Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Conor Glassey

Conor Glassey: Hey everybody – Happy Friday! I’m in a little bit of a food coma after a late lunch at the Backyard BBQ Pit, so
forgive me if I’m a little slow answering questions. There’s a lot of them already in the queue, so let’s get started! Also, make sure you’re following all the BA guys on Twitter: @BaseballAmerica, @willingo @johnmanuelba @jimcallisBA @BenBadler @jjcoop36 @eddymk @aaronfitt @conorglassey @joshlev44 @bahighschool @jimshonerdba

    Debbie Downer (Our Nation's Capital): Mr. Glassey, our city is currently in mourning. Flags are flying at half-staff. Many of us Nats faithful are wearing black. We desperately require some form of encouragement in this, our darkest hour. Any words of wisdom on your part would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and Godspeed.

Conor Glassey: Yeah, the news about Strasburg is a big bummer for baseball fans—no matter which team you root for. But, if you want to look on the bright side: at least it’s an elbow injury, and not something wrong with his shoulder. Tommy John has become pretty routine and will hopefully just be a one-year speedbump on Strasburg’s road to superstardom. You also have Bryce Harper to look forward to, and he apparently took a real impressive BP at the stadium yesterday.

    Matt (Seattle): Nick Franklin, best shortstop prospect in the minors? Do you think he can ever hit as many homers in the majors as he has for Clinton in the MWL?

Conor Glassey: I love Franklin as much as anybody, but no. I’ve only just started to think about my Top 100 list, but Manny Machado is definitely ahead of him, as is Grant Green. He could be a top
5 SS though…

    JAYPERS (IL): No "Blast From the Past", "Man Among Boys" or "Helium Watch" section this week?

Conor Glassey: Sorry, Jaypers – we were running on a short staff today, so we had to amend things a little bit. For Blast From The Past – how about Rocco Baldelli?! He’s with Triple-A Durham, as
they play for another IL title.

    Hank (Richmond, VA): What does Brandon Belt have to do to earn a spot on the Propect Hot Sheet? He's in the Top 5 all of the minors in AVG, Hits, RBI, OBP, and SLG. Plus he just joined the 20 HR, 20 SB, 20 2B club this week. What gives?

Conor Glassey: Hank – the Hot Sheet isn’t a list of the
top prospects overall in the minors, it’s a look at the top performers (among prospects) from week-to-week. Belt has been in several Hot Sheets
this year (June 11, June 18 & July 16). He was good again this week, but just missed the cut.

    Sam S. (Charlotte, NC): Donavan Tate is really struggling to make contact in Rookie Ball. Is he showing any signs of turning it around, or could this be a $6 million mistake by San Diego?

Conor Glassey: Obviously you’d rather have a hitter hit
than not hit, but I wouldn’t draw any conclusions or get concerned over
90 at-bats in rookie ball. Just look at what a couple high schoolers from years past have done in their first taste of pro ball. . . Mike Stanton: .161/.226/.268 over his first 56 at-bats
Domonic Brown: .214/.292/.265 over his first 117 at-bats
The tools are all there for Tate, and that’s what’s really important. I’d be more concerned with his injury history than his first 90 at-bats.

    Clint Robinson (NW Arkansas): Am I getting overlooked because I have played with Moose and Hos this season? Do I have a legitimate chance to play for the Royals?

Conor Glassey: That’s part of it, but being 25 in Double-A doesn’t help, either. The numbers are nice, but I don’t think there’s much of a future for you in KC.

    Erik R (New Jersey): Stephen Parker is quietly having a great year at Stockton, what's his projection as a big leaguer?

Conor Glassey: The numbers aren’t quite as good when you take the Cal League into consideration, but I do the West for our draft coverage (minus Cali) and got great reports on Parker two years ago. I believe in the bat and he got some support as best defensive 3B in the league when we were doing our Best Tools surveys, too. I don’t think he’s going to be a star, but I think he has a chance to be a solid
everyday guy.

    Jordan (Milwaukee, WI): FINALLY! Some respect for Odorizzi. I've asked Badler, Callis, Manuel and no one will answer me. Does THIS put Jake Odorizzi in the top-100 and what is his timetable to the bigs at this point?

Conor Glassey: He’s gotten respect before – Matt Eddy ranked him 2nd in the Pioneer League (behind Wil Myers) last year. One outing is never going to cement a guy’s status on the Top 100. He’ll get
considered, but I think he’s a borderline Top 100 guy.

    Truck Starkey (117 Grissom): Who has more upside? Knapp, Chatwood or Teheran.

Conor Glassey: Teheran

    Adam (Kansas): Eric Hosmer is a better big leaguer than Moustakas and Myers. True or False

Conor Glassey: I like Myers the best of the three, but I like Hosmer better than Moustakas

    Nick (Davison, MI): What is the difference between raw power and true power? I hear both all of the time when it comes to scouting reports, and I would love to know what separates one from the other.

