Prospect Hot Sheet Chat

Ben (Fort Wayne): With his talent, could Bo Bichette skip a class and make a Sept callup? From a fantasy perspective would he stick at SS and what is his ceiling?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: No sir; he was playing high school ball a year ago; he’d be overwhelmed, as good as his looks now. As far as shortstop, what teams do is play a guy at the position until he declares through his actions that he can’t do it. He probably ends up at third base, but he’ll play short as long as the Jays think he can.

Rich (NJ): Do you feel Renato Nunez will soon get the call up to the MLB; also, the same for Ronald Guzman? Thanks,

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I do think Renato will get the call soon. He’s showing the ability to control the zone more and hitting to all fields instead of all the all-pull approach he had shown previously.

Croom (In a trailer at my moms house): Why doesn’t Bobby Bradley receive any top 100 recognition? Is it because he is a first baseman? Seems to be a big time power guy with a high OBP.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Mostly. First basemen have to hit a ton—a ton—and Bradley strikes out a bunch.

Vaughn (Peoria): Did Jordan Hicks get consideration? This guy is gonna be good.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Yep sure did. In fact, I was researching Hicks when I happened upon Mike O’Reilly.

Terry (Rhode Island): Thomas Pannone has be on EVERYONE’S radar with the season he is putting together–though this past week was so-so–how come BA hasn’t written anything on him?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: We’re aware of him, and did write about him:

Johann (Toronto, ON): Although, Bo Bichette’s swing goes all over the place, will scouts eventually come to the consensus that his unconventional swing works for him, and will be a plus asset if he makes it to the majors?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I think that’s already the case.

Jerry (Seattle): Hardest throwing starter in the minors after kopech?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: We’re keeping a running tab on these things:

Eric (Basalt, CO): Too many Yankees for Tito Polo? He seems to be progressing nicely and seems as hot as Mateo upon his promotion.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Basically. I could have put several Yankees on the list, but you have to spread it around a little.

Larry (Long Island, New York): I understood when he was struggling not bringing up Rosario, but now he’s broken out of it, its past super two, the Mets have all but fallen out of contention so there isn’t much pressure, what can possibly be the reason he hasn’t been called up? Same for Dom Smith to a lesser extent

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: It is surprising that Rosario, at least, is not in the majors. Reports have it that the Mets want to see him control the zone better, but that is one of the final things for a batter to learn.

Jason (Philadelphia): Would you say Dillon Tate is closer to what we’re seeing now, or what we saw last year. And are the chances greater he ends up in the bullpen or the rotation?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Probably somewhere in the middle. I still think he ends up a reliever because of his injury track record.

John (Chicago): What are the potential 80 tools in the minors right now?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Probably Jorge Mateo’s speed, Michael Kopech’s fastball, maybe Ariel Hernandez’s curveball.

Davis (San Diego): Joey Lucchesi may be considered an under-the-radar prospect, but he’s ranked among the Padres top-30. His Double-A debut was mediocre, but if he catches fire in San Antonio, could he make it to El Paso this year?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I believe so. I know Kyle Glaser is very high on Lucchesi. Guy is good and motivated, a good combo.

josh (toronto): Tell us more about the upside of Estevan Florial please.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Funny you mention him. Talked to a scout this week who said we were far too high on Rutherford and that Florial was the best center fielder on that team. So the sky is high.

Dan (Central NJ): Two Futures game guys I hear little about are Barria and Jonathan Hernandez. Is it true the latter has three solid pitches with above avg velo? Can either be #3 types? Also, any chance Tanner Scott starts, or is that Showalter and the org’s wishful thinking?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I watched Barria pitch in Burlington and found his stuff to be fringe-average. He’s a strike-thrower for sure, but I didn’t see much movement. He’s a 5, for me.

Carl (STL): With the top 100, hot sheet, and chat you guys keep showing why you’re the best place for baseball info, thanks for the hard work! Coming into the year, the Cardinals org was full of talents on the brink of a breakout, but only one jumped into the top 100. Do guys like Alcantara, Hicks, perez, Arozarena still have a chance to break out?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Definitely. I remain high man on Alcantara. Hicks is showing great stuff; Arozarena has shown better hittability than the organization thought.

Rodney (NY): Despite his solid hitting since being promoted to AA, I see Mateo didn’t make it onto the top 100. What is keeping him off?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: He wasn’t very much at high Class A, and that was for more than the past year. His AA success is SSS.

Ray (Kansas City): So I have to ask- if Mondesi had still been eligible with how he’s raking, how high up the list could you have seen him getting run?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: For me, probably in the 80s. He’s a major league defender, but let’s see him do it with the bat for a full season.

Daniel (Miami): What are your thoughts on James Nelson? He’s had a fantastic season thus far in Greensboro.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Yeah, huge fan of Nelson. Great bat control, keeps it in the zone a long time, low bat path, more power in the tank. The defense is something that will take time to come because he was a shortstop as an amateur, but the Marlins are committed to patience.

