Shocker Of A Day

SANTIAGO, D.R.–First it was Mexico upedning Licey in the Wednesday opener, and then it was Aguilas getting raked over the coals by Venezuela in an 8-5 victory, completing a day of upsets at El Stadio Cibao.

Venezuela (2-3) doesn’t have much punch in their offense, but it was more than enough against the lackluster performance of Aguilas’pitching staff Wednesday. Starter Bartolo Colon, who is without a contract and was auditioning for a big league job, allowed two runs on five hits and was chased in the fifth inning.

"He was OK, but there is no stamina there; he doesn’t maintain anything for more than two-inning stints,"said a scout with a National League club. "He started to lose it in the third–the velocity slowed some and he was leaving his sinker up in the zone–and then he was done.

Venezuela racked up 15 hits in the victory, setting up a much more meaningful game tonight between Aguilas (3-2) and Licey (4-1). If Aguilas knocks off Licey, there will be a one-game playoff Friday to decide the Caribbean Series winner. If not, Licey will be crowned champion tonight.