Prospects Chat With Conor Glassey

Moderator: Conor Glassey will chat beginning at 3 p.m. ET.

Conor Glassey: Hey everybody! Let’s get this started!

    Bill (Dallas): What's your take on Eric Hosmer and him getting LASIK? Has he always batted with glasses?

Conor Glassey: Hi, Bill. Hosmer started wearing
prescription glasses to bat beginning sometime in June, I believe, and
he’s actually missed some time recently because they got scratched. So,
LASIK probably makes some sense for him. This is a pipedream,
obviously, but I’d really love to see vision ratings for hitters in
MLB. I’ve heard that great hitters, like fighter pilots, typically have
better-than 20/20 vision.

    James (FE Warren AFB, WY): Cody Johnson has
    some big time power! Hitting 30 home runs in the Carolina league is
    pretty darn impressive. Will we see Cody J in AA to start next year
    off? Do you project him to be an Adam Dunn type player with mediocre
    average, strike out a lot, and hit lots of home runs? Will he crack the
    braves top 10 prospect list next year?

Conor Glassey: Yes, Johnson does have huge power. I
did the Carolina League Best Tools list and he was a near-unanimous
pick for best power in the league and probably some of the best raw
power in the minors. I don’t see him as the next Adam Dunn, though. Not
a totally fair comparison, because Dunn was a college player, but Dunn
didn’t strike out more than once a game. Over the past 2 seasons,
Johnson is averaging almost 1.4 strikeouts a game.

    Lorenzo (Ft. Lauderdale, FL): It's a safe bet Wade Davis will get the call soon, but how about Hellickson and Jennings? Do either have a shot?

Conor Glassey: The Rays’ pitching depth is great. I
could see Davis being a September callup, though the Rays may wait
until Durham’s season is over. Hellickson and Jennings aren’t on the
40-man and earned midseason promotions to Durham, so probably not those

    Paul (St. Louis): Did Allen Craig get consideration for the sheet this week? He's been consistently good pretty much all season.

Conor Glassey: You’re right, Paul. Craig did have a very impressive week: .387/.424/.677 over 31 ABs with three doubles and two home runs.

    Chuck (Wichita): Derrick Robinson is hitting
    .320/.373/.530 in August with 5 home runs. Is this just random
    variation, or is he finally starting to turn the corner as a hitter?

Conor Glassey: Yeah, our Royals guy, JJ Cooper, talked
about Robinson’s 5 HRs during the Hot Sheet meeting this morning and
noted that Robinson has 5 HRs this month, doubling his career total. I
haven’t talked to scouts that have seen Robinson lately, but my strong
suspicion is that it’s just random variation.

    Scott (Houston): Why no love for Koby Clemens?
    Kids hitting .400 in his last 10 games with 8 xbh and 10 rbi's... any
    chance he could possibly still be a viable catching option for the

Conor Glassey: He was discussed and is having a good season. But scouts and Jason Castro agree that he’s not their catcher of the future.

    Mike (Vista, CA): I hear that Edinson Rincon
    has a good arm and range. The Padres say his defense will get better
    with more work. If he can not play 3b where will he play?

Conor Glassey: Yeah, Rincon is an interesting guy and
his bat and approach are getting some very solid reviews from managers
in the Northwest League (I’m doing the NWL Top 20). The reviews I’ve
gotten on his defense are actually that he doesn’t have good range or
footwork. He’s young, so he’ll get every chance to learn and iron out
the kinks over there, but he may have to move to a corner outfield spot
or first base.

    Brandt (Los Angeles, CA): What is Christian
    Freidrich's ceiling? Can he be a true ace? What he's done in the Cal
    League has been impressive. Top 10 on the Top 100 next year?

Conor Glassey: I’m a big, big fan. I saw Friedrich in
his first 2009 game when Asheville came through Kannapolis and I’m sold
on the ace potential in that guy. When I saw him he was sitting 91-93,
touched 95 and was spotting his fastball to both sides of the plate. He
froze hitters with a 74-76 mph curveball that he thew for strikes and
showed a filthy 81-83 mph slider that was hard and late. At that time,
he was working on a new grip for his changeup, and the handful he threw
looked good.
He’s making the Cal League look silly. Top 10? No. Top 25? I think he
definitely should be.

    Alex B (Kansas City): Who will be the Royals number one prospect next year?

Conor Glassey: I talked with JJ Cooper, who does our
Royals chapter in the Prospect Handbook and he said, while this could
change, it’s looking like the No. 1 spot will belong to Eric Hosmer,
who just edges (in no order) Moustakas, Duffy, Montgomery, Wil Myers
and Aaron Crow (if he signs). It’s a good group at the top. Last year
it was 1-2, then a drop, but with a good draft and some solid seasons
by some of their prospects, the Royals will have an interesting Top 10.

