Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: Welcome in, everyone. Let’s get going.

Mike (CA): Do you think Mike Kickham could help the Giants this year? Future?

Jim Shonerd: With the unexpectedly mediocre state of the Giants’ pitching, Kickham might be worth a shot. I wouldn’t expect him to alter the course of their season though, and I do worry about a guy whose stuff isn’t overwhelming and whose issue has been command.

Jason (Walnut Creek, CA): No chat is complete with out a required Michael Ynoa question. Has the dominican bonus baby warranted a call up to High Class A Stocktown? Also, can we please stretch him out more than 4 Innings per start. Its like having a Porsche but only driving it around the block.

Jim Shonerd: I like that analogy … might have to steal it at some point. Anyway. Ynoa. The A’s are indeed going to be hyper-careful with him in terms of innings, but if he still has a sub-2.00 ERA a month from now, I can see him getting moved up. Since he’s already had to be put on the 40-man, his development’s timetable is all out of whack.

Mike (Cincinnati): Jesse Winker is hitting .364/.460/.636 over his last 30 games but has somehow missed out each week on the Hot Sheet. How good can he be, in particular with his bat?

Jim Shonerd: Winker got a look this week but his .318/.444/.682 line wasn’t enough to make the cut. He has the look of a high on-base hitter with serviceable power, since you can envision him adding more muscle to his frame as he gets older.

JB (CT): How close was Jake Marisnick to making the list? What do you see his overall ceiling as? Thanks!

Jim Shonerd: Marisnick did have a nice week at first glance (.375 with 2 homers), but his 9 strikeouts were a death blow (to use Aaron Fitt and John Manuel’s new favorite phrase) to his Hot Sheet chances. As for ceiling, he can be a five-tool guy. Some scouts have worried about a hitch in his swing, but his hitting well in Double-A is encouraging.

Brad (Seattle): Any chance Brad Miller jumps Franklin and gets to the show first?

Jim Shonerd: Would only think that happens if Franklin gets hurt.

Jeremy (Stockton, CA): Can you provide a scouting report on Ports RHP Drew Granier? I don't think he needs to be in Single A ball anymore. His strikeout rates and performance so far deserve a promotion to Double A.

Jim Shonerd: Granier was the A’s 32nd round pick in 2011 from Louisiana-Monroe. He doesn’t have any one offering that overwhelms you, but he does have a four-pitch mix and they all have movement. He can spin both a slider and curve, with the slider probably rating his best pitch overall. He competes and pounds the zone, but he’ll have to prove his stuff can get guys out at higher levels.

Steve (Connecticut): What is Jorge Soler's upside and or MLB comp? Thanks

Jim Shonerd: Scouts do worry about his swing mechanics a bit, but overall he’s got plenty of power and blends it with a feel for hitting. His offense was in a bit of funk after he got back from his suspension, but now he’s hitting .324 in May and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end the year in Double-A.

Jason (Boston): What are your thoughts on Joey Gallo? Any chance he becomes an impact player?

Jim Shonerd: Oh there’s a chance, but he’s got a long way to go and looks like a guy that’s going to need multiple years of Class A experience.

Melissa (Washington): What do you think of Josh Bell's performance so far this year, now that he's healthy?

Jim Shonerd: He’s quietly holding his own (.278 with 6 homers in low A). Certainly could see him taking off in the second half as he feels more and more comfortable.

Nick (North Carolina): Didn't see Eddie Butler on the list? He did very well in a tough ballpark in Asheville. Do you see him being a top 100 prospect next season?

Jim Shonerd: Butler does deserve credit for putting up dominant numbers (5-1, 1.66) in a tough place for pitchers, but it’s also tough for 22-year-olds in low A to make the Hot Sheet, plus his outing this week was just ok (6 IP, 2 ER, 6 K). The good news is he’s getting bumped up to high Class A Modesto, which’ll make it easier for him to make Hot Sheets if he keeps dominating.

Michael Hammer (NYC): The Mets' A-Rod (Aderlin Rodriguez) is on fire! This week, he hit .357 with 3 HRs and 10 RBIs. This month, he hit .329 with 6 HRs and 27 RBIs. Will he make it in Flushing some day?

Jim Shonerd: He’s showing some promising signs, batting .275 against lefthanders after putting up a .210 average against them last year. But on the other hand, he still isn’t showing much patience (just 6 BBs all year). The power’s in there, no doubt about that, but we need to see him sustain some success for more than a month before he can turn skeptics into believers.