Julian (Austin): Have you gotten any reports on Dillon Tate’s stuff since his return to High-A?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Yep, he’s been up to 97 mph with pretty good command of it; have not heard specifics about secondaries.

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): What is the ceiling for Tatis Jr? Do you see him sticking at SS?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I am not sure about short, not because he’s not athletic, but he’s pretty big already and is just 18, so he’ll get bigger. He’ll likely be a third baseman or left fielder when he matures. I like him. His swing is long, so he might be an average hitter, but I think the power will be there.

Adam (LA): Verdugo best comp is a Nick Markakis type player, right? Or is there more upside there?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Markakis is a good player; I think Verdugo might have more power; not sure he’ll grind at-bats as well as Markakis, or have that kind of motor. Not sure I like that comp.

Ryan (NYC): Chris Flexen has had a very nice season to date, do you think he has the potential to be a back of the rotation arm? High ceiling, him or Jordan Humphreys?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: For me, Humphreys.

Greg (ATL): Yunior Severino’s inclusion at the end was interesting. What kind of offensive upside does he have? The early GCL numbers look great.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Big upside if you believe Ben Badler, and why wouldn’t you? He’s got all the ingredients to hit, but will he develop as he matures?

Jake (CA): Who now should be considered to have the highest upside in the Padres minor league system for pitchers?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Highest upside is probably Morejon; but I think Quantrill is more likely to get to it as a college guy with more polished arsenal.

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): What can we make of Phil Maton, his success and the hype around his high spin rate fastball?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I can happily state that I was on Maton early, back in 2015 at short-season ball. Even then I remember a coach telling me about this 20th-round pick from LA. Tech who had this crazy, late-moving fastball. What we can take from it is let’s get off the velocity train and look at guys who locate in and out, up and down, and throw strikes. That’s Burt Hooton’s mantra.

Mick (Chicago): Is Australia’s only hope in the entire minor leagues to represent his country in the majors as a position player Aaron Whitefield?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Longing for the days of Dave Nilsson?

Chris (Indianapolis, IN): Just how disastrous was the Royals 2015 1st round draft picks of Ashe Russell and Nolan Watson?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Well, it certainly doesn’t look good now, but at the time it was difficult to question. Other teams had those guys high on their boards as well.

Royals Fans Everywhere (Kansas City): Any hope being held for Bubba Starling? The hitting has came along after a Brutal couple of years.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I feel like we could answer this every year for a six-week span.

Ben (Fort Wayne): As a follow up to Bichette, what is his MLB comp?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I don’t like comps. Too many variation.

Jeff (Idaho): Devers to AAA soon? Seems he has little left to prove in AA. Any good comps for him?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Yes, I would think a bump is in the offing.

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): What do you expect the Padres will receive for Brad Hand? Is a “Will Smith” type return realistic?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Considering Will Smith’s return was Susac and Phil Bickford, sure. Lot of flaws there.

Brett (NJ): Just how good can Ronald Acuna be? He has the power/speed combo but the K to BB ratio is a concern with a certain amount of leeway given his age and level.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I think you said it perfectly. You get an allowance given his age.

Jeff (Idaho): How would you rank the Braves top pitching prospects? Wright, Allard, Soroka, Anderson, Gohara? Any of those make an impact next year?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: I’d probably rank them Soroka, Allard, Wright, Anderson, Gohara. Next year? Probably not unless it’s late in 2018 cameo.

Matt (Denver): How does Fernando Tatis, Jr. project at this point? Double digit homers in the first half in the mid-west league with the potential for decent OBP with a bit more discipline and supposedly a legit defensive shortstop prospect from what I have read – but would love to hear your take. Love that he was the midseason #100 prospect – I feel like at least a couple of last 10 or so guys to make the list each time are high ceiling types that may crash and burn or may zoom up future lists.

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: For me, i think he’ll end up a bat-first corner guy, left or 3B, because he’s a big guy and still maturing. I do like his approach, his power comes easy, he’s athletic. Like him a lot.

Joe (St. Louis): Was magneuris sierra close to the top100? I suppose his lack of offensive upside is holding him back

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: That is fair. Not sure he’ll ever hit with great impact.

jabe (Chi Town): Caratini and Schwarber for Sonny Gray and Lavarnway? Who says no?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Me. /Hangs up.

Jamal (Milwaukee): Why is power the last tool to develop for a prospect?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: It’s an elusive thing because it’s different for each player. For some it’s a matter of physical maturity; for some, it’s about learning to backspin the ball; others have to learn to leverage their to lift the ball. Teams are loathe to tamper with a swing when a guy is hitting, so they won’t mess with him and prefer to let the power develop on its own.

Cleveland Gary (Cleveland): Cleveland’s minor-league system seems to be teeming with incredible pitching. Morimando is making headlines on with his complete games. Pannone is doing awesome in AA. And now, Civale is having success as a strike-throwing machine in High-A. Who has the highest ceiling?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Of those you mentioned, Civale. His command is outstanding. Of their pitchers, Triston McKenzie by far. All right folks, great chatting with you, but it’s back to work. Have a great weekend. We’ll chat Top 100 on Monday.