    Jiri (Toronto): Alvarez took a lot of heat for
    his struggles in the first half. After his huge second half, is he
    regarded as a top notch prospect again? In your opinion, what is his

Conor Glassey: Yeah, he did. With the signing-deadline
fiasco and then showing up to camp overweight, Alvarez didn’t start off
on the right foot with a lot of people. So, as a very polished college
hitter, he was an easy guy to pick on when he was hitting .200 in
mid-May. But he’s really turned it on since and is having a fantastic
season. So, yes, he’s still a top-notch prospect.

    Dan (Work): Dunder-Mifflin Yankees. Now that's funny.

Conor Glassey: Matt Eddy, ladies and gentlemen! He’ll
be here all night…oh wait, no he won’t. He just left for Burlington
to go see more of Jiovanni Mier.

    Burke (Columbus, OH): Just received my
    Baseball America product catalog today and noticed that Jason Heyward
    received top billing with the biggest pic on the cover. I know January
    is a long way away (pre-order yours today) but is the cover really
    already established?

Conor Glassey: See folks, you catch more flies with
honey than with vinegar. Everyone take a lesson from Burke, here (and
take his advice on preordering the Prospect Handbook too. Burke is a
genius). To answer your question…yes, Heyward will indeed be on the

    Trevor (Baltimore): I was curious to see
    Beckham's season deemed a success. His error total is awfully high.
    What are scouts in the MWL saying about the bat? Long-term do you think
    he stays at short?

Conor Glassey: I wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to
error totals, especially in the minor leagues. Aside from the fact that
errors are pretty stupid statistics to begin with, the playing surfaces
aren’t as good and minor-league scorers sometimes make odd decisions.
I can’t believe it’s been an hour already. I would love to chat longer,
but I have to keep working the phones for my NWL list…LIGHTNING

    Jaypers (MOMSVILLE, IL): Who is your minor league player of the year if the season ended today.

Conor Glassey: You’re going to have to wait another couple weeks…

    Jaypers (Livinwitmom, IL): Arrieta,Tillman,Matusz who will lead the pack in 2010

Conor Glassey: My order would be Tillman, Matusz,
Arrieta. Tillman and Matusz are close and are both upper-echelon guys,
but Arrieta isn’t in that group for me.

    Morgan (Easton): Is Casey Crosby the tigers #1 porspect?

Conor Glassey: I’m actually doing the Tigers chapter
this year and Crosby will be close�top 5, for sure�but doesn’t look
like their No. 1 guy. Jacob Turner is a pretty easy choice there.

    Scott (Houston): Will the Astros have more than just Jason Castro and Jordan Lyles in the next Top100?

Conor Glassey: I saw Jio Mier play last night and he
looked really impressive. He had a great body and his defense lived up
to the glowing scouting reports I heard about all spring. He looked to
have a very good approach at the plate with a quick, line-drive swing,
good pitch recognition and plate discipline�especially for a
high-school hitter�and above-average speed.

    Nick (NY): Who has been the most productive 1B out of the 2008 draft class so far? Ike Davis?

Conor Glassey: Justin Smoak

    Kent (San Diego): Why hasn't Dexter Carter been able to put together the kind of numbers he did in the Sally League, in your estimation?

Conor Glassey: Probably just some bad luck. I wouldn’t get too concerned about five starts.

    Andrew (York, PA): Better prospect: Jordan Lyles or Casey Kelly?

Conor Glassey: Casey Kelly

    Virgil Dahl (Waterloo, Iowa 50702): The daily prospect report, the prospect hot sheet and chat should be a must for any fan of fantasy baseball!
    Thomas Neal..could he crack the l00, and where would you rank him on Friscos' list at this point? many thanks

Conor Glassey: Neal’s having a great season – but my hunch is that he’ll probably end up on the outside, looking in.

    Zach (SF Bay Area): Is B Posey's exclusion
    from the US world cup team a result of him being beaten out for a
    roster spot, or an inevitable Sept 1 call-up?

Conor Glassey: Probably getting called up.

    Desmond (Durham): Does Desmond Jennings have a shot at starting for the Rays by mid 2010?

Conor Glassey: I think that’s a safe timetable. Good luck getting a flyball in the gap with an outfield of Crawford-Upton-Jennings!

    Elliot (Youngstown OH): Hey who's this "Marte"
    guy the Indians brought up from Columbus where he was tearing about IL
    pitching? He's starting to do the same thing in the AL. He's not
    related to that Andy Marte superflop who used to be a No. 1 Prospect,
    is he?

Conor Glassey: Are you related to yourself? Yep…it’s the same guy.

    Derek (Little Rock): Adam Dunn was NOT a college player!!! ...come on. That's not even difficult.

Conor Glassey: Duh…you’re right. Brainfart on my
part. Makes my point even better then – waaaay better approach at the
plate than Cody Johnson.

    Rob (Alaska): Lightning round! Is Logan Morrison's stock down?

Conor Glassey: No.

Conor Glassey: Alright, that’s all for me. Thanks for all the great questions. Get out there and watch some baseball this weekend!