Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Matt Eddy

Josh (Texas): I know that Fuentes is still young and has plenty of room to grow, but do you see him developing more power or staying more of a slap hitter?

Matt Eddy: Power won’t be a part of Padres CF Reymond Fuentes’ game. Hitters with plus speed but without natural loft or carry are better off concentrating on line drives and groundballs. That’s where they’ll pick up their extra bases on hustle doubles — or triples in Fuentes’ case — and groundball singles that would be outs for other players.

John (Chicago): Is Luis Cessa too fringy of a prospect for the hot sheet? 8IP, 4H, 0BB, 12K in his lone start this week.

Matt Eddy: We advise a wait-and-see approach for 21-year-old Mets RHP Luis Cessa. He’s had a fine year at Low-A Savannah, but it’s the best pitcher’s park in the minors, and Cessa’s stuff doesn’t compare with rotation-mates like Gabriel Ynoa (best control in the South Atlantic League), Steve Matz or Matt Koch (68/4 SO/BB).

mossy (dayton): Good to see Cubs on thias list again, With the international signings and recent draft where do cubs end up on organizational ranks when talking farm systems?

Matt Eddy: Because of the comparative certainty of top-tier position prospects, such as Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler and Albert Almora, the Cubs would rank up near the top for me. They addressed a shortage of pitching at the trade deadline, picking up C.J. Edwards (high ceiling, but far, far away) and Jake Arrieta and Justin Grimm, two righties with more modest ceilings but the raw stuff to contribute on a first-division pitching staff (though probably not in leading roles).

Josh (Texas): Do you have any word on Donovan Tate's status?

Matt Eddy: He’s back at the Padres’ short-season Eugene affiliate, having rededicated himself to baseball. I recommend Padres beat writer Corey Brock’s story on Tate’s comeback. Google it.

Mike (DC): Can you rank the three young pitchers; Glasnow, Wisler and Sims in upside and likely MLB outcome?

Matt Eddy: Pirates RHP Tyler Glasnow and Braves RHP Lucas Sims have the better fastballs, but Padres RHP Matt Wisler is a safer commodity given that we know how his stuff plays versus Double-A competition. He’s also farther ahead of the other two when it comes to commanding the ball. I’d probably go Sims, Wisler, Glasnow for future impact potential, though Wisler could be a full two years ahead on the developmental curve.

Virgil Dahl (Waterloo, Iowa): Matt; please explain to the founding member of the unworthy why the large separation between Matt Wisler and Keyvius Sampson? thanks

Matt Eddy: Double-A San Antonio righthanders Matt Wisler and Keyvius Sampson have similar pitching lines this season, though Wisler has better command, more physical projection, a better feel to spin a breaking ball and is about two years younger. Both have major league potential, though Wisler is a clear cut above in my opinion.

Tim (Pittsburgh, PA): Any updates on Josmil Pinto (AAA Rochester)? Hitting .423 since his promotion to AAA on the heels of a .308 season with solid power at AA New Britain. With his ability to catch, what do you make of his overall value?

Matt Eddy: Twins C Josmil Pinto earned best strike-zone judgment honors in the Eastern League and actually has pretty solid tools with fringe-average power, a strong arm and solid receiving skills. That could be a recipe for a career spent as a backup catcher.

Roger (Greenville, SC): Can Luke Jackson develop into a #2 starter?

Matt Eddy: That may be a tad optimistic, but Rangers Double-A RHP Luke Jackson definitely has a big league arm with a plus fastball and breaking ball. He’ll need improved control to profile as a top-of-the-rotation starter, though that’s not out of the question, and he has a high floor as a dominant relief candidate.

Cole (The Office): What do you think of the White Sox getting Avisail Garcia? Solid regular with all-star potential?

Matt Eddy: I admit to being the high man on new White Sox CF Avisail Garcia at BA HQ. I think that when we look back in 5 years, he’ll be the best prospect who changed teams in July 2013. I love the contact rate for a young, developing power hitter, his ability to hit with power to all fields and the fact that he’s taking steps toward addressing his plate patience. I expect a future as a squarely first-division regular for Garcia. He idolizes Magglio Ordonez, and that’s a much more realistic outcome than the Miguel Cabrera comps that got tossed around last year.

Eric (ChiTown): Any concerns about Oscar Taveras losing almost a full season due to injuries?

Matt Eddy: It’s certainly not how you’d draw it up if you’re the Cardinals, but don’t forget that stars like Chipper Jones (1994) and Joe Mauer (2004) missed practically the entire season at the point at which they were to be MLB rookies.

John (Chicago): Nimmo wasn't quite hot-sheet worthy but got on base at a .500 clip this week. How badly has his stock fallen this year?

Matt Eddy: As alluded to earlier — but it bears repeating — Low-A Savannah’s Grayson Stadium kills offense, particularly lefty power. Away form Savannah, Nimmo has hit .294/.407/.411 this season, so unless your expectation was perennial all-star the Mets’ 2011 first-rounder, then I don’t think much has changed for Nimmo except ballpark context.

MJ (Valpo): Is Reymond Fuentes back on the Padres' radar as a future CF starter for them? After all, he was once a 1st round draft pick!

Matt Eddy: Even in the midst of a poor season in 2012, he still had major league-caliber tools with his speed and range in center field. That will buy him a lot of opportunities.

Junior (Twin Cities): How impressive has Rougned Odor's season been? Has he cracked the top-100 for 2014? I gotta belive he has--being now the youngest pos. player in AA, right?

