Prospect Hot Sheet Chat: Jim Shonerd

Moderator: Jim Shonerd will chat about the Hot Sheet and answer other prospect questions beginning at 3 p.m. ET.

Jim Shonerd: Sorry if I’m a little slow to get rolling here. We just got out of a long, but productive, staff meeting. Let’s get started.

    JAYPERS (IL): Had he been eligible, where would Chris Tillman have ranked on the Hot Sheet? Thanks, Jim.

Jim Shonerd: Wow, a no-hitter vs. a six-homer week?
Even though Tillman actually made two starts during the time frame for
this Hot Sheet (he had 8 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 BB, 5 SO last Friday),
the no-hitter alone would’ve been enough to make him No. 1 in my book.
Those are just too rare.

    Tyler (Harrodsburg, Ky): What do you make of Jesus Montero's slow start?

Jim Shonerd: Not worried. He’s a 20-year-old in
Triple-A. His contact rate has been solid, so it’s not like he’s
getting overmatched. He’ll figure it out.

    Ben (Leland Grove): No Chad Jenkins this week? How come?

Jim Shonerd: He had a great start (8 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 9
SO, 1 BB), but a college pitcher, especially one with Jenkins’ stuff,
should dominate at the low Class A level. He really should be in high A
Dunedin. He would have to do something truly spectacular to get on the
Hot Sheet for as long as he’s in low A.

    Grant (Toronto, ON): Did LV 51's Arencibia and Wallace get any consideration? What kept them off?

Jim Shonerd: Arencibia was closer. Both hit two homers
this week, so they got consideration. They were in line to at least
make the Team Photo, if not the back end of the Hot Sheet, but both
went 0-for-4 last night. That left Wallace at .280/.400/.640 and
Arencibia at .348/.522/.696. The environment they play their home games
in works against them as well as far as the Hot Sheet goes.

    Jim (Oakland): Where do you see Carter,
    Taylor, Weeks, Green by the all-star break? Do the latter 2 have a shot
    sometime this year or at best are they looking at sometime next year?

Jim Shonerd: Seems like Carter and Taylor could come
up any day with the way the A’s injuries are piling up. Still, neither
of them are dominating Triple-A to the point that would force a
promotion, and the A’s offense has been serviceable enough without
them. Still, I’ll go ahead and say those two will make their big league
debuts before the all-star break. I think Weeks stays at Midland for
awhile, but Green will be up there before too long if he starts heating
up. But no, Green and Weeks are 2011 ETAs.

    Terrance (Syracuse, NY): The $15+M question — when do you see Strassy packing his bags and paying us a visit?

Jim Shonerd: Strassy? That’s a new one. I’ll say
Strasburg’s on his way to Syracuse within the next couple of weeks. 1-2
more starts at Double-A.

    Tyler (Harrodsburg, KY): Jim, Lars Anderson
    has made a complete 180 degree turn from last season so far, and his
    performance this past week was arguably his best week in the past 2
    seasons. Was he a candidate for the hot sheet?

Jim Shonerd: He was, but only getting 15 official at-bats cost him.

    Goose (Toledo OH): Thanks for the chat. How
    would you rank these 2009 draft picks currently and rank them with
    up-side potential? Mike Leake, Kybe Gibson and Mike Montgomery? Thanks.

Jim Shonerd: Montgomery was actually a 2008 high
school pick, but I’ll play along anyway. Currently I’d go
Leake-Montgomery-Gibson. Leake is holding his own in the majors after
all. Long term I’d go Montgomery-Gibson-Leake.

    Andrew (West University, TX): What's the upside on Astros pitching prospect Tanner Bushue?

Jim Shonerd: He’s got some upside. Bushue’s not
overpowering right now, but he’s lean and athletic, so there’s
potential for him to add velocity as he matures. He’s shown he can spin
a curveball as well, but his other pitches (change and slider) aren’t
as far along. His command isn’t spotless yet, but he’s so young that
he’s shown enough get excited about given his success in Lexington so

    Brian Daniels (in a land far far away): so
    does Stanton get called up soon? Do you give him some more time to
    conquer what he struggled with last year (AA)? Do you call him up to
    AAA where the field can make things more wind aided??

Jim Shonerd: I could see him getting called up around
the halfway point. He’s needed about a one month adjustment period at
each level he’s gotten to, so it’ll be important not to expect him to
start killing the ball as soon as he arrives in Miami. It wouldn’t
shock me if the Marlins skipped him over Triple-A.

    Allyson (Dallas): Just curious as to what it
    will take for Derek Holland to make the Hot Sheet? Is a 3-1 0.53 ERA 29
    K's 6 BB's in 33 innings on the year not hot enough for BA?

Jim Shonerd: Holland used up his prospect eligibility
last year, so that rules him out. His line in two starts this week (14
IP, 11 H, 5 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 14 SO) probably would’ve gotten him in the
Team Photo at least.

    Ronny (D.C.): As of right now Destin Hood is
    leading the SAL in batting avg(.368). If he cuts down on his K's and
    improve his walks, how good can he be?

Jim Shonerd: Hood’s come along a lot quicker than
expected given his background as a football recruit. He’s got the
potential to be an above-average power hitter with his physicality and
bat speed. His pitch recognition will take a little longer, but that’s
what playing the minor leagues is for.

    James (Maryland): Eric Hosmer. what kind of defender do you expect him to be at 1st? Future above average 1st baseman?

Jim Shonerd: He can be decent enough, but won’t be
winning any Gold Gloves or anything like that. He’s a potential
middle-of-the-order hitter though, so his value is all tied up in his

    Eric K (Chicago): How soon will Jonathan LuCroy be up, and is he the Brewers catcher in 2011 or will he have to share time with Angel Salome?

Jim Shonerd: Lucroy just got to Triple-A, so he’ll
probably be given some time there. He’s still polishing his defensive
game, so while it might not be fun for Brewers fans to watch Gregg Zaun
hit .220, they’ll have to bear with it probably at least until the
second half, barring injuries. I do think Lucroy has passed Salome on
the Brewers’ catching depth chart.

    Jim (New York): Have you heard anything about how Michael Inoa has looked? When will we see him in a game and at what level?

Jim Shonerd: It was just reported today by A’s
correspondent Casey Tefertiller that Ynoa has just had his wisdom teeth
removed and will miss 10 days. I expect he’ll join one of the A’s
short-season affiliates when their seasons start in June, either the
Arizona League club or Vancouver of the Northwest League, depending on
how he’s looked up to that point.

    JAYPERS (IL): When can we expect to see Matzek's first start in Ashville?

Jim Shonerd: Shouldn’t be long. It was speculated that
he’d join Asheville in early May after the weather had warmed up, and I
haven’t heard of any changes in that plan.

    Jays fan (Ohio): What is your assessment of Brett Wallace?

Jim Shonerd: Very natural hitter. Doesn’t have tremendous power but could hit 20 homers a year. Should end up at first base eventually.

    Jeff (Idaho): If he continues his recent
    success, is there any chance Teheran sees High A this year, or will the
    Braves play it slow with him as young as he is?

Jim Shonerd: They might let him get his feet wet at
Myrtle Beach (no pun intended) in the second half, but I wouldn’t be
surprised if he spends the whole year in Rome.

    dan (toronto): henderson alvarez... how good is he

Jim Shonerd: As the biggest Henderson Alvarez booster
in the office, I might not be the one to answer this … but I will
anyway. The jump in his velocity this year is crucial. Guys in the
Midwest League last year raved about his changeup, but adding to velo
to his fastball (and tightening his curveball) gives him a higher
ceiling than previously thought if he can maintain it.

    Rick (NY): Jerry Sands - is he a legit prospect? And do you see him moving up anytime soon? Thanks

Jim Shonerd: Yeah, he’s not a huge prospect, but he’s
got some potential. Sands, the Dodgers’ 25th round pick in 2008, is the
career home runs leader at Division II Catawba (N.C.). He’s shown
above-average power and the patience to go with it. That said, he’s 22
and should be on his way to high A before long if he keeps up the pace
he’s on with Great Lakes.

    Sean (Boston): Which Sox OF prospect gets a starting job in Boston first, Kalish or Reddick?

Jim Shonerd: Both have gotten off to slow starts,
Kalish at Double-A and Reddick at Triple-A. But Reddick excelled in big
league spring training, batting .390/.413/.678 in 59 at-bats, and
already has big league experience under his belt, so he should have the
inside track on an everyday job in Boston.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll have to do it for today. Everyone
have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here next Friday for
another Hot Sheet chat. Thanks for coming out.