The Marlins were second with five exports, but you could apply the Carpenter clause to Gaby Sanchez, giving them six big league exports.


• Import • LHR Randy Choate, RHR Brandon League, 3B Hanley Ramirez, CF Shane Victorino
• Export • RHS Nate Eovaldi, RHR Josh Lindblom // RHR Logan Bawcom (AA), CF Leon Landry (Hi A), RHS Ethan Martin (AA), RHR Scott McGough (Hi A)

Giants (0 GB, in virtual tie for first)
• Import • RF Hunter Pence, UT-IF Marco Scutaro
• Export • RF Nate Schierholtz // 2B Charlie Culberson (AAA), C Tommy Joseph (AA), RHR Seth Rosin (Hi A)

Diamondbacks (3.5 GB)
• Import • RHR Matt Albers, 3B Chris Johnson, UT-OF Scott Podsednik // 2B Tyler Bortnick (AA)
• Export • LHR Craig Breslow, 3B Ryan Roberts // LF Bobby Borchering (AA), LF Marc Krauss (AA)

Padres (12 GB)
• Import • 2B Alexi Amarista (AAA), RHS Donn Roach (Hi A)
• Export • RHR Ernesto Frieri

Rockies (17 GB)
• Import • LHS Jonathan Sanchez // 2B Charlie Culberson (AAA)
• Export • RHS Jeremy Guthrie, UT-IF Marco Scutaro

The Dodgers brought in the highest quantity (and arguably quality) of big league talent, making three separate trades for Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Brandon League and Randy Choate. With their trade for Marco Scutaro, the Giants continued their annual tradition of importing middle-infield help at mid-season, just like they did last year (Orlando Cabrera, Jeff Keppinger), in 2010 (Mike Fontenot) and 2009 (Freddy Sanchez).