Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Ben Badler

Moderator: Ben Badler will take your prospects and Hot Sheet questions beginning at 2:45 p.m. ET.

Ben Badler: I’m back in the USA, ready to talk baseball. Fire away.

    T Ham (Napa, CA): Heard a lot of great things about Jurickson Profar... why should I believe he wont turn into Wilmer Flores?

Ben Badler: Completely different players. Flores is a two-tool guy (hit and throw) who’s wasting his time pretending to be a shortstop. Profar’s a much better athlete, a true shortstop who can hit from both sides of the plate, get on base at a high clip and has solid power potential. Either way, patience with Flores: I know it seems like he’s been around forever, but he JUST turned 20 a couple weeks ago.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): I was at the Corcino start on Monday and he was filthy. He was getting his breaking ball over for strikes, threw a nice looking changeup 5-6 times and on his 10th K in the 6th inning he struck a guy out with a 96 mph fastball at the knees. Is Corcino a top 100 prospect at this point? Top 50?

Ben Badler: I like him quite a bit. Maybe not enough to be a top 50 guy, but he’s certainly in the discussion for the Top 100.

    mick (cali): Did Panik receive any consideration? He has actually had a number of good weeks and is at or near the top in many offensive categories in the NWL. Not bad for a pick that was widely panned, don't you think?

Ben Badler: Love Joe Panik, loved the pick at the time,
like it even more now. Great swing, great plate discipline and you’ve got yourself a middle infielder who’s going to get on base a ton and hit
with a little bit of power as well. I’m a fan.

    Sandy (Orlando): What do you feel Sano's timeline is for progressing thru the minors? This is his third year in rookie ball. . .

Ben Badler: Well he couldn’t play in 2009 because the July 2 kids sign contracts for the following year, but yes, it’s a slow climb, that’s just the way the Twins roll. I know they like to play it patiently when it comes to promoting their prospects, but with Sano, for
many reasons, he’s a guy I’d push more aggressively than usual.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Ronald Torreyes hit the game winning run for MWL leading Dayton and is still hitting over .360 as an 18 year old in A ball in over 200 at bats, will he get moved up to
    High A in 2012 despite only being 19 next year?

Ben Badler: Absolutely, he can rake. I’d be surprised if The Little Red Machine wasn’t in Double-A by the end of 2012.

    Jon (Toronto): Hechavarria's offense the last couple of weeks has been a pleasant surprise. Does he have a chance to be more than a 9th place hitter getting in the lineup because of his glove?

Ben Badler: He’ll get a shot at it, but based on the performance throughout his career and our reports from scouts, I don’t see much more than a good defensive backup.

    Matt (KC, MO): With the Royals bringing up so much talent this year, who are some of the under the radar prospects to watch in the Royals system next year?

Ben Badler: Jorge Bonifacio. He’s going to have to tighten his strike zone, but he can hit and hit for power. Yordano Ventura isn’t quite as under the radar to BA readers after last year, but he has breakout potential as well.

    Kevin (MN): How does Sano's raw power compare to that of Harper and Stanton?

Ben Badler: It’s big, but it’s not quite Stanton/Harper power. I’d put a 70 on Sano, 80 on Stanton and Harper.

    NIck (KY): Will Jesus Montero get a September Call, this is getting ridiculous? It seems like since Montero wasn't traded that they are completely wasting this top prospect.

Ben Badler: He should get a call-up, but I don’t fault the Yankees for not bringing him earlier when he was slugging under .430
at the beginning of the month. For a guy who’s probably a DH in the big
leagues, he’s going to have to mash immediately to have value, and I’m not sure he would’ve been ready to handle that earlier in the year.

    Tim H. (Houston, TX): Hi Ben, when Domingo Santana was named the PTBNL in the Pence trade, the comparisons between him and Ariel Ovando were immediately made. How would you compare the two and what are their outlooks going forward?

Ben Badler: I wouldn’t necessarily use that comp, but yeah, they’re both high-risk, high-strikeout guys where you’re going to have to bank on their size and power potential, which the Astros seem to
value, so I’m not surprised they went after a guy like Santana. Wish I had more confidence in their bats against higher level competition though.

    Ben (Boston): 6'1" tall is Trevor Bauer. Do you think that will factor into any limitations at the ML level?

Ben Badler: I do not, and frankly there are advantages to having less length when it comes to being compact and being able to repeat your mechanics. He’s going to be one of the best pitchers in baseball.

    Larry (PA): Better offensive prospect: Josh Bell or Bubba Starling?

Ben Badler: Pure offense: Josh Bell

    Mike (Florida): Jake McGee was heralded as the future closer but has really struggled this year. Do you think he still has a chance to close or will the rays stretch him out to be a starter next year

Ben Badler: I think he’s best suited in the bullpen, not starting. I don’t think he’s ready for the job right now, but once he sharpens his command, he has the stuff to close in the big leagues.

    Jose (Florida): Matt Moore vs Kershaw in the minors?

Ben Badler: Wow, great question, but a tricky one. I saw Kershaw his last season in the minors, and Moore this year, in terms
of stuff, is probably a tick better than Kershaw was. Comparable fastball from the left side, 70 breaking balls, good deliveries, OK but not great command, but Moore’s changeup is more advanced than Kershaw’s was at the time. The difference is that Kershaw was 20, and by the time Kershaw was 22 (Moore’s age right now), he was one of the best pitchers in the big leagues with an ERA under 3 for a 200-plus inning season. I’d
probably give the slight edge to Kershaw because of the youth, but they
both had/have No. 1 starter stuff.

    Kyle (Fishers, Indiana): When are the White Sox
    going to buck their old school trend of strickly paying slot money for players? They aren't spending in the international market or the first year player draft. With one of the worst systems in baseball and one of
    the highest payrolls in baseball the long-term future looks bleak. Please provide me with something to look forward to for the future of the Southsiders.

Ben Badler: I wish I had an answer for you, Kyle. Most teams see the light and are investing as much as they can in amateurs in
the draft and international market. Their international program has been devastated by scandal, but that’s just all the more reason why they
should go even harder in the draft.

    josh (Pennsylvania): What are the chances Sano sticks at third and does his bat still make him at star in the outfield

Ben Badler: I think he ends up at another position, either right field or first base (which would be a shame, because he’s got a great arm), but I’d put him at third base full-time and let him see if he can handle the position. He’s just a physical monster, and by the time his bat his ready, he’s probably just going to be too big for third base.

Ben Badler: Thanks for the questions, lots for me to catch up on here behind the scenes at BA right now. Have a great weekend everyone.