Prospect Hot Sheet Chat

Kyle Glaser: Hey everyone, hope you’ve all had a good week. Look forward to chatting. Let’s get started

Adam (LA): Does Verdugo have a 70 grade hit tool at full maturity?
Kyle Glaser: A: Considering the MLB average batting average right now is .255 (50 grade) and the batting champions in today's game are usually hitting around .340 (80 grade), a 70 grade hitter would be expected to hit roughly .310-.315 each year. That's a tad high on Verdugo, with most evaluators right now seeing him settling in more at .290-.300, which is more equivalent to a 60-65 hit.

Aaron (Chicago): The obvious question is can Kingery produce power like this at the next level? Or is 12-15 homers about right for him? Sounds like that would be enough to make him a star.
Kyle Glaser: There will always be doubts about how much a prospect’s power output is the result of a place like Reading until they prove otherwise. Right now Kingery is on pace for a 40-home run season, which no one realistically expects for him at the major league level. That said, 20 home runs shouldn’t be out of the question, especially playing his home games at Citizen’s Bank.

Casey (Morgantown): Good to see Josh Lowe finally start to hit. Was there an adjustment and is he still viewed as a potential 5 tool stud?
Kyle Glaser: It’s been one good week out of three months. Let’s hold off. Athletic first-round high schoolers with tools who never figure out how to hit are a dime a dozen. Lowe had a really good week, but let’s see if he maintains it.

Larry (Long Island, New York): The mets have a lot of pitchers thriving such as Gonzalez, Humphreys, Molina, Flexen. Are these types of guys just cerebral pitchers with polish beating up on the lower levels or is there something real with any of them?
Kyle Glaser: I have run into quite a few scouts who think there is something really there with Jordan Humphreys. Also, lets not discount cerebral pitchers. Hitting spots, changing eye levels, controlling the run game, reading swings are all keys in determining whether or not a guy ever reaches starter upside or just becomes a hard-throwing bullpen guy.

Bo Bichette (Hopefully HiA soon): Does everyone agree that I was ranked to low at the back end of the Top 100 and now have climbed to top 30-50 status? When will I finally get challenged at HiA?
Kyle Glaser: We will have a Top 100 midseason update in the coming weeks. You can see where Bichette is then, and it will be much higher

Jake (Chicago): Reonaldo Lopez had a nice start last week. Is he turning the corner. Do you still think he can be a good starter in the majors?
Kyle Glaser: Most evaluators have Reynaldo Lopez graded as a No. 4 starter or late-inning reliever. I have yet to come across one that has him graded as a potential mid-rotation guy. His best chance to make an impact on a big league club will be in relief.

Mike Franscesa (wisconsin): Talking about Not So Hot how concerned should brewers fans be about Luis Brinson?
Kyle Glaser: Not at all. Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, pick your favorite example of a guy who scuffled his first taste of the majors. I’ve had two scouts based in the western half of the U.S. tell me Brinson was the single best prospect they’ve seen this year. He’ll be fine.

John (SF): Chris Shaw is having a great season. What is his offensive ceiling and will he be starting in SF next year?
Kyle Glaser: Shaw’s ceiling is an annual 30 HR guy in the majors. He’s likely to settle more into the 20-25 HR range. And yes, he should be the Giants starting left fielder by September, let alone next year

Roger (Greenville, SC): Where does McMahon play in Colorado? Seems the Rockies don't have much longer to figure it out.
Kyle Glaser: Having a lot of really good position players at the major league level is a great problem to have most ML teams would kill for. First base is McMahon’s most likely spot, and depending on what you think of Mark Reynolds and Ian Desmond as long-term guys there, he will get a chance to show what he can do.

Rob (NY): If you could have any pitching prospect who would it be? Alex Reyes? Puk? somebody else?
Kyle Glaser: Man Alex Reyes was the guy until TJ. He might still be there guy for me, although Brent Honeywell is right there. His numbers aren’t great on the surface, but realize he’s 22 in his first taste of Triple-A showing three plus pitches and a fourth that’s above average, doesn’t walk anyone and is one or two minor adjustments away. Honeywell’s combination of upside and risk does the trick for me personally

John (Deleware): Whats your take on Royals 10 pick from last year-Richard Lovelady being promoted to double A, could he become a hot prospect.
Kyle Glaser: Our J.J. Cooper saw him Lovelady up close and personal recently. Hot prospect is probably a bit far, but a useful lefthanded bullpen piece that teams need? Yes