Conor Glassey: Raw power is a rating of how far a guy can hit the ball. It’s easiest to gauge raw power during BP. True power,
or usable power, is how that player can turn his raw power into actual, in-game production (HRs).

    Kevin (Hamilton NJ): Is Matt Moore in the discussion for top LHP prospect? John Lamb, Martin Perez, and Mike Montgomery are up there, how would you rate those four?

Conor Glassey: He’s definitely in the discussion, but if we’re talking about guys that are in the discussion, don’t forget about Christian Friedrich, Tyler Matzek or Aroldis Chapman

    JR (Oklahoma): Were scouts concerned that Choice might be a high strikeout guy before the draft? I notice he walks
    a lot too,, wonder if the strikeouts might be the result of trying to
    be too patient .

Conor Glassey: Yeah, Choice struck out plenty in college, too. I don’t think it’s because he’s too patient, though. He has a lot of moving parts in his swing, which will probably need to be quieted down. But, he was one of the youngest college players in this draft, too.

    Al (DC): Has Jason Kipnis' big year moved him past Lonnie Chisenhall on the Indians prospect list?

Conor Glassey: I’m not doing the Indians list, but no, not for me.

    John (Toronto(ON)): I'm sure you'll get a lot of questions about the Top 100 sheet, do you see any Jays prospects on that list aside from Drabek ?

Conor Glassey: Travis d’Arnaud, maybe Carlos Perez

    John (NC): Give us five position players currently in the minors that you think will have starting jobs in the mlb at the start of 2011

Conor Glassey: Desmond Jennings, Dustin Ackley, Freddie Freeman, Wilson Ramos & Justin Smoak.

    Rod (Chicago): If Alexi Amarista is really 5'5"
    when listed at 5'8", how tall is Lancaster 2B Jose Altuve who is listed
    at 5'5" (Both players are having excellent seasons)?

Conor Glassey: According to this picture, he’s about the size of 2 bats. . .×10.jpg

    Brad (MO): Crawford Simmons had another solid start, is his fastball still considered fringe at best and how are his off speed pitches developing?

Conor Glassey: I saw Crawford 2 starts ago and really liked him. I saw him at 88-90, touching 91, which would be average. But his changeup was his best pitch – that thing was filthy. Nice, athletic frame, worked fast, threw a lot of strikes…I’m a fan.

    mike (nj): Top 3 Lefty pitchers in MiLB?
    Top 3 Righty pitchers in MiLB?

Conor Glassey: In no order & just my off-the-cuff opinion: Teheran, Pineda & Taillon for righties and Perez, Lamb & Matzek for lefties.

    Matt (KC): Who is the leader for MILB POY? Trout seems to have slowed a bit.

Conor Glassey: Trout did slow a little bit. I won’t give it away yet, but there were a lot of good candidates, but nobody that really stood head and shoulders above the rest. No slam dunk this year.

    Osvaldo Arcia (Elizabethton): Am I the best prospect in the Appy League? Better yet, am I top 50 prospect yet?

Conor Glassey: Arcia will definitely be near the top of the Appy League list. Not a Top 50 guy though, not yet.

    Jeremy (MD): Recent draftee Mike Olt has been very productive so far in short season ball. What is his ceiling? And, is a Lennie Chisenhall comp fair?

Conor Glassey: Olt looked really good when I saw him out in Everett. I think he could definitely be an everyday 3B. Chisenhall’s not a good comp, though.

    Victor (San Diego): Taking both glove and bat into the equation, is Jason Kipnis the best second base prospect in the minors?

Conor Glassey: No, it’s still Ackley. Ackley’s bat is better & I know there have been mixed reviews on his defense, but he’s athletic enough that I think he’ll be fine.

    Mark (Madison, WI): I've always been a little reserved with my expectations for Freeman, but his performance is getting a little hard to ignore. Is he a top-10 guy at this point?

Conor Glassey: TONS of Freeman questions today! I would
guess he’ll probably be in the 10-20 range. Wow…look at his post ASG numbers: .397/.497/.685. That’s awesome!

    PD (Miss.): Does Zach Britton have more upside than Brian Matusz?

Conor Glassey: No, I don’t think so

    Dan (staten island): betances or banuelos?

Conor Glassey: I think I’d go with Betances. It’s sure a lot closer than it was coming into the season!

    Archie (Clemson): Matt Moore: I'm setting the over/under of a 300+ K season in the majors at 0.5. Take your pick

Conor Glassey: Under

Conor Glassey: All right, thanks everybody for all the questions. Lots of good ones left that I couldn’t get to, unfortunately.
Thank you for reading Baseball America & remember to follow us all on Twitter. No go out and see a ballgame this weekend!