Same Time Next Year?

SAN FRANCISCO–If they want to send the All-Star Game to San Francisco every year, that’s fine by me. It’s a crystal-clear 72-degree day here at AT&T Park, and the World team is taking batting practice in preparation for a 1 p.m. local start. A huge ship is anchored just beyond right field, a gentle breeze wafts across the ballpark, and they’ll soon be cooking up garlic fries. In short, baseball in San Francisco lives up to its billing.

Among the new age parks, AT&T Park has the most intimate feeling of any I’ve been to other than Camden Yards. Even some of the other great new parks still have a huge feeling about them and look like they were plopped onto the best available vacant city block, but AT&T looks and feels as if it has been in this spot forever.

The security entering the ballpark was quite tight, with each media member’s bags and equipment getting individually searched. That led to some antsy media members who were anxious to get in and see batting practice, but it also allowed us to see two cool sights:

–Giants owner Peter Magowan arriving at the ballpark in his silver Mercedes Benz sports car with “GIANTS1” plates.

–World catcher Robinzon Diaz of the Blue Jays arriving late for the game and getting hustled through the security gate by a few MLB officials so he wouldn’t be late for BP.