Thomas Henderson (San Antonio, TX): No Kyle Tucker? Another monster week for a monster prospect. He's on pace for well over 30/30? From an offensive standpoint, does he have the best total package of any OF prospect?
Kyle Glaser: Tucker is excellent no doubt. Generally Victor Robles gets the nod for best total package of any outfield prospect in the minors, but Tucker’s abilities are considerable and should not be discounted

Adam (Pierre): Mauricio Dubon just got promoted to Triple A, what is his timetable and will he be able to play 2B at the major league level, since SS is blocked by Arica?
Kyle Glaser: I’ve run into a few scouts actually who prefer Dubon (by a good margin) to bigger Brewers prospect names like Corey Ray and Josh Hader. Dubon is still generally seen as a guy better-suited to a super-utility role than an everyday job, but he has outperformed every expectation so far so no reason to doubt him now.

Jeff (Arizona): Now that Tampa Bay picked up Adeiny Hechavarria, will that affect any call up of Willy Adames this year or next?
Kyle Glaser: Keep in mind Willy Adames is 21 years old, still learning to tap into his power and making a lot of defensive mistakes in Triple-A. Calling him up this year would have been premature, independent of the Adeiny Hechavarria acquisition. He wasn’t magically going to be ready in a month. 2018 was always the most likely and best timetable for Adames, and that has not changed. He still has some developing to do independent of who is in the majors.

Sixto Sanchez (Lakewood): Are the Phillies developmentally challenged when it comes to starting pitching? What are the odds they can mess me up by AA?
Kyle Glaser: Well the Reds have a way worse track record, so at least you have that. But it is worth noting the Phillies player development pipeline has not yielded a lot in terms of guys reaching the majors and hitting their potential, pitchers or position players (Maikel Franco, anyone?). That said, we shouldn’t hold that against Sixto, who is climbing into top 50 prospect contention. He’s a unique talent, maybe he can break the trend. We’ll see

Jason L. (Pleasant Hill, CA): Lazarito is batting .600 in the Arizona Rookie league and is probably 3 years younger than Keston Hiura. Shouldn't he have received consideration for making this week's list?
Kyle Glaser: Hiura played a few more games, thus his stat outputs ranked higher. It’s the hot sheet from the first week of AZL. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Jason (Atlanta): Do you think Albies will develope some power like other shorter players like Jose Altuve and Dustin Padroia?
Kyle Glaser: Jose Altuve and Dustin Pedroia were extremely strong in their frames, which is something Albies is not right now. But he’s 20. It’s going to be a matter of if he puts in the work to get stronger. If he does, then he has a chance. If he doesn’t then no. That simple.

Johnny Campbell (Yorktown, va): It didn't take long for joe musgrove to figure things out at Fresno. Do you think his recent MLB struggles were just ordinary professional growing pains? Does he still have a mid rotation type profile, more, or less than that?
Kyle Glaser: Yes. People need to stop thinking a pitcher’s entire existence in the majors is determined by their first 50-100 innings. (Or worse, 30-50 innings). The same Joe Musgrove that had a 4.06 ERA as a rookie pitching in HR-happy Houston last year is still in there. He was a mid-rotation starter before, and he remains one now. He’s 23, going through some growing pains. He’ll be fine

Jeff (Arizona): Matt Thaiss was supposed to start raking when he was moved from Catcher to 1B. I'm not seeing it. He's batting 255 with only 8 homeruns. Do you think he'll bust out any time soon?
Kyle Glaser: The Angels drafted Thaiss because their analytics team was high on him, even though their scouts were lukewarm, even on that bat. The scouts were right. Thaiss is ok, but he does not have the swing or power to ever rake in pro ball. If you are optimistic he is a .270, 15 HR guy. Most scouts right now view him way below that.

Bo (Myrtle beach): Ryan Mcmahon just won't stop. How much has his stock improved due to this year's performance? Is he up to a 60 future value or still at 50 from your pre season handbook rank?
Kyle Glaser: The most recent discussions we’ve had with scouts indicate McMahon’s swing looks really good but they have concerns how well he handles better stuff on the inner third of the plate. The general consensus right now is McMahon is a definite big leaguer and probably one who can hold an everyday job (a 50 grade), but we have yet to come across an evaluator who grades him as a future All-Star, which is a 60 grade. So that 50 still holds at present.

