Salcedo Update

A few weeks ago, after Edward Salcedo burst upon the international scene as the ‘it’ guy, several media outlets reported the 16-year-old Dominican shortstop had signed with the Yankees. Then there were rumors he had signed with the Mariners. But in reality, Salcedo’s agent Scott Boras is still taking offers, and it appears the rumors of Salcedo signing were merely ploys to try to get other clubs to react with higher offers. So far, no one has met Boras’ asking price for Salcedo, rumored to be in the $3.5 million range. At least five clubs are currently in negotiations with Boras, but the Yankees and Mariners aren’t considered to be players at this stage in the game. Surprisingly, medium-market clubs including Cleveland have emerged as being active suitors, according to several sources. Salcedo, who only turned 16 on July 30, was expected to sign in early August, but Boras is apparently willing to wait. Calls to the Boras Corporation were not immediately returned Wednesday. "This is a high priority guy a lot of clubs are after, and his agent is playing that the right way right now," said one international scouting director. "He’s got all the time in the world. They’re just waiting for the biggest offer."