Spending Time Inside Trade Limbo

ZEBULON, N.C.–It all starts with rumors. Ryan Tucker’s going to Boston. Now he’s going to Pittsburgh. Now he’s going to Boston again. Now it’s official. Now it’s just rumor.

That was the scene in the home clubhouse after tonight’s game at Carolina, the Marlins’ Double-A affiliate. Tucker, a 21-year-old righthander, has been involved all evening in trade rumors, most of which have involved the Red Sox and the Pirates.

Tucker, who moved from the bullpen to the clubhouse and then to the dugout during the game, said he didn’t know what was going on. He had heard the rumors during the game. Said his agent didn’t know what was up either. He was just in Trade Limbo.

"Have you heard anything?" Tucker asked me.

Trade Limbo didn’t involve anything extraordinary; there is mostly just confusion. And, of course, jokes.

"Dude, did you hear? The Red Sox just traded you for Manny Ramirez," joked one player to a veteran minor leaguer.

"Don’t take Ryan!" screamed another.

That’s Trade Limbo.