Yoan Moncada (Cuba): Will the White Sox call me up to the big leagues after the Triple A Allstar game? Also is a Jose Altuve comparison accurate in your eyes?
Kyle Glaser: No one has ever compared Moncada – a physical specimen – to Altuve, an undersized player built like a fire hydrant. Carlos Beltran is the common comparison for Moncada. But yes, it would be a surprise not to see Moncada in the majors in the coming months

Kevin (Indianapolis): Is Austin Sodders becoming a legitimate prospect? He appears to be mowing them down in A ball leagues.
Kyle Glaser: Austin Sodders is more of a feel to pitch lefthander, which always gives evaluators pause about how his stuff will play against better hitters. Look up Jack Wynkoop, for example, as a feel-to-pitch college LHP who pitched really well at the A ball levels but what is happening to him now in Double-A. Not saying that will happen to Sodders, but I would advise caution until we see how he fares at Double-A

Timon and Pumba (Jungle): H-acuna matata! Ok just say some happy things about my boy ron acuna. I saw some outlets saying he could be in contention for top overall prospect by the end of next year. Is that possible or just fake news?
Kyle Glaser: Top overall is a bit much. We are in the midst of compiling our midseason Top 100 and while Acuna has shot up, there are 5-6 other guys who come up way more frequently from scouts and GMs as guys in No. 1 prospect discussion. But Acuna has put himself in the elite class of guys, no doubt about it

Carlton (San Diego): What do you see as far as time frame for the following pitching prospects to hopefully make the MLB rotation- Walker Buehler and Yadier Alvarez for the Dodgers and Morejon for the Padres. I know the results for Alvarez are not stellar this year, but from what I have watched online he still looks fine. Morejon is young, but seems advanced for his age. Could Buehler be in the Dodgers rotation to start next season ? Thanks so much
Kyle Glaser: Walker Buehler has a chance to start games in the big leagues next year. Morejon you’re still looking at 2020-21. Yadier Alvarez actually there is very, very serious doubts he ever starts a game in the majors. As in, after speaking with a half dozen evaluators I can’t find a single one who thinks he will. Neftali Feliz is the common comp for him. Electric arm, but slider is shoddy, command is poor and there is no usable third pitch that exists. The expectation is Alvarez becomes a future closer

Greg (Atlantic City): Hi do you see Dominic Smith or Dylan Cozens being ready to take over a full-time spot for their MLB teams by the start of next season ? There should be a spot or two open in Philadelphia for Altheer, Cozens, and Nick Williams to battle for (maybe Roman Quinn, but health ?). Smith does not have typical 1st base power, but with Duda and Bruce likely gone from N next season he would seem to be the guy to take over- I know he has shown some improved power this year and last, but some of that is probably due to Las Vegas this year.
Kyle Glaser: Dominic Smith will absolutely be starting for the Mets sooner rather than later. If he doesn’t, that’s a failure of the Mets brass to make the right decision. Cozens will get his shot too, although there is a lot less conviction he will be an everyday big leaguer. That said, the guys he needs to beat out right now aren’t all that great, to say the least.

Jeremy (Atlanta): Which two prospects do you think will make the biggest jump when the updated top 100 comes out? I was thinking Bichette and Acuna would be two who come to mind after the seasons they are having and being ranked between 90-100
Kyle Glaser: Those two for sure. On the pitching side Walker Buehler, Cal Quantrill and A.J. Puk are all on track for big rises as well

Todd (Surface of Sun (Phoenix)): Please rank these 4 SP: Eshelman, Woodruff, Mahle and Flaherty (asking for a friend in NL only). Thanks
Kyle Glaser: Woodruff, Flaherty, Mahle, Eshelman. Welcome

john (kansas city): When do the mid season top 10s and top 100 roll out?
Kyle Glaser: Midseason Top 100 should roll out sometime next week, and midseason Top 10s will begin to roll out right after the Futures Game

Ben (STL): Is Randy Arozarena a potential star or just a top of the order regular?
Kyle Glaser: I love how being a “top of the order regular” is somehow run of the mill…when discussing prospects and how many of them will never sniff the majors, that’s a heck of an outcome. Hitting in the top third of an order in the big leagues for years is an exceptional outcome. And that is where Arozarena fits in

Elliot (Youngstown OH): Bradley is often underrated since he's the proverbial 1st base-only RH power hitter who doesn't project. But with the reduced K's and steady climb, is he an exception?
Kyle Glaser: Bobby Bradley actually bats lefthanded, so that helps. And I don’t know if I’d say he’s underrated. He was a top 100 prospect at this time last year and still ranks No. 5 this year in a very good Indians system. He was seen as a potential middle of the order everyday first baseman before, and he still is now.

