Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: What better way to end the week than with some prospect talk. Let’s go.

Ryan (McKinney, TX): Higher ceiling among Royals' RH starters: Ventura, Zimmer or Almonte?

Jim Shonerd: Zimmer, then Ventura. Almonte is a good prospect but a step down from those two.

Mike (Virginia): How does Ranaudo project as a starter? Do you see him as a future #2 starter in the rotation? Also, this is the first year he has been touching 97 on his FB, correct? Thanks!

Jim Shonerd: He’s hit 97 before, but yeah, his stock is finally rebounding towards where it was when he was the top college prospect at the start of the 2010 season. He’s got the stuff to be a No. 2, but the injury history is always in the back of your mind with him.

David (San Diego): With Bradley's well-deserved promotion, who's your favorite arm in the Cal League at this point?

Jim Shonerd: Pick almost anyone from San Jose’s rotation, but especially Kyle Crick once he gets back there.

Patty (NJ): I know it's a small sample size, but can we attribute Addison Russell's early struggles to a very aggressive promotion and does he still have the outlook of an impact bat?

Jim Shonerd: That’s my take at this point, and his back injury didn’t help. His outlook hasn’t dimmed at all, and for what it’s worth he’s hitting a respectable .278 over his last nine games.

Andrew (San Diego): Burch Smith has been on fire to start the year so why is there chatter of him being a reliever? Do you think he can develop any secondary pitches?

Jim Shonerd: Smith throws in the mid 90s with iffy (though not bad) secondary stuff, which pretty naturally is going to make people think reliever. His fastball control is so good though (1.84 career BB/9), and the Padres believe his secondary stuff can be average, that he should have a good enough package to stay as a starter for the time being.

Joel K (Seattle): How do you see Seattle's infield playing out in the near future. Will Brad Miller and Nick Franklin take over short and second? What happens to Ackley?

Jim Shonerd: Franklin is closer, but there’s no need for the Mariners to rush him. He and Miller might both end up being better fits at second base. That’s something they’ll have to sort out. As far as Ackley is concerned, he can play the outfield.

Andrew (San Diego): Who has a brighter future? Jace Peterson or Travis Jankowski?

Jim Shonerd: I’ll take Peterson for his value as a shortstop, but offensively the two Padres prospects fit the same mold since they’re both line-drive oriented, lefthanded hitters.

Ryan (New York): What can you tell me about Gabriel Ynoa? He's doing fairly well as a 19-year-old in the SAL. Does he have the makeup to get to the next level?

Jim Shonerd: Slightly above-average fastball with control. Secondary stuff has further to go but he’s only 19 (turns 20 later this month) and has pitched well against older competition both last year in the New York-Penn League and so far this year in Savannah.

Mike (San Diego, CA): Trying to trade for Lindor in our league - do you think he's a top 5 prospect in rankings next year?

Jim Shonerd: Get him if you can.

Scott (Illinois): Where would you profile Tyler Glasnow and what do you think his ETA to the bigs could be? Has a big frame with room to grow and has not been hit very well as a pro.

Jim Shonerd: He’s got a frontline arm if everything comes together. Very impressive the way he’s responded to the challenge of pitching in low Class A as a teenager.

Ratt (Brooklyn): How close was Kevin Plawecki to making it this week? All he does is double.

Jim Shonerd: Plawecki had a nice week (.455 with 5 doubles) but he’ll have to do something really loud to make the Hot Sheet as a 22-year-old in low Class A.

Eric K (Chicago): Wacha's numbers so far in AAA have been fantastic with the exception of his k rate. Is that something to be concerned about?

Jim Shonerd: His 4.66 K/9 is indeed startlingly low. I’d expect it to get better than that, though his lack of a true knockout breaking pitch means he’ll never be a guy that racks up huge strikeout numbers in the majors. Doesn’t mean he won’t be effective though.

Miguel Sano (Fort Myers, FL): When am I going to AA?

Jim Shonerd: Searching for some more worthy adversaries, Miguel?

@Jaypers413 (IL): Across two levels, Archie Bradley put up 15 K's in 11 IP and just 2 ER this past week, yet is conspicuously absent here. What cha got for us, Jim? #confused

Jim Shonerd: Bradley would’ve made it in some weeks and was one of the last cuts. He just wasn’t as dominant as the guys that did make it. He allowed more than a baserunner per inning (11 IP, 8 H, 5 BB), which none of the pitchers who made the list did. Yes, he had a bunch of strikeouts, but all these guys did since that’s pretty much a prerequisite.

Tom (Baltimore): Do you think Bogaerts will skip AAA and head straight to Fenway?

