Statistics Bonanza

The opening of baseball season is anticipated for many reasons, not the least of which is, you know, the games. But almost as much fun as watching them is sifting through the numbers that all those games produce. And we've worked hard throughout the offseason to make our statistical offerings better than ever this season. Here are a few highlights:

STAT CENTRAL: Our stat index is streamlined and makes it easy for you to find your favorite team's stats (major or minor league) all from one place. So when you're starting your daily stat run, start here.

PLAYER FINDER: Our Player Finder was already the best around, and it continues to get better. Accessible from its own dedicated page, our home page or any of our main stat pages, our Player Finder allows you to search by first name or last name (or both), and jump to his Player Card. Speaking of which . . .

• PLAYER CARDS: Our cards give you the player's career statistics—updated through the latest action, of course—as well as his vitals. As we rolled out last year, subscribers have access to a player's career transactions, also updated throughout the season. So when you check on Juan Francisco, obviously he's with the Braves now, but we also tell you how he got there.

We also have several enhancements this year, the most notable of which is the addition of a player's appearances in our prospect rankings and Best Tools surveys, as well as where he was drafted–and what his bonus was when he signed. All of this information helps give you context for how we've viewed a player over time. Some interesting examples to take a look at are Joe Savery, who made the Phillies' big league roster after a long and winding road through the big leagues, and of course Matt Moore, who steadily moved up our rankings as he worked his way through the Rays system.

• MINOR LEAGUE SPLITS: You can slice and dice major league numbers at any number of sites, but until now it was hard to find useful minor league splits. Worry no more! From any Player Card, you'll be able to find a player's game by game statistics, as well as various splits, including home/road and left/right numbers for hitters and pitchers. Wondering how Manny Machado handled a righthander last night? Or how Trevor Bauer fared against lefthanded hitters versus righthanded hitters? It's all there.

• ENHANCED LEADERBOARDS: Sure, anyone can tell you who's leading the California League in batting. But which third baseman is leading the league in slugging? Now you can know. Go to any league leaderboard and you'll find numerous customizable controls, including positions and minimums for innings or plate appearances. You can find these by going to the Leagues pulldown menu on any of our main stat pages.

• IMPROVED AFFILIATION STATISTICS: The way our statistics are organized by affiliation has also improved. You can still find one page that will link you to all of the stat, roster and schedule information for your favorite team and its affiliates, but now you also have one-click access to the hitting and pitching stats for everyone in the organization. Who are the early leaders in batting for the Brewers? They're all right here.

Not only that, but the improved customization and sortability of our league leaderboards have been incorporated here as well. So who is the leader in triples for the Brewers organization? You don't have to guess any longer.

Obviously these numbers become richer and more fun to play with as the games start to stack up, so we encourage you to explore and have fun with them. You'll probably find some stuff even we have forgotten to mention here. Overall, we think the statistics are a quantum leap forward, and you'll never need to go anywhere else for your minor league research. We're continuing to improve them all the time, though, so if you have more suggestions we'd love to hear them.