Chad (White Rock, BC): Considering the year he is having, has George Springer's stock risen?

Jim Shonerd: His stock was already pretty high (No. 37 on the Top 100), and he’s been pretty much the same guy, combining power (13 homers) and speed (15 steals) with a lot of swing-and-miss (55 Ks in 43 games).

Mike (Ohio): I picked up Tim Wheeler in 2011 when he broke out and hit 33 HRs. He's hit 2 HRs since. Is there any chance Wheeler returns to his 2011 form?

Jim Shonerd: It’s hard not to have doubts considering he plays his home games in the hitters’ haven that is Colorado Springs.

Big Dave (AR): What kind of impact do you think Martin Perez will have for the Rangers when he comes up?

Jim Shonerd: Wouldn’t expect him to dominate. Ceiling is probably more of a mid-rotation guy now anyway.

Bill (Kokomo , In.): What kind of career would you project Kevin Gausman to have with the Orioles ? A #2 or #3 ? Thanks and have a good day !

Jim Shonerd: No. 3 is probably the worst case scenario (well, aside from injuries of course). He’s got the stuff to be at least a No. 2.

Muggsy (Minneapolis): Travis Harrison is having a sneaky good season in Cedar Rapids. Can he stick at third?

Jim Shonerd: Sneaky good is a pretty good way to describe it–.280 with 7 long balls. He won’t be a gold glover at third or anything like that, but he’s made enough progress to look like he won’t hurt you there.

Joe (Philadelphia, Pa.): I was wondering how close you think the Phillies top pitching prospect Jesse Biddle is to the major leagues? Also, how good do you think the Phillies Shane Watson will be? Who does his potential draw comparisons to?

Jim Shonerd: It wouldn’t shock me if Biddle pitches in the majors this year. As for Watson, the Phillies have compared him to Brett Myers and he could be a mid-rotation guy. The delivery will need some work first. Likewise for his changeup, though that’s not unusual for a teenager.

Andrew (Chicago): After a rough couple weeks for Jeimer Candelario has really started to turn it around, he has cut down his K rate and increased his already good bb rate, he seems to be hitting a lot of double with next to no home run power however. Do you see the Hrs starting to come as his body matures?

Jim Shonerd: Yeah, scouts can project him developing average power down the road. He’s got the frame and bat speed for it, just needs to get stronger.

Chisholm (Metarie, LA): 3 years from now will James Paxton be a starter for the Mariners or in the bullpen?

Jim Shonerd: I’ll say starter … but ask again in five minutes and I may have changed my mind.

Andrew (IL): Arisemendy Alcantara seems to have a decent bit of pop for such a slender frame, is this due to good bat speed or cheating on AA fastballs? How does his power and hit project at the major league level?

Jim Shonerd: Getting a lot of Cubs questions today. Alcantara does have some power. Nothing spectacular, but enough to believe his numbers aren’t a fluke. The key for him is improving his patience, and he has made some progress there. He’s still not exactly a beacon of selectivity, but his 16 walks in 45 games this year almost matches the 19 he drew in 85 games last year.

Dan (Atlantic City): Is Cesar Hernandez projected to be an average or better starting MLB second baseman?

Jim Shonerd: Hernandez has a little more offensive upside than Freddy Galvis, who he’s often compared to, but isn’t quite the same defender. He’s got a chance, but he is a guy scouts debate about.

Kyle Gibson (Louisville): What do I have to do to get called up!! Two complete game shutouts? How many minor leaguers every do that!

Jim Shonerd: I’d say just stay healthy and keep doing what you’re doing. The Twins aren’t going anywhere and don’t need to rush Gibson, but I expect he could be up at any time once we get into June or July.

Greg T. (Chi-town): Rougned Odor and Dilson Herrera are pretty impressive youngsters, raking pretty well. Do they both stay at 2B long-term, and who might have the better hitting career? MLB regulars?

Jim Shonerd: There’s a strong chance both can stay at second. It’s not easy to separate them offensively, but I’ll give a slight edge to the lefty swinging Odor.

Jeff (Northern MA): Thank you for taking my question, Jim. Does Polanco project well enough to displace both McCutchen and Marte out of CF, or is he expected to shift to a corner OF spot?

Jim Shonerd: Polanco can stick as a center fielder. He’s likely a 2015 ETA, so there’s time before they have to cross that bridge of which guy needs to shift.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll be a wrap for me. Thanks for the questions and we’ll be back with another Hot Sheet next week. Have a great weekend, everybody!