Surprise Saudi

When Padres infielder Craig Stansberry found out he was selected to this year’s Futures Game, he was understandably excited. But when he realized he’d be representing Saudi Arabia, his reaction was more like, “Come again?”

Stansberry’s only connection to Saudi Arabia was being born there while his parents lived there during the early 1980s. His father worked on various construction projects for a U.S. company in the country, and that pretty much sewed the stitching of the Saudi flag on Stansberry’s jersey for this year’s Futures Game some 25 years later–even if his son grew up in Texas and was drafted by the Pirates out of Rice in 2003.

“It threw me a little bit when I saw the Saudi flag on the jersey, but it’™s all in good fun,” Stansberry said. “These guys know I’™m completely American 100 percent. I’™m just going to be out here and I’™m going to soak it in and enjoy it.

“It’™s kind of one of those funny things’"I’™m sure people are going to be scratching their heads, but it just kind of happened that way.”