Matt Eddy: Rangers Double-A 2B Rougned Odor will be in the conversation for the Top 100, sure. Texas loves the instincts and the feel to hit, but he’ll have to deliver on that latter part because he lacks power and speed. For Odor to thrive in the majors, he’ll need to be a 6 hitter and defender, which is a possibility.

ben (miami): I know he's not in the minors anymore but what is the most homers you expect Yelich to have in a season in the majors?

Matt Eddy: He has the potential to hit 20-25 home runs. He’s the rare hitter who could grade out with 60s for hitting and for power. In other words, he could give you a .300 average and 20 HR.

John (Chicago): Cesar Puello should have made the NOT HOT list. The guy practically disappeared this week.

Matt Eddy: That would have been an interesting angle, including all the minor league players who received Biogenesis suspensions, at least the ones on 40-man rosters: Mets RF Cesar Puello, Mariners C Jesus Montero and Mets 2B/OF Jordanny Vladespin

Jesse (Ventura,Ca): Have you seen improvements in the Angels farm system since Jerry Dipoto to over as G.M?

Matt Eddy: Hard to judge the quality of the Angels’ amateur imports given that they’ve sacrificed first-round picks to sign Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton and aren’t especially active on the international market. Trading away future all-stars Pat Corin and Jean Segura has done the system no favors. Tyler Skaggs also still has the potential to flourish — though the only one Dipoto traded away was Segura. (He actually ACQUIRED Corbin and Skaggs as D-backs interim GM in 2010. Good pro scouting by Arizona, eh?)

Craig (BC): Can you tell me how you would evaluate Singleton's shortened season at this point? Has his ceiling changed?

Matt Eddy: For me if he’s not the No. 1 first base prospect in the minors, then he’s close. I love the feel to hit and the power potential. Invest confidently if you’re a fantasy or sim player.

Alec (Az): I know Baez, Soler, Bryant, even Almora get all the attention in Chicago but I've slowly but surely fallen for Arismendy Alcantara. Do you see him as a June '14 call up and what do you project for him as a major leaguer?

Matt Eddy: Cubs Double-A middle infielder Arismendy Alcantara has the potential to be a first-division second baseman. He has a feel to hit and generates surprising power from a 5-foot-10 frame. I think your optimism is warranted.

Ben (Chicago): Doesn't is make sense for the Cubs to deal a player like Castro currently in his prime and maximize its return? Teams would overpay for him now and given his inability to play a high end SS he is basically a one dimensional player. The Cubs are still 2-3 years away from getting all their pieces to the major league level and actually being re-built.

Matt Eddy: With all the left-side-of-the-infeld talent the Cubs will be bringing to Wrigley in 2014 and '15 — Bryant, Baez, Olt, possibly Alcantara — they will face some interesting decisions.

Kevin (Houston): Where would you rank Kyle Hendricks, based on his performance this season. In both the Cubs system as well as overall, does he crack the top 100?

Matt Eddy: The Southern League leader in ERA, WHIP and walk rate, Cubs RHP Kyle Hendricks will be a strong candidate for the Cubs top 10. He has sharp control but no standout pitch, so a development along the lines of Dillon Gee or Josh Tomlin (before he got hurt) could be a possibility. Hendricks was part of the Dempster deal with the Rangers in 2012.

Mark (Houston): Still think Buxton is a better prospect than Correa?

Matt Eddy: Yes, I prefer Buxton. We could be looking at another Trout vs. Harper type debate in 2 years, with Buxton playing the role of the power/speed CF who can really hit and Correa as the corner player with 80 power and solid supporting tools.

Rocky (Ohio): Matt, who do you think has more upside as a starter, Kevin Gausman or Carlos Martinez? And do you think the Cards will keep Carlos as a SP? Thanks!

Matt Eddy: For me, it’s Orioles RHP Kevin Gausman. He probably wasn’t ready to be pushed to the highest levels so quickly, but he really commands a great fastball-changeup combo and will only improve his breaking ball as he throws it more often.

Michael (Chicago): Rumored that Leury Garcia could be the PTBNL in the Rios trade. What can you tell me about his tools/projection?

Matt Eddy: The Rangers tried to use Leury Garcia him as a utility man this spring (SS/2B/CF) to buy time for Jurickson Profar to get reps in Triple-A. That plan was scuttled when he hit .192. Garcia’s speed, range and throwing arm all border on 80 grades, but his ability to hit is very much in question. He tries to play a big man’s game, but if he ever adopts a more in-control hitting approach (with an emphasis on walks, grounders, liners, bunts) then he’s got a chance.

Howard (New York City): Hi Matt, I'm in a long term keeper league and I'm wondering which of the following SS prospects you project to be solid offensive contributors in the future: Abiatal Avelino (NYY), Franklin Barreto (Tor), Alen Hanson (Pit), Oscar Mercado (StL), Roman Quinn (Phi) and Tanner Rahier (Cin)

Matt Eddy: If you have your pick, you have to take Alen Hanson. Maybe he winds up at second base, but he’s the safest bet to hit.

Grant (NYC): Do you concur with your colleague Jim Callis that Andrew Heaney is presently the best lefty in the MiLB?

Matt Eddy: Yeah, Marlins LHP Andrew Heaney is nasty. I struggle to find good lefty candidates for the monthly all-prospect teams, so I’ll concur with Jim that Heaney is No. 1.

Matt Eddy: Thanks for all the great questions. The Hot Sheet returns in one week.