Prospect Hot Sheet Chat: Aug. 29

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 Q:  Jamie from IL asks:
No love for Julio Borbon? Please explain.

Sorry for the delay, John Manuel here to prospect chat . . . Borbon
came in after the deadline . . . seriously folks, Borbon is as hot as
they come, you’re right, plus he’s doing it after a promotion to
Double-A. This week just was chock full of jokers having great weeks,
but Borbon’s establishing himself as another Rangers prospect who looks
like a first-division regular. Of course with Texas it’s all going to
be about the pitching, but Borbon gives them yet another trade chip.

 Q:  mike from durham asks:
see Andrew Lambo was promoted to AA (where he has 2 HRs in 4 games) and
that he is going to be playing in the AFL (as one of the youngest
players in the league) are the Dodgers giving thoughts to having him
skip High-A and starting him as a 20 year old in AA next year?

I love Lambo’s bat, and feel like I got some bad info when I wrote him
up draft-wise in 2007, when all I heard about was the “Dazed &
Confused” makeup issues regarding Lambo. His bat is ready to be
challenged, yes, and as one of the very few low Class A players in the
AFL (Aug. 6 is the cutoff date for that), he’s going to be challenged.
How he handles the AFL will be key to his ’09 assignment.

 Q:  sal from wooster asks:
does dan bard not get any love ??? he has a .49 era in 18 ip with 30
strikeouts in AA since all star break…i also heard he throws 100
mph….isnt this only his 2nd year as a pro ?

Bard’s closer to the big leagues than most players on this list, and
that’s more important. I hear the Red Sox are having serious internal
discussions about what to do with this guy, because they could use him
in Boston now, but they are wary of rushing a reliever like him,
because they were burned on Craig Hanson and also Cla Meredith. So they
are trying to be cautious with Bard, but he’s making it hard by sitting
98-100 mph every outing with an improved breaking ball. He’s had as
good of year by a prospect as any pitcher.

 Q:  matt from binghamton ny asks:
whats the ceiling on brad holt?

John Manuel:
I’m a fan of Holt’s because he works off his fastball, which will
increase his fastball command, and that will help his secondary stuff
play up. I’d say his upside is John Maine, though at this similar stage
Maine’s secondary stuff was ahead of Holt’s. They’re similar in a lot
of ways. Holt could wind up a reliever in the Braden Looper mold
(though of course now Looper’s a starter).

 Q:  Andrew from York, PA asks:
the love for Jordan Lyles (10 K, 2 H, no ER or BB in 5.0 IP on Aug.
25)? And I know he’s still very young, but what does his ceiling look
like right now?

Matt Eddy:
Lyles, Houston’s supplemental first-round pick, was on last week’s Hot
Sheet. He struck out 64 Appy League batters in 50 innings, while
walking just 10, thanks to a repeatable delivery. He doesn’t have an
overwhelming pitch, but his build (6-foot-4, 185 pounds) suggests there
may be more velocity in the future. Lyles already is up to 92-93 mph
with an advanced feel for a changeup for such a young pitcher.

Matt Eddy:
The main area of concern is that his breaking ball is average at best.
He has a lot of development in front of him, and that will be the key
area to watch.

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
Assuming they both make the A’s top ten prospect list, who will be ranked higher: Carter or Weeks?

John Manuel:
Great question, since they are opposite players. I’ll take Weeks for
now because he’s a middle of the diamond player and I believe in the

 Q:  Chris M. from nyc asks:
that it seems that Dellin Betances has lowered his walk rate, is he the
top righty in the lower minors? and if he reaches his ceiling(which is
a bit of a reach) is there another pitcher in all the minor leagues
that has what he brings to the table?

John Manuel:
Chris, let’s just be content with Betances improving. His ceiling isn’t
the highest of anyone in the minors, as high as it is. I mean, just to
be ridiculous, Michel Inoa is a similar body, similar velocity &
breaking ball, more athletic and three or four years younger . . . It
sounds like SAL types prefer Jhoulys Chacin and perhaps Alex Cobb of
the Rays to Betances, but Dellin’s upside remains significant. Other
good news for the Yanks is Chris Garcia’s reaturn to health, he’s been
quite good of late since getting healthier.

 Q:  KO from Pittsfield, MA asks:
insight on whether the Pirates will call up McCutchen and hand him CF
for the rest of ’08 moving Nate to LF? If no, what are they waiting for?

John Manuel:
Indianapolis isn’t in the IL playoff hunt so I would imagine he’ll be
promoted. McCutchen’s solid at a lot of things, and the Pirates have a
chance to a very interesting outfield soon with him, McLouth and
Tabata, with Steve Pearce as a place-holder, he seems to have improved
lately, I saw him play well when the Indians were here in Durham, I
still think he’s a solid prospect.

 Q:  John from Pensacola, FL asks:
mention of the Braves’ Craig Kimbrel? He’s now in High A just a few
months after pitching in junior college. In 12.2 IP for Rome, he gave
up only six hits and struck out 26.

Matt Eddy:
Kimbrel, the Braves third-rounder this year, may land in Atlanta’s
bullpen much more quickly than anybody could have anticipated. His arm
slot is reminiscent of Joey Devine’s, but his stuff is of a tick higher
caliber. He has hit 97 mph as a pro and his slider is a true strikeout

 Q:  JP STARKS from Chesterville asks:
Well since we have a catcher almost every week, who has more potential. Wieters or Posey?

John Manuel: Wieters because of the bat. Not to knock Wieters but Posey may wind up better with the glove when it’s all said and done.

 Q:  Katie from St. Louis asks:
At this point in time, who would you give the nod to as the top overall Cardinals’ prospect – Rasmus or Wallace?

John Manuel:
Still Rasmus, he has more ways to win. I am the office Wallace
apologist, and I actually have talked to scouts who believe he can
handle third base in a below-average to fringe-average fashion. He has
plenty of arm (55 arm strength), that’s not the issue, it’s his large
lower half and agility. if he handles third base it still would be
short-term. Dude can rake and I think him spending one, two or even
three years at 3B in MLB isn’t out of the question. He’s also a smart,
savvy baserunner. That said, I still think 30 out of 30 clubs would
rather have Rasmus.

 Q:  Otto from St. Pete, FL asks:
time for you guys at BA to peer into your crystal ball and predict the
future for us Rays’ faithful. Does Andrew Friedman plan to keep Price
in Durham through their playoffs, or does TB’s bullpen need him now?
How about Niemann, Davis and Talbot? Where will they fit in?

John Manuel:
I’ll find out tonight at the ballpark. Niemann kills RH hitters and
would be a useful reliever if he could warm up quickly but he can’t;
he’s just not physically capable of being a reliever. Talbot could
help. I think Davis will be in the mix next year but with the wealth of
prospects and young big league pitchers the Rays have, Davis will
either start next year in Durham or at best the Rays’ bullpen. He’s
been impressive though at Durham. My pick is Price sticks around here;
the Rays have plenty of pitching and J.P. Howell is filling the role
Price would be filling very, very nicely.

 Q:  Stark from Manch asks:
Better SP prospect. Hanson or Holland?

John Manuel:
Sounds like it might be Holland because he has a bigger fastball and is
lefthanded. I love Hanson, love strike-throwers with good stuff like
him, but Holland has a higher ceiling.

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
it possible that we will see a Cahil, Anderson, Mazzaro, Simmons
rotation in Sacramento nexxt year? And if so, would there be a rotation
in the minors that is anywhere near as impressive as that monster?

John Manuel:
That’s very possible, with H.A. Rodriguez closing or at least
relieving. Sounds like a VG staff, though the Giants might try to match
with Bumgarner, Alderson, and perhaps Henry Sosa and Waldis Joaquin at
Double-A. that would be a good tussle.

 Q:  Kelly from St. Cloud, MN asks:
Is this the final Hot Sheet of the year, or will it continue on through the playoffs? Thanks.

John Manuel: Right now, we’re leaning toward doing one more next week. Let us know what you think,

 Q:  Paul from Pittsburgh asks:
reading about the whole Pedro Alvarez situation and how it looks as
though he may not become a Pirate after all, please give us some good
news and tell us that McCutchen will get his cup of coffee next week.
We’re begging you.

John Manuel:
The Alvarez stuff is some shenanigans ain’t it? McCutchen should be
coming to the big leagues. I was impressed with Russ Ohlendorf, so
there’s some good news.

 Q:  Ian from San Francisco, CA asks:
what level will Buster Posey be starting off next season – Augusta, San
Jose, or where? Can he take off through their system as Lincecum did
last year?

John Manuel:
I think Posey will move muy rapido. Es muy bien. Beisbol esta facil
para senor Posey. That said, catching is much harder than pitching, and
learning to call games, handle a pro staff, etc., those will be tougher
for Posey than mowing down minor leaguers was for Lincecum. I’d say
2010 is when he reaches San Francisco, and he’ll be a similar player to
Russ Martin, with perhaps a bit more offensive upside.

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
What is the weakest posistion in the A’s Farm system right now?

John Manuel:
Well, how about every spot in the major leagues? In the minors though
it looks like 3B, where they don’t have a big time guy. Jeff Baisley
and Myron Leslie could be role players, though. Bay Area farm systems
are extremely strong right now.

 Q:  Steve Smith from Boone, NC asks:
Shairon Martis (RHP Was) improved his prospect status this year with
his increase in velocity or is his upside still a back-of-the rotation

John Manuel: Just had a bad, bad report on him from a scout in Beijing; he’s back of the rotation or a middle reliever type.

 Q:  Darren from UK asks:
Beau Mills named Carolina League MVP; how good does his bat look now after that showing in a pitching strong league?

John Manuel:
Bat still looks good; I’m trying to get a report on his defense but it
looks like he’s a 1B all the way these days. It’s an impressive
showing, and he may jump on the fast track next year, Double-A and then
the majors. He’s hammering LHPs this year (.953 OPS), good sign of his

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
Cahil, Anderson or Bumgarner, Alderson?

John Manuel:
The non-Olympic pair. Two very, very good pairs, but I’m an Alderson
apologist and you just can’t deny the year Bumgarner has had. Amazing.

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
Over/Under: 5 guys in the top 50 prospects list for the A’s next year

John Manuel:
More A’s Q’s . . . I’d wager Cahill, Anderson, H.A. Rodriguez and Aaron
Cunningham all have a shot, as do Cardenas, and then there’s Inoa, who
knows where we’ll end up ranking him. So I’ll say over. Mazzaro and
Doolittle look like Top 100 guys . . . man, that’s a good system.

 Q:  Kory from Columbus asks:
is the reason certain players (Lambo, Heyward, etc) get called up so
late in the season when they seemed to have proven themselves months
earlier? Why do teams wait so long to promote players who have nothing
left to prove in their respective leagues?

John Manuel:
Injuries clear spaces; teams call up players to Double-A to get them
eligible for the Arizona Fall League (though that cutoff date is Aug. 6
I believe); other factors come into play. But chiefly they don’t mess
with success. A player is having a good or great year in Low Class A,
especially young players out of high school, some teams decide they
don’t want to do anything to interrupt that success. Confidence is so
important to a young player. I actually prefer that method to the Bill
Bavasi-style push-push-push of prospects. I just think rushing a player
has a lot of downside. The player usually tells you when he’s ready to
move by his performance.

 Q:  Darren from UK asks:
farm system question in general; how difficult will it be to pick their
#1 this off-season? With the infusion of LaPorta, Santana and the
PTBNL, the emergence of David Huff, the continuation of Nick Weglarz’s
development and of course the reigning #1 Adam Miller still with as
much talent as ever it’s looking like a much much stronger list than
last year and a tough call. Or does LaPorta just get the nod because of
the stature to go with the talent?

John Manuel:
No way I’d consider Miller with his injury history; in fact, I’d say he
does NOT have as much talent as ever. It’s a strong list; I don’t think
his stature has anything to do with it. Weglarz and Santana will be in
that hunt, maybe Chisenhall, they spent a lot on the draft this year .
. . tough call for No. 1. I’d guess LaPorta, Santana and Mills as the
top three candidates with Weglarz right there as well.

 Q:  Tristan from California asks:
a nice group of youngsters in Gio G., Smith, Eveland and Gallagher
already in the A’s rotation, who stays and who go’s when their other
nice group of youngsters come up?

John Manuel:
OK, one last one from Tristan (I hope) . . . Gio has the most staying
power of that group, followed by Gallagher. I used to love Eveland when
I did the Brewers Top 30 but I don’t see him as a long-term rotation
guy, same with Smith, they are 4-5 type starters and will be overtaken
by the rest of the crew. I’d see them being dealt and they should have
value as LHPs with a pulse who actually get big league hitters out.

 Q:  Benny from Ohio asks:
Ramos is just having a great season. How soon do you expect him to be
knocking at the door to the Big Leagues? Or do you think with Mauer
being there he is better served somewhere else?

John Manuel:
I’m a Ramos fan, ranked him third in that system coming into the year
and he’s had a very nice year. I don’t think he’s knocking at the door,
I think he goes to Double-A as a 21-year-old and really establishes
himself next year as an elite prospect with significant trade value.
He’s too good to back up Mauer, isn’t he? It’s basically between Ramos
& Ben Revere for Twins’ No. 1 with Aaron Hicks contending as well,
I suppose.

 Q:  ScottAZ from Phx, AZ asks:
Give me one good reason to think Blanks isn’t the reincarnation of Cal Pickering

John Manuel:
He’s righthanded. He’s not a late-90s Oriole. Seriously, the difference
there is athletic ability, Blanks has it, he’s not a slug. But I admit
to some personal skepticism; Ben Badler loves him some Kyle Blanks and
I know others that do. He also has the Yavapai factor, I love Yavapai
but recent RoughRiders have struggled to live up to billing (Milton
Loo, Shane Keough, etc.).

 Q:  Jeff from Los Altos, CA asks:
No Elvis Andrus this week? I think he may have turned a corner. What do you think????

John Manuel:
Elvis had his hitting streak come to an end last night, 14 game streak.
He’s solid in every way, exceptional makeup, leader . . . I think he’s
not as spectacular as some other prospects, he doesn’t have an impact
bat and you have to project on him to say he’ll be an impact offensive
player, rather than a solid one. I still believe in the bat, and
believe he’s going to be a solid-average big league SS offensively for
a long time, with above-average defense.

 Q:  MudcatsFan from Raleigh, NC asks:
it be fair to say the Marlins have a top 5 minor league system this
year? We all know they’re loaded with quality pitching prospects, but
considering the offensive breakouts of Matt Dominguez, Mike Stanton,
and Logan Morrison, along with strong seasons from the likes of Hunter
Mense, Gaby Sanchez, John Raynor, Chris Coglan.
Then there’s the upside of Cam Maybin.

John Manuel:
More 6-to-10 for me to split hairs. They lose Volstad, had some
pitchers go backward. Hunter Mense, are you serious? Not in this
discussion for me. I do think they have a nice collection of bats and
that Stanton, Dominguez and Morrison are potential top 50 talents on
the top 100, and that Sanchez and Coghlan both could make that list as

 Q:  Steve from San Francisco asks:
the addition of Posey and the success of Baumgarner and Alderson, not
to mention Big V, where would you rank the Giants farm system? For a
system that was so baren just a year ago, it seems they have quickly
added a lot of top talent not to mention another probably top 5 pick
coming next year.

John Manuel:
SF’s top 7 is very, very good — MadBum, Alderson, Big V, Buster,
Sandoval (if he doens’t exhaust his eligibility in SF), Noonan,
Schierholtz. Then there’s Rafael Rodriguez, maybe Henry Sosa &
Waldis Joaquin, Kevin Pucetas is interesting, plus their draft this
year, Gillespie, Kieschnick & Crawford, the interesting LHPs they
drafted (Scott Barnes & Aaron King stand out) . . . I say yes,
probably in the top 5. Some depth and stars at the top.

 Q:  Paul from Boston, MA asks:
What are your thoughts on Phil Humber. He has been very good as of late. Any chance he will get a serious look in 2009

Matt Eddy:
It’s been night-and-day for Humber since he returned to the Rochester
rotation late in July. He’s been touched up only once since then.
Humber’s equalizer pitch always has been his curveball; it was getting
to it that posed problems. By working ahead of hitters (36 K, 7 BB in
August), he forces them to either swing and miss at the bender — or
put his pitcher’s pitch in play.

Matