Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: Happy Friday, everyone. We’re hitting the home stretch of the minor league season. Let’s get to it.

Ryan (Toronto): Chances springer can hit 20/20 next season in the bigs, along with a low AVG and high K's?
Jim Shonerd: That’s pretty much right what you should expect.

Tanner (Omaha): Thoughts on Rangers prospects Connor Sadzeck?
Jim Shonerd: He’s interesting. A 21-year-old righty with low Class A Hickory, Sadzeck’s fastball can get up to 93 mph as a starter, but his future might be in the bullpen. The big thing is the improvement in his command, shown in how he’s cut down his BB/9 rate from 6.82 last year in short-season ball to 3.48 this year with Hickory.

@Jaypers413 (IL): Is command the only real shortcoming when it comes to both Tyler Glasnow and Archie Bradley? Between the two, who would you say has more work to do in that regard, and whose ceiling is higher? Thanks, Jim.
Jim Shonerd: Command yes, and Bradley’s secondary stuff is further along, which is a big reason he’s been able to do what he’s done in Double-A, granted he is a year older than Glasnow. I’ll still side with Bradley’s having the higher ceiling, but they’re in the same neighborhood.

Joe (Philadelphia): Is Jose Peraza leading off for Atlanta in 2016? How does his glove work compare to Simmons?
Jim Shonerd: At the start of the year, Peraza was seen as having the highest ceiling of any Braves shortstop prospect, even including Simmons. 2016’s a reasonable ETA if everything stays on track.

Ben (Leland Grove): Chances Baez sees Wrigley this year is?
Jim Shonerd: I’d be very surprised. He’s not on the 40-man and will have less than a half-season of Double-A experience. Besides, what’s the rush?

Bill B (Glen Allen, VA): Seems like the SF Giants top prospects have fizzled over the last few years (G Brown, T Joseph, J Panik). Is Kyle Crick the real deal (be a #3 or better starter) or has his prospect status already peaked?
Jim Shonerd: I wouldn’t bet against the Giants when it comes to developing pitchers.

Rk (Kansas): Has anyone ever made the hot sheet with just 5IP before?
Jim Shonerd: It happens occasionally, but it’s rare. To make it with 5 IP, you have to be almost perfect and have a bunch of strikeouts.

Nick C. (Toledo): I'm keeping my last name a secret, for security reasons. When do I get to visit Comerica park and play for the big club?
Jim Shonerd: I can see Castellanos getting a call if the Tigers think he can help them in the pennant race, but a couple things work against him. For one, he’s also not on the 40-man. For two, he isn’t exactly finishing strong at Toledo — hitting just .250 since the all-star break.

max (washington dc): who gets to the bigs - with meaningful impact - first Colin Moran? Kris Bryant? Jorge Soler?...and thanks!
Jim Shonerd: It wouldn’t surprise me if Moran beats Bryant to the majors, both because of how advanced Moran is as a hitter and also how aggressive the Marlins have been with promoting guys.

Kevin (Midtown, NY): What are your thoughts on Kevin Plawecki? He's been an RBI machine who doesn't strikeout much. What's his ceiling in the MLB?
Jim Shonerd: He won’t hit for much power, but scouts like how he handles the bat and he’s solid behind the plate. Not an impact guy, but has a chance to be a useful regular.

Ben (Leland Grove): Do you believe Syndergaard deserves to be in the conversation for MiLB POY?
Jim Shonerd: As great as he’s been in Double-A (1.59 ERA, 0.92 WHIP), that 3.11 ERA in the Florida State League sinks any POY chance he might have.

Max (Florida): Are there any concerns about Kyle Zimmer's health or was he just shut down precautionarily? Can you see him moving into the Top 10?
Jim Shonerd: It was just a precaution, and his innings count for the year was already where the Royals wanted it anyway. JJ Cooper wrote up a full report about it here:

Dale (SF): Is Max Muncy legit? If you had to take a guess where will he fall in A's Top 30 prospect list?
Jim Shonerd: I’m a fan of Muncy. I’ll be interested to see how much power he puts up outside the Cal League next year, whether that’s in Double-A or Triple-A, but the hit tool and on-base skills will be there.

justinsf (sf): how is kendry flores not number 1?
Jim Shonerd: Not sure if you saw him, but scroll to the bottom of the Hot Sheet. We usually like to “introduce” guys like him in the Helium section before they appear in the Hot Sheet proper.