Chris (Racine): what do you see as the upside and likely outcome for Corbin Burnes- upside a # 2?, Likely outcome # 3 or # 4? I know he has been fantastic in 2017, not sure how much his prospect status has grown. Is he a candidate to take a rotation spot in 2018 ? Thanks so much Happy early July 4th
Kyle Glaser: Happy early Fourth to you as well. Corbin Burnes’ upside is more No. 3, likely to settle into No. 4 or 5. But he has put himself into prospect contention no question. Performance is undeniable and the stuff works

Dave (Calgary, Canada): Did Ronald Guzman get any consideration for the list this week with homers in 3 straight games? Does he get the call up soon to the big league club with the underperformance at first base for the Rangers?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, Guzman was just one of those guys I ran out of spots for, but he has every right to be on here. And the Rangers definitely need someone to step up, might as well give the kid his shot, although a few more games in Triple-A never hurt anyone

Mark (Cleveland): Nix or Logan Allen? Better long term SP success?
Kyle Glaser: Jacob Nix by a good margin. Logan Allen has only one pitch better than average (his changeup). Nix has three. Big difference.

Anderson (Virginia): How do you you assess prospect Brandon Marsh with the Angels?
Kyle Glaser: You assess Brandon Marsh very highly. Fantastic athlete, held back by injury, impressed in camp and now is delivering in his first taste of game action. He is one of the Angels top 5 prospects without argument, could be as high as 2 or 3

Jerry (St. Louis, MO): Was disappointed not to see Sandy Alcantara on the World team. Is he no longer considered a frontline talent?
Kyle Glaser: Alcantara was never considered a “frontline” talent. He was a flamethrower. Those are two very, very, very different things people need to stop confusing. You can throw as hard as you want but against better hitters, it doesn’t matter if you can’t spot it. Alcantara has shown no ability to do that, and was not even in the discussion for a Futures Game selection.

Keith (Farmington, CT): Thanks Kyle. Am I wrong to be impressed with Luis Almanzar's hit tool and plate discipline as a 17-year-old in the Northwest League?
Kyle Glaser: Not at all. Almanzar was regarded as the No. 2 prospect in last year’s international class for a reason. He is a promising talent worth being impressed with

Nick (LA): So Devers, not on the got sheet because he missed games but clearly hot right now. What do you think he still needs to work on specifically before he's ready for the snow?
Kyle Glaser: Same as anyone else. Devers needs to prove he can handle the better velocity, better command and better secondaries that will be thrown at him in Triple-A. He has the skills to do it, but you’ve got to prove it. As soon as he does, then he’ll be ready

Adam (Las Vegas): If you're the Angels, are you considering buying at the deadline or would you seize the opportunity and sell as many of the overachievers for prospects as you can?
Kyle Glaser: It all depends how much Yunel Escobar or Cameron Maybin would fetch. If someone offered a legit SP at AA or above (which the Angels DESPERATELY need), then make the move. But if all they can get is a lottery ticket in Low A, there is no reason to trade them as long as you’re in playoff contention (which the Angels are now, sitting only 1 game out of a wild card spot). It’s all about quality of the deal.

Max (IL): Is Christin Stewart the guy who will take over for JD Martinez long term? Can he play the field well enough or will he have to end up being a DH?Martinez could be shipped out at any time I'd imagine.
Kyle Glaser: Christin Stewart will get his shot in the big leagues. You have an impact lefthanded bat like that, you’ll get your shot. Long term they’ll find a spot as long as he hits, whether that means tolerating a potential below-average defensive profile in left field or figuring out a way to DH him. I wouldn’t fret too much about his position. It’s his bat you want and it will be what makes or breaks him