Jim Shonerd: Possible, but wouldn’t expect it next week or anything. He’ll have to be added to the 40-man first, also.

Casey (Texas): How close was JO Berrios to making the cut after his impressive start this week?

Jim Shonerd: Another really good outing for Berrios: 6.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 8 K. Like I said with Bradley, it was just a crowded field of pitchers this week. In other weeks, that line’s good enough to make it.

Roger (Greenville, SC): How do you grade Joc Pederson's power?

Jim Shonerd: Average potentially. Will show up more in the form of line-drives and doubles than homers.

Casey (Texas): Sano has made the list three times, Buxton has made the list three times, but no Eddy Rosario? He has a stat line of .343 with 7 doubles/2 triples/3HR/19RBI, OBP .381, SLG .528 with no errors at 2b!

Jim Shonerd: Nice start to the year, just hasn’t put it together for that one huge week to make the Hot Sheet. He slugged .583 this week (always an impressive mark in the FSL) but was just 7-for-24 (.292). That won’t do it.

John (New Jersey): Derek Dietrich off to a solid start at Jacksonville. What needs refining before he claims 2B for Miami?

Jim Shonerd: The strides in his plate discipline are encouraging—15 walks in 26 games after he had just 32 all of last year. There’s obviously no need for the Marlins to rush anybody (though they’ve shown they will), but Dietrich may not be far away.

Esteban (Miami): What type of player do you see Villar becoming?

Jim Shonerd: He’s still learning to stay under control defensively, but the tools are there for him to be a major league shortstop from a defense standpoint. He won’t be a black hole offensively, but his defense will be his calling card.

CW (Houston): It seems that Carlos Correa is struggling and striking a lot. Should we be concerned?

Jim Shonerd: Still too early for that. His strikeouts are high but not crazy, and he hasn’t lost his patience at the plate.

Chris (Mesa): ETA for Braves Gilmartin?

Jim Shonerd: I’ll say midseason, but wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s sooner if they have a need.

MJ (Valpo, IN): A 26-year old w/MLB playing time (Ruf) should not be eligible for a list like this...I can think of 10 guys, all about 6-7 years younger, who could be on here...just saying.

Jim Shonerd: Ruf’s age is a big reason why he’s not higher on the list. He had a pretty sick week. Anyone who’s prospect eligible (< 130 ABs or 50 IP in the majors) is eligible for the Hot Sheet.

Buccosmfg (in a state of flux): Alex Wood made the All Prospect team but hasn't made a Hot Sheet to my knowledge. Victim of bad timing on starts or something deeper?

Jim Shonerd: Something deeper? Anyway, yeah, bad timing and the fact he hasn’t had that 7 IP, 2 H, 10 K type of outing that blows you away. Three of his starts have been 5 IP or less. But hey, all he does is put up 0s. That’s why he made the April All-Prospect team.

Esteban (Miami): Who ends up being Philadelphia's 3b of the future: Franco or Asche?

Jim Shonerd: I have more faith in Asche, despite the questionable power.

Steve (Houston): How soon do we see Springer in Houston? Is it reasonable to see him have an average around .300 or will the strikeouts prevent that?

Jim Shonerd: I know Astros fans are anxious for something exciting to watch in Houston, but I wouldn’t count on seeing Springer there before September, with 2014 more likely. Wouldn’t expect .300 out of him, but he can hit .270-.280 with power.

Nate (Apple orchard): What are Archie Bradley's stats in 2016?

Jim Shonerd: If I could tell you that, I’d be buying lottery tickets instead.

Cody Buckel's Control (Parts Unknown): Where have I gone? Is it mechanical, or mental, or both? Is there a hope I can find my way home?

Jim Shonerd: The Rangers believe it’s more mechanical than mental. If that’s the case, you have to believe it’s fixable.

Howard Finkel (New York): With Seth Maness' promotion, what can be expected from him? Is there a scouting report from his AAA starts? Potential number 4/5 with little margin for error?

Jim Shonerd: He’s a command guy all the way. Nothing overpowering or any knockout secondary stuff. But he’s a reliable strikethrower who knows he has to pitch to contact. He’ll give up hits but should keep his team in the game. In other words, a back-of-the-rotation starter.

Randy K (Kansas): Given his likely innings limit and the trash the Twins are throwing out there in the MLB, what's your guess for a Kyle Gibson ETA?

Jim Shonerd: Midseason, or sooner if he strings together a few more dominant starts for Rochester.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll do it for today. Thanks for all the questions and we’ll see you next week for another Hot Sheet chat. Have a great weekend!