Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: Hey there, everybody. It’s been raining like crazy all day here and our electricity has already taken a hit once today. So if I stop answering questions abruptly, you’ll know why. Let’s get to it.

    Ben (Columbus, OH): How are concerned are you about Billy Hamilton (.199/.289/.271)? Is he not the prospect everyone thought? Or are his stats the product of learning to switch hit on the job?

Jim Shonerd: Lets see how he adjusts in the second half. He was a multi-sport guy coming out of high school, so there was that rawness to deal with already. Add on the learning to switch-hit and you’ll get a guy that needs some time.

    Joshua (Annapolis, MD): Has former 1st rd pick Tim Wheeler finally put it all together. Is the power for real?

Jim Shonerd: Wheeler’s does have legitimate raw power, despite his struggles in 2010. Lefties ate him up last year though and his platoon splits this year are still pretty extreme, so he’s not there yet.

    Kyle Russell (Chattanooga, TN): Dude! I've never seen a harsher writeup for a #2 prospect on the Prospect Hot Sheet before. Besides my power, don't I have ANY redeeming qualities in your eyes?

Jim Shonerd: You’re not a bad defender with a strong arm. But it’s hard to see Russell hitting for much average against big league pitching. The swing is just too big.

    Gary (NYC): What's happened to Harper's numbers of late?

Jim Shonerd: Can’t have a Prospects Chat without at least one Harper question. He had a down week: 4-for-24, though two of those hits were a double and a homer. Slumps happen. He’s not going to hit .450 every week.

    Halvy (Portland, OR): What does the future hold for Austin Romine at this point? How soon will he be a big leaguer, and what is his offensive potential at that level? Will he ever play for the Yankees? Thanks...

Jim Shonerd: A lot depends on where Montero ends up, certainly. Romine won’t be a star offensively, but he should be capable of holding his own and being a solid defender. But with Montero ahead of him and Gary Sanchez behind him, it wouldn’t surprise me if he got moved.

    Jason (Walnut Creek, CA): No love for Sacramento's OF Michael Taylor ??? Not even in the Honorable Mention section? He's batting .377 for the year since coming off the Disabled list.

Jim Shonerd: Only getting two extra-base hits this week hurts Taylor’s case. But he did hit .379 (11-for-29). Good to see him performing, this is an important year for him.

    sky sox botoxer (rocky land): charlie blackmon..... coming into his own as a previously mislabeled mid range o.f. prospect or is he now considered a five tool top prospect? the friday chats man.....

Jim Shonerd: He barely missed the Rockies Top 10 list this year (he was No. 11), so it’s not as though we’ve never thought highly of him. Blackmon’s hit at every level, and he’s performed well both at home and on the road this year. He has more of a contact approach, so I wouldn’t expect huge power numbers at the big league level, but he is a good all-around player.

    Shawn McDonald (NYC): Who is the biggest upside amongst Erlin, Peacock and Surkamp? ETAs on each in the MLB?

Jim Shonerd: Maybe I’m putting too much on the guy that throws hardest, but I’ll go Peacock, Erlin, Surkamp. Peacock and Surkamp could have 2012 ETAs, Erlin probably 2013.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Did Clinton's James Paxton get a long look for this week's list? Why or why not?

Jim Shonerd: He did. Paxton’s biggest issue, when it comes to making the Hot Sheet, is his age. As a 22-year-old in low Class A, he’s got to do something really spectacular. He had a really good start this week (6 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 12 SO), but a guy in his situation almost has to throw a no-hitter.

    PD (Miss): What's your thoughts on Destin Hood? He seems to be holding his own in High A for being fairly raw.

Jim Shonerd: Hood’s another ex-football guy figuring things out. He has the bat speed to hit for more power than he has (just 13 homers in his pro career), and his approach is solid for a guy that raw.

    Anthony (NJ): Jon Pettibone has been dominating this season and I was wondering what his potential was?

Jim Shonerd: He could be a mid-rotation starter. Fastball is above-average but the secondary stuff has further to go.

    James (New York City): With so much attention on his younger brother Dylan, Bobby Bundy's strong 2011 has been largely overlooked by prospect watchers - thanks for putting him on the hot sheet this week. How does Bobby rank among pitching prospects currently in the minors? What does his ceiling appear to be?

