Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: Hey, everyone. We’re entering one of the most interesting weekends on the big league calendar, but we’re here to chat prospects, so let’s get to it.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Matt Harvey was certainly impressive enough against Harrisburg last night. Was his previous outing
    what kept him off the Hot Sheet this week?

Jim Shonerd: Yep, they both count. Harvey’s 15-3 K-BB for the week got him in contention, but an 0-1, 3.00 line kept him off.

    Oliver (KC): How do you think Christian Colon will hit? Is he going to improve significantly or can we expect a future
    .250 hitter with walks?

Jim Shonerd: Colon’s bat is supposed to be his best tool, so you’d hope he can do better than that. His bat is quick and he’s shown he can make solid contact (and he’s been the hardest hitter to strike out in the TL), so I think he can do more. And let’s not forget that going to Double-A for his first full season is an aggressive
assignment, no matter how advanced he is.

    Ben (Leland Grove): Could you rank these D'Backs pitchers for us? Skaggs, Parker, Corbin, Bauer? Thanks Jim.

Jim Shonerd: Bauer, Parker, Skaggs, Corbin for me. And that list isn’t including breakout lefty David Holmberg or the unsigned Archie Bradley. Lots of good arms in that organization.

    Kevin (St. Louis): Tremendous prospect, but you'd never know by my stats. Ok, now what names come to mind???

Jim Shonerd: Is it too obvious to say Bryce Harper’s Double-A numbers? Like last year, you could put Martin Perez here again.

    Buford (in a Taxi somewhere in SF): has Sacramento's outfielder Michael Taylor re-established himself as a top, legit Prospect this year? He has been really good lately. Are we looking at a Dave Winfield-clone here in right field?

Jim Shonerd: His stock isn’t back to where it was two years ago, but he needed a bounce back year and he’s getting it. He’s already on the 40-man, so he should get a look at the majors by September if not sooner, should the A’s end up dealing one of their big league OFs. Recent results notwithstanding, we all know the A’s could use the offense.

    Jim Shonerd (Anytown, America): What do I think of the future of Keyvious Sampson? Ace potential or middle of the rotation guy?

Jim Shonerd: It’s like I’m talking to myself … I’d say middle-of-the-rotation for now. The fastball is there, it’ll depend on how well the curve develops.

    Tony (Olathe, KS): What are your thoughts on Jonathan Villar? He had what I would consider an oddly timed promotion to AA and has struggled. He does seem to be hitting well lately though and is only 20 years old. Is his defense still a plus tool? Has his sub
    par offensive numbers dimmed his prospect status this year?

Jim Shonerd: Villar’s a free swinger, so it’s not surprising that more advanced pitchers would give him trouble. Defense is still the thing for him, and I don’t think that’s changed.

    Trey (Boston): Adam Eaton has hit at every level and currently resides at double A. Is he a legit top prospect for Arizona? What are your thoughts on him?

Jim Shonerd: His hit tool is legitimate. It’s doubtful the other tools are enough for him to be an everyday big league center fielder, but there are some scouts who think he has a chance.

    Grant (NYC): What can you tell us about Winston-Salem's Andy Wilkins? Was he a Hot Sheet contender?

Jim Shonerd: He was close, probably would’ve made it if
we went to 25 instead of 20. Wilkins, a fifth round pick from Arkansas last year, has legitimate raw power, but that’s going to have to carry him as he’s already moved to first base after playing third in his 2010 pro debut.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Ronald Torreyes is still hitting over .400 in nearly 140 at bats in A ball as an 18 year old. Would his hit tool be considered an 80?

Jim Shonerd: Woah! You must be reading too many Ben Badler tweets. He’s hitting over .400 in the Midwest League, but that doesn’t make him Ted Williams. Let’s call it above-average, a 55 or 60.

    Eric (Dallas, TX): Did Christian Yelich get any love for the sheet?

Jim Shonerd: Yelich has been really good for the last couple months and was also in the running, but there were just a lot of good weeks for hitters this week and only the top 8-12 will usually make
the Hot Sheet/Team Photo.

    Regurgigating Gordon Wood (New Orleans): I'll send this in early bc I won't be around. What type of player do you think Mason Williams can become? Thanks!

Jim Shonerd: Early is the way to go, my friend. Williams is very athletic with a sound swing, has a chance to stick in center and be a quality all-around player.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Despite not being on the 40-man, what are the chances of Moore forcing the Rays to give him a cup
    of coffee in September if he puts up more outings such as what we've seen thus far?

Jim Shonerd: That’s the question on everyone’s mind, isn’t it? If the Rays can get back within a few games of the wild card, I
can’t believe they wouldn’t use him. There’s little question he could help them. But if they continue to slide out of the playoff race, my guess would be no, they won’t push it.