Billy (Chicago): Is Eric Jagielo a legit prospect to hold down the hot corner in NY for the future? What does his ceiling and timetable look like? Thanks for the great work as always!
Jim Shonerd: Legit prospect? For sure. His defense may force a move at some point, but scouts this year were more confident he’ll be able to stick at third. Mid-2015 is probably the earliest you could see him in the Bronx.

Tyler (NJ): Wondering ur thoughts on aj cole? Has he regained his top prospect status n what's ur ceiling for him thanks.
Jim Shonerd: We still thought Cole had frontline potential even after his disappointing 2012, where he got roughed up in the Cal League and had to repeat low Class A. He’ll need at least one of his secondary pitches to step forward for him to reach that ceiling, but he can be a mid-rotation guy with what he has already.

Jerry (San Diego): Mac Williamson hasn't made many prospect hot sheets, but has been putting up good numbers in San Jose (albeit with a few too many Ks). What are your thoughts on him and do you see him creeping into the back end of the top 100?
Jim Shonerd: He’s got the power and arm strength to profile as a right fielder, but he’ll have to show he can put together quality at-bats consistently and adjust to breaking pitches.

Dave (New York): Which set of fans should be more excited: Mets fans regarding the teams future pitching staff or Cubs fans regarding the teams future lineup? Is there a wrong answer?
Jim Shonerd: No real wrong answer, though banking on pitching prospects generally carries higher risk.

Karl H (West Fargo, nd): Julio Urias was pretty dominant in his two short outings this week. Any reason not to start him at high A next spring since it seems pretty obvious low hitters have havent been much of a challenge to him.
Jim Shonerd: Wouldn’t doubt he’ll be there.

Stephen A (Chicago): Oakland was pretty aggressive with Russell this season and it has paid dividends. Is there a chance he could see Oakland late next season if he continues his success in AA?
Jim Shonerd: I don’t think that’s too far fetched, but I do think it’s more likely he gets some Triple-A time in late ’14/early ’15 before a callup. Obviously it’s not uncommon for organizations to call guys up straight from Double-A (the aforementioned Marlins spring to mind), but the A’s generally haven’t done that. Russell will probably be a River Cat at some point.

Daniel Norris (Michigan): A 0.90 ERA over two starts and narrowly avoiding decapitation doesn't get me in the team photo?
Jim Shonerd: Only your last start fell within the time frame for this Hot Sheet (Aug. 16-22). The six shutout innings and 2 hits allowed were nice, but only four strikeouts. Very impressive turnaround though.

Casey (Houston): What do you think about George's Springer improved strike out rate this month?
Jim Shonerd: It’s a start, but let’s see a larger sample than 21 games. He’s also hitting just .243 this month despite making more contact. Still making adjustments.

Big Dave (AR): Coming into the 2011 draft what was it that kept Glasnow from being a first rounder?
Jim Shonerd: Looking back over our reports leading up to that draft, scouts liked Glasnow’s projectability, but he was throwing just mainly 83-89 the spring of his draft year. And the command was a concern, of course.

DXM (Chicago): Which Cubs player has the higher ceiling? Bryant or Soler?
Jim Shonerd: Soler, but both are way up there.

Astroke (Toronto): Robert Stephenson? 20 Year old in AA, Butler made the list, RS should at lest be in the team photo.
Jim Shonerd: He was in the running, but the 6 walks in 11 innings did him in. Yes, Glasnow and Romero did make it despite 6 walks, but we know the story with Glasnow, and Romero threw more innings and allowed fewer hits.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll close it out for me. Thanks for the questions and we’ll see you next week.