Jim Shonerd: Probably another mid-rotation type. He doesn’t have any pitches that make your jaw drop, but he’s got a good mix.

    Tom (New York, NY): I'm intrigued by the hot start of Bryce Brentz. What type of upside does he have?

Jim Shonerd: He has the power and arm strength to profile in right field. Whether or not he makes enough contact is the question. He did a good enough job of that in low A, we’ll see how it carries over into higher levels.

    George (Stockton): How much do the Angels like this Segura kid? He appears to be getting better. Would you agree?

Jim Shonerd: Jean Segura’s been going through bit of a slump in May, in addition to missing about a week of action with a hamstring problem, but he’s definitely an exciting player when healthy. Very athletic with good bat speed, and his transition from second base to shortstop has gone pretty well thus far.

    Ryan (Pennsylvania): The Rays clearly like keeping their pitchers at the same level for the whole season. Should they make an exception for Moore this year?

Jim Shonerd: I think he’ll get to Durham this year. Not until the second half, at a minimum, but I think it’ll happen. It’s true he was kept in high A all year last year, but that was after he had a lousy first half. He’s been so dominant this early in the season, I have to believe they’ll challenge him if he keeps it up.

    David (Bethlehem, PA): Drabek is the the bigs and Anthony Gose and Travis D'Anaud are ripping up AA. Any chance the Phils will regret the Halladay trade in 5 years?

Jim Shonerd: Depends on whether they win a World Series.

    Steve (Fairfax): What's Johnathan Schoop's long term position? Independent of the fact that he plays in the same system as Machado, can he be a shortstop in the big leagues?

Jim Shonerd: Schoop isn’t expected to be more than an average runner as his body fills out. He might be able to reach the majors as a shortstop, but look for him to move to a third base or an outfield corner eventually. He’s also made five errors in 19 games playing shortstop in Machado’s stead for Delmarva, though we can cut him some slack for the rust factor.

    Frankie (Jersey): Why was Betances only "in the team photo"? His numbers were better than Cosarts and at least as good as Skaggs.

Jim Shonerd: Cosart and Skaggs both allowed fewer baserunners per inning. Skaggs had a better K-BB ratio. Cosart pitched more innings and allowed fewer runs.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): If Peacock keeps this up, could we be looking at a callup to DC before season's end?

Jim Shonerd: Peacock took some time to get going, not making it out of Class A until his fourth year in pro ball in 2010, but is he ever on a roll right now. Although I gave him a 2012 ETA as a full-time MLBer, I don’t think him getting a cup of coffee this year is unrealistic. Let’s see how he handles Triple-A first, whenever he gets there.

    Chris (Chicago): If you were an expansion team, and had to build a rotation based on only players currently in the minors, which 5 players would you choose (base the decision on long-term impact)?

Jim Shonerd: Since Teheran’s in the minors as of this moment, I’ll start with him. Add Taillon, Martin Perez, Shelby Miller and Mike Montgomery.

    VLJ (California): With all the financial trouble the Dodger's are having, and the likelihood that they wont be able to above slot in draft bonuses, it seems like the Dodgers have to develop the guys already in minors. Do you see any of the prospects mentioned today, or others like Webster etc. contributing to the Dodgers later this year?

Jim Shonerd: The Dodgers have already used their share of rookies, with Sands, Jansen, Elbert (yes, still a rookie at least by our standards), Ivan De Jesus, Javy Guerra … Won’t be surprised if Dee Gordon or Trayvon Robinson, despite his recent struggles, make it to LA at some point this year. Josh Lindblom could be another bullpen possibility.

    Rick (NY): No love for A.J Griffin? I know he's 23, but 10K, 1BB in 7IP in his first A+ start.

Jim Shonerd: He’s not a bad name to remember, the A’s 13th round pick last year from U. of San Diego. Good delivery, average fastball, nice changeup. He succeeded as a reliever in short-season ball last year but he was a starter in college and has made a seamless transition back to the rotation this year.

Jim Shonerd: That’s going to do it for me. Thanks for coming out, everybody. We’ll see you back here next Friday for another Hot Sheet chat. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.