Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

    Grant (NYC): Four multi-hit games over the past week doesn't give Mike Trout a spot this week?

Jim Shonerd: Trout got a look, but he wasn’t Penske material this week. He did have four multi-hit games as you mention, but
he also had three 0-for’s and struck out nine times, leaving his line at .290/.371/.548 (9-for-31).

    Ben (TX): Surprised at all Harper is beginning the second half with Hagerstown?

Jim Shonerd: No, not really. But I would be surprised if he’s there beyond the next couple weeks.

    T Ham (Napa, CA): Can you give us an update on Michael Choice? Is he living up to his billing when the A's made him their first round pick last year?

    Thank you and have a great weekend!!!

Jim Shonerd: Choice’s swing had a lot of moving parts when he came out of college, so that needed some work. He’s bee hitting for power with high Class A Stockton (17 homers), but the strikeouts are
high (84 in 66 games) and the average is low (.248 in 266 ABs), so he’s
still got more to go.

    Rich (New Jersey): Paul Goldschmidt is mashing the ball in AA while having more walks than hits. Is this for real and do you see him as a major league 1B?

Jim Shonerd: It was much easier to be skeptical of Goldschmidt’s power in the California League last year. Doing it in the Southern League, and at an even more prolific rate, is pretty legit.

    Sam (Texas): Robbie Erlin has been knocked around pretty good his first few starts in AA(5.28 ERA and 6HR in 29IP).
    Is this just a bump in the road or is his lack of plus stuff catching up to him?

Jim Shonerd: Granted, Erlin’s not the prospect Martin Perez is, but we did see Perez struggle when he got to Double-A as well.
Erlin was alright his first couple of Double-A starts. He has been hit around in his last three outings, but encountering some adversity doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Let’s see how he responds.

    Enny Romero (Bowling Green, KY): Did I get any consideration this week?

Jim Shonerd: Romero probably would’ve been in the 21-25
range. His line for the week: 0-1, 1.50, 1 GS, 6 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 1 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 10 SO. Not having many innings hurt him, so did allowing four runs, even if only one was earned.

    Rory (Brooklyn): thanks for the chat.

    Which Royals pitching prospect has a better shot to make it in the bigs: Jason Adam or Yordano Ventura? as a starter?

Jim Shonerd: Tough call. Two power-armed righthanders born two months apart in ’91, ranked Nos. 11 (Adam) and 12 (Ventura) in our Royals top 30. Tough to give an edge to either, but I’ll go with Ventura. Slightly better chance of having three pitches.

    Rory (Brooklyn): thanks for the chat, Jim.

    what do you think Stetson Allie's future role is? Does he excel either way, or will control problems be his undoing?

Jim Shonerd: That’ll depend on how his secondary stuff comes along. I’d let him stay a starter as long as I could, but if you made make a prediction, I would say he does end up in the bullpen eventually.

    Dayton Moore (Kansas City): This offseason after Chipper retires and the Braves need a third baseman, what would Frank Wren say if I were to offer Moustakas and another 2nd-tier prospect for Teheran?

Jim Shonerd: Don’t know what Wren would say, but I wouldn’t do it. As good as Moustakas can be, I wouldn’t trade an arm like Teheran, especially when he’ll still be cheap for the next few years, unless there was something comparable coming in return.

    Petar (Split, Croatia - Toronto, Canada): What are the odds that Trevor Bauer is this years Chris Sale?

Jim Shonerd: Sale had already signed a contract by now.
Jim Callis is the expert on these things, but I’d assume Bauer won’t sign until August. Not to mention that the Diamondbacks might shut him down after all the innings he threw for UCLA.

    kyle (Philadelphia): I cant see the Phillies promoting Singleton this year, but do you see him back in Clearwater next season or starting in Reading? With the amount of left handed position players on the big club, it doesnt seem like they should rush him.

Jim Shonerd: If he has a strong second half, it’d be very surprising if he was sent back to Clearwater next year. You’re right about not rushing him though. The outfield experiment didn’t take on the first try, but they’ve hinted they could try it again.

    Joseph (Bozeman, MT): What is the report on Edwar Cabrera? How is he striking so many people out?

Jim Shonerd: He’s got an outstanding changeup, that’s the main answer. His velocity is solid (low 90s), and he knows how to pitch. And, hey, low A hitters strike out a lot.

    Paul (Fall River, MA): Who has the highest ceiling at SS, Franklin or Profar?

Jim Shonerd: Profar. Better chance to sticking at SS.

    Jordan (Milwaukee, WI): Between Odorizzi, Skaggs, Wheeler and May, who has the best stuff and does one stand out from the others?

Jim Shonerd: I’m going back and forth between Odorizzi and Skaggs. Odorizzi throws harder, but Skaggs has a better breaking pitch right now and has the advantage of being lefthanded. I think I lean towards Skaggs, but ask me again in 10 minutes and I might have changed my mind.

    Bret (Seattle): What is Taijuan Walker's ultimate upside? Could we see him in Safeco by 2014?

Jim Shonerd: He’s shown the stuff to be a No. 2 potentially. That will depend on well his command develops. 2014? That’s
not an unrealistic timetable.

    Rob (Richmond): Jim,
    What's the ceiling for Henderson Alvarez? Two plus pitches, great velocity, but not striking out that many - sounds like the good version of Rick Porcello.

Jim Shonerd: His low strikeout rates have always been perplexing, given his stuff. That was a case of just being around the strike zone a little too much, especially when he’d get ahead in the count. Adding some velocity definitely helps his prospect status, but he
needs his breaking stuff to come along also.

    Chris (Boston): Jerry Sands or Trayvon Robinson as the future LF in LA? Is there room for both? Sands at 1B maybe?

Jim Shonerd: Robinson could play center with Sands in left if Matt Kemp were to leave at some point. But Sands at first base is probably the better arrangement.

    Bran (San Diego): Can James Darnell be a middle of the order type on a good team or more like a solid role player?

Jim Shonerd: Probably in between those two. Putting up the numbers he is (.340/.431/.622) in a pitchers’ park in San Antonio is
impressive and he’ll be a good hitter, but expecting him to be a cornerstone on a contender is probably too much.

    Shurley (Fort Wayne, IN): Drew Pomeranz. #1 on the very first Hot Sheet, April 15.

    Since then, he's held an ERA of 1.93. A K:BB ratio of 77:23 in 60 IP.

    Even made the Futures roster.

    And yet no other mention the rest of the first half?

    Is he not an actual prospect (after being drafted #5 overall)?

Jim Shonerd: Looking at his whole body of work, that is
surprising. But he’s had a lot of five inning (or less) starts, which makes it hard to get on unless you get two starts in a week. And while he’s maintained a consistently good strikeout rate, he hasn’t posted any
gaudy numbers in any individual start. He usually gets his 6-8 Ks and that’s it, which is fine. But I’d say those factors have conspired to keep him off.

    Trayvon Robinson (LA): I know one player from each team must be in the Futures Game but why can't patrol Centerfield in the star-studded USA outfield?

Jim Shonerd: You answered your own question. Tons of talent in the American outfield while the Dodgers will be represented on
the World team, where we sometimes have to dig a bit to find players.

Jim Shonerd: Sorry I’ve got to run. Got a few more things to get done before the weekend. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.