South Atlantic League Announces All-Star Rosters

As all-star rosters are announced, we’ll give you the rosters as well as a look at which prospects are the ones to watch.

South Atlantic League All-Star Game

When: June 18

Where: Lakewood, N.J.


Northern Division All-Stars

Pitchers: Dixon Anderson (Hagerstown), Robert Benincasa (Hagerstown), Orlando Castro (West Virginia), Alexander Claudio (Hickory), C.J. Edwards (Hickory), Tyler Glasnow (West Virginia), Josh Hader (Delmarva), Steven Inch (Lakewood), Ivan Pineyro (Hagerstown), Frankie Reed (Greensboro)

Catchers: Jorge Alfaro (Hickory), Chace Numata (Lakewood), Pedro Severino (Hagerstown)

Infielders: Stetson Allie (West Virginia), Joey Gallo (Hickory), Dilson Herrera (West Virginia), Micah Johnson (Kannapolis), Tony Renda (Hagerstown), Viosergy Rosa (Greensboro), Ryan Rua (Hickory)

Outfielders: Josh Bell (West Virginia), Lewis Brinson (Hickory), Jason Coats (Kannapolis), Walker Gourley (West Virginia), Brandon Miller (Hagerstown)

Field Staff: Manager Tripp Keister (Hagerstown), Coach Mickey Morandini (Lakewood), Coach Franklin Bravo (Hagerstown), Athletic Trainer Mickey Kozack (Lakewood)

Southern Division All-Stars

Pitchers: Martin Agosta (Augusta), Christian Binford (Lexington), Rafael De Paula (Charleston), Dietrich Enns (Charleston), Alec Mills (Lexington), Bret Mitchell (Savannah), Tyler Mizenko (Augusta), Shae Simmons (Rome), Chris Stratton (Augusta), Gabriel Ynoa (Savannah)

Catchers: Tom Murphy (Asheville), Peter O’Brien (Charleston), Kevin Plawecki (Savannah)

Infielders: Mookie Betts (Greenville), Jayce Boyd (Savannah), David Chester (Greenville), Mitchell Delfino (Augusta), Matt Duffy (Augusta), Rosell Herrera (Asheville), Levi Hyams (Rome)

Outfielders: Josh Elander (Rome), Jesus Galindo (Augusta), Derek Jones (Asheville), Brandon Nimmo (Savannah), Francisco Sosa (Asheville)

Field Staff: Manager Luis Rojas (Savannah), Coach Frank Viola (Savannah), Coach Hector Borg (Augusta), Athletic Trainer Tom Truedson (Savannah)

Prospects Worth Seeing: Thanks to the fact that there are only two low Class A leagues, as usual, the South Atlantic League All-Star game will be one of the better all-star games for prospect watchers. Righthanders Rafael De Paula (Yankees) for the Southern Division all-stars and Tyler Glasnow (Pirates) give the game a pair of extremely interesting pitching prospects. Righthanders Chris Stratton (Giants), a 2012 first-round pick, Gabriel Ynoa (Mets), C.J. Edwards (Rangers), Ivan Pinyero (Nationals) and Martin Agosta (Giants) are also worth checking out.

North third baseman Joey Gallo (Rangers) is the odds-on favorite to win any pre-game home run derby with his plus-plus power. Pitcher-turned-first baseman Stetson Allie (Pirates) will also put on a pre-game power display. As far as prospects go, the North’s lineup is meatier. Gallo’s joined by catcher Jorge Alfaro (Rangers), second baseman Dilson Herrera (Pirates) and outfielders Josh Bell (Pirates) and Lewis Brinson (Rangers). On the South side, outfielder Brandon Nimmo (Mets), shortstop Rosell Herrera (Rockies) and second baseman Mookie Betts (Red Sox) are all intriguing, but the lineup lacks the star power of the North club.

The South team has a pair of catchers in Tom Murphy (Rockies) and Kevin Plawecki (Mets) who are both having excellent seasons, although both are a little old for the league.