Pulling A Donovan

I want to thank reader Brett Zalaski for bringing this to my attention today.

The Fort Myers Miracle plan to take a shot at Billy Donovan’s very brief coaching career with the Orlando Magic by hosting “Billy Donovan Night” on June 20 against Tampa.

The team will allow fans to follow Donovan’s lead (he backed out of a $27.5 million contract with Orlando just days after signing it) by giving them the opportunity to negotiate out of their ticket purchases.

“Anytime during the game, if they are not sure that they want to be there, they can leave and negotiate a release from their ticket purchase,” the team said in a release.

The Fort Myers News-Press spoke with a local attorney who is going to negotiate “out-clauses” with fans on behalf of the team. The out-clause, if granted, will require the fan to shoot a Gators or Magic basketball through a hoop.

“I’m going to take the decision very serious,” said Michael Hornung, a criminal defense and personal injury attorney. “They’™ve given me a little bit more power than in my regular job as an attorney.”

There is incentive for fans to stick with their ticket purchase: there will be a random drawing after the eighth inning for tickets to a Southeastern Conference basketball game in Gainesville next season.