    Keith (Manchester CT): Hi Jim, Thanks for the chat. Who has the higher ceiling, Cheslor Cuthbert or Garin Cecchini, and do either/both stick at 3rd.

Jim Shonerd: Cuthbert gets the edge for power, Cecchini for hit tool and defense.

    Elmo (Hartford): Would the Pirates ever consider moving Allie into the field and see if his bat could play?

Jim Shonerd: He clearly has things to work on, but it would take years of struggles before a team gives up on an arm like Allie’s.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Devin Mesoraco seems to consistently go 1-3 with a BB and has put up a great year as a 22/23 year old in AAA (leads the IL in doubles), with the Reds falling out of contention would they be better served trading Ramon Hernandez and calling up Mesoraco now rather than wait for opening day 2012?

Jim Shonerd: I’d trade Hernandez. Even if they don’t believe they’re out of the race, I don’t think it’s as though Mesoraco couldn’t help them.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Did Billy Hamilton get any consideration for the hot sheet? In July his OBP is over .400 and he has 19 SB in the month while drastically decreasing his error rates at SS...

Jim Shonerd: Lots of Reds questions in the queue today. He got a look, but only three extra-base hits made it harder for him.

    Jason (Amherstview): In your opinion, who do you think are the top candiates for minor league player of the year?

Jim Shonerd: If Matt Moore keeps this up, he has to be the clear favorite. Teheran and Paul Goldschmidt would be worthy candidates, and I’m sure we could come up with more, but I think it’s Moore’s to lose. Harper could get back into contention if he finishes strong in Double-A.

    Mike (Colorado): Thanks for the chat. After a horrific start in Daytona Michael Burgess seems to have righted the ship. Is he still a prospect with potential or a career Minor League player?

Jim Shonerd: We were just talking about him the other day, remembering his home run derby title at the ’08 Sally League all-star game in Greensboro. There’s a blast from the past. Burgess is only 22, so there’s still some time, but it’s looking like the latter. He’s in essentially his third full season in high Class A.

    Ted (Toronto): Just wondering how Deck McGuire compares to Anthony Ranaudo? Ranaudo seems to be regarded higher, yet Deck seems to have out performed him over the last 2 years.

Jim Shonerd: Future AL East opponents, I don’t think they’re too far apart, but Ranaudo’s fastball just has a bit more on it and his breaking stuff is sharper when he’s on.

    Jim (Granger, IN): Hi, Jim. If you were starting a franchise and asked to choose between Cole, Bauer and Bundy, who would you select and why?

Jim Shonerd: This is one where I’ll change my mind every few minutes, but I’ll say Bundy. Package is just as good as the two UCLA guys, only reason I’d hesitate is the longer development involved with a high school pitcher.

    Jackson (Toronto): Just wondering what kind of hitter you expect Brett Lawrie to be after he settles into the majors. You see 30HR potential?

Jim Shonerd: Maybe he could hit 30 in a career year, but I’d expect his norm to be around 20. He has 18 in Triple-A, but Vegas and several other PCL parks are very hitter-friendly. He should rack up the doubles though and put up .280-ish averages.

    Sholom (Smithtown, N.Y): What kind of prospect is the Mets Juan Lagares?

Jim Shonerd: He has a chance to have an average hit tool, though some scouts see his swing needing adjustments as he moves up. He’s a serviceable defender, but nothing else really stands out.

    Mike (Chicago): There hasn't been many cubs prospects on the list, is the the system that bad or are there prospects
    that I could excited about?

Jim Shonerd: Brett Jackson (No. 32) and Matt Szczur (No. 48) made our Midseason Top 50.

    Paul (Birmingham (Al)): Eddie Rosario's having a
    huge year, and looks like he could be a steal of a 5th rounder for Twins. What's your opinion on him and his upside?

Jim Shonerd: Let’s not go too crazy over Appy League numbers (yes, I’m saying that even though we have two Appy Leaguers on the Hot Sheet this week), but Rosario’s having a really good year for sure. Rosario’s an outstanding natural hitter, which should take him pretty far by itself, but his other tools aren’t bad. He was thought to be destined for right field as an amateur but has shown he’s got some speed and has a chance to stick in center.

    Cale (Houston): What do scouts like to see this GO/AO statisic be for pitchers? No less than what? Thanks.

Jim Shonerd: Had a scout tell me a couple years ago that 1.50 is the number he looks for. That means you’re getting it done.

    Jim (Baltimore): Obviously it's early to know, but does Vettleson project as an MLB regular?

Jim Shonerd: He has that potential, sure. There’s been some doubt about whether he can handle above-average fastballs, but everything about him as a hitter looks promising right now. You’re right
about it being early though. Still a long ways to go.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll wrap it up for me. Have a great weekend and enjoy the trade deadline, everybody.