Nick (LA): Boba Fett, I mean Bo Bichette, just doesn't quit. I know there are concerns about his violent swing and pitch recognition, but at this point doesn't he need to move up and face the next challenge. Other than the grind of playing every day, what else can he learn by tearing apart low A?
Kyle Glaser: Only the Blue Jays know the answer to that right now. Bichette wants to be promoted, deserves to be promoted, and probably will be promoted shortly. Every team has their own timetable and sometimes that’s more reflective of other guys at other levels than the guy in question. Bichette will get there, whether it’s July 1 or August 1 won’t alter his potential

Wully Bully (Adelanto, CA): Is Jaime Barria the Angels top prospect?
Kyle Glaser: No. Jordon Adell is. But Barria is in the top 5

Elliot (Youngstown OH): So how hard is McKenzie throwing his fastball this season? And anyway to guesstimate how much more he may add to it as he finally makes it into his 20's?
Kyle Glaser: McKenzie has been 93-94 in the early innings, 90-92 in the middle and tailing into 88-90 by the end. Holding his velocity is the key thing for him. I would expect as he adds strength to be a guy that’s holding 93 and touching 96, but that is the big assumption you have to make with him, that he will add that strength. If he doesn’t, it’s a problem

Matt (Boulder): The errors are down this year, but the reviews are still poor on Calhoun in the field. Has he taken any steps forward at 2B and is his D anywhere close to passable with what he could bring with the stick?
Kyle Glaser: Calhoun’s defense is not playable at second base. That remains consistent from every person in the baseball world, including those in his own organization. But he has been playable in left field in limited looks there. Not good, but playable. That’s where he will have to be.

Adam (Las Vegas): How has Jorge Ona's season gone so far? From the outside it looks a little underwhelming. Not to take the easy way out, but is a Yasmany Tomas-like outcome a probability?
Kyle Glaser: The scouting reviews on Ona have actually been ok. Seeing good bat speed, getting to his power a little better recently. You have to remember he is 20 years old in a new country. I’ve learned doing this job that you almost have to give the Cuban guys a mulligan sometimes in their first year, because the culture shock both on and off the field is overwhelming. Expectations of Ona among Padres fans have always been overly high, but evaluators are seeing enough to still see a .265, 20 HR type of guy.

Matt (Denver): Jacob Nix put together a real complete outing this week as reflected in the Hot Sheet. Does he project any better than a #3, or is that his ceiling?
Kyle Glaser: That’s his ceiling, which is perfectly fine. A guy that can go 180 innings in the majors with a 3.50ish ERA. Yeah, that’s plenty good and nothing to discount.

CristoRay (Luckenbach): Scouts have been extremely underwhelmed by Christin Stewart's hit tool only giving passing credit to his career .375 OBP and plate discipline. If he's able to continue to put the bat on the ball the way he has recently, what's stopping everyone from declaring him the next great rookie slugger?
Kyle Glaser: That is not an accurate statement. Stewart has plus bat speed, good leverage, patience, and a shortened stroke that has allowed him to generate more backspin and prevent some of his longer swings of past years. He’s perfectly fine as a hitter and scouts agree. He’s not a traditional slugger, more a guy who hits home runs in Curtis Granderson mold offensively. That’s not who guys think of when they think of “the next big rookie slugger”, but Grandy hit 305 home runs in the majors, more than Joey Gallo will likely ever hit. Stewart has lefthanded power that plays, period. Just has to keep making adjustments and getting better like everyone else

Mike (NY): Is it fair to say Mickey Moniak and Corey Ray wouldn't be top 5 picks in a stronger draft.
Kyle Glaser: Moniak and Ray were both considered top 10 overall talents, so it’s not like they were huge reaches. Not all first round picks work out the way everyone hopes. It’s also too early to declare these guys huge busts. Give it more than 2 1/2 months into their first full pro seasons

jeff (MN): Does Ariel Hernandez have a future or is he just a good-stuff novelty act?
Kyle Glaser: Ariel Hernandez has a future as a late-inning reliever. No question there

Jason (Philadelphia): What do you think has gone wrong with Jake Thompson, and do you see him getting back on track to the point where he gets himself a spot in the Phillies long term rotation?
Kyle Glaser: Thompson’s issue in the majors was he didn’t have a viable third pitch. His changeup and slider were ineffective. That’s on the Phillies for not making sure one was developed. Hitters could just sit on his hard stuff, the fastball and sinker, and that’s what they did. The results won’t change unless he figures out a softer offering to mix in and gets it up to par for big league hitters

Anthony (Philadelphia): What the HappELL happened to Mark Appel? How do you go from being the number 1 overall pick to being someone who struggles to get outs at AAA?
Kyle Glaser: Mark Appel is example No. 1 that pure velocity is not an indicator of how good your fastball is. Talking to the people who evaluated him, and what kept coming up over and over was that a lot of contact was always made on his fastball, even though it was thrown hard. If good hitters can pick up your fastball or it’s flat or you can’t spot it, it doesn’t matter if it’s 92 or 96 or 100. That’s how you get a busted prospect, when you fall in love with a radar gun number and stop looking at how it actually plays.

Terry (st louis): Love the chats regardless, but I rarely see Cardinals questions on here. just curious, is it a matter of poor questions or just less interesting/relevant prospects?
Kyle Glaser: Neither. We get about as many as a lot of teams. I think I answered a Cardinals question earlier, I’m sure there is another one in here I can answer too

Jerred g (Etown pa): What are your thoughts on Carson kelly
Kyle Glaser: He will be a really good everyday catcher in the major leagues for a long time

Jake (Toronto): Is there any prospect who makes a big jump on the updated top 100 that has flown under the radar?
Kyle Glaser: No one seems to talk about Nick Gordon. Guy has bloodlines, pedigree, youth, and performance. Don’t think enough people appreciate how good of a prospect he is. There are maybe 4-5 prospects with a legit chance to be a quality everyday shortstop in the big leagues. He is one.

Jeff (CA): Where does DJ Peters rank among Dodger outfield prospects?
Kyle Glaser: Probably 4th behind Alex Verdugo, Yusniel Diaz and Jeren Kendall. 5th if you want to include Willie Calhoun as an outfielder

Jimbo (Staten Island): Adrian Rondon was a highly sort after international prospect who signed with the Rays a few years back to date he has struggled is it to soon to think he is a bust due to his struggles since he has come to the states. What are his strongest tools if he has any?
Kyle Glaser: Signing 16 year olds is a crapshoot. Most will bust. Rondon is just example No. 5,186,983,354 of this.

Billy Bob (St Louis): Can you rank the Cardinal's AA pitchers-Hudson/Alcantara/Gomber?
Kyle Glaser: Hudson 1 Gomber 2 Alcantara 3…that’s pretty clear cut

Nixk (LA): What do you think of Jesus Sanchez as a prospect? Tools are off the charts right? Seems like he is putting it together too. And so young. Has to be in the midseason top 100, right? When is that coming out by the way?
Kyle Glaser: Jesus Sanchez cracked the Top 100 in our May 11 update and has done nothing to make that ranking look bad. And Midseason Top 100 will be out next week

Jeff (Mountain View CA): Thanks for taking questions. How does Raul Mondesi Jr compare to Yoan Moncada now that they are the same age and both playing in AAA?
Kyle Glaser: Mondesi is interesting because he is finally playing at an age appropriate level. He’s not Moncada level, but he is showing that the Royals maybe can earn a mulligan after making poor decisions with his developmental path. Mondesi probably would be a top 50 prospect if he was still eligible, but he wouldn’t be in top 10 as Moncada is

Clint (Iowa): JP Crawford... are his struggles worrisome? I have him in a league and I'm thinking about trying to deal him? What do you think he does when and if he gets called up?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, his struggles are very, very worrisome. We’ll have more on them our next issue. For now, yes, deal him because the history of guys who struggle like this, even top prospects at young ages for their levels, is very, very poor.

Rafael (Trillville): All this talk of Otani and McKay and we seem to be forgetting that Tebow could be firing wicked hot spiral-fastballs off the mound if he weren't too busy hitting bombs on the daily
Kyle Glaser: As a former Chargers fan, I got to watch Tebow fire wobbling ducks at a 48 percent completion rate for a good chunk of two years. I highly suggest going back and watching his game film if you think he has the arm strength or arm actions to pitch in professional baseball

Jordan (Atlanta): Do the braves have the #1 farm system hands down? If so how big of a gap between them and the next best group of organizations?
Kyle Glaser: Yes. The Yankees were No. 2 but the graduations have thinned them a little bit. Braves by a safe margin is the answer

Kyle Glaser: Alright folks, that will do it for today. Thanks for chatting with me, and I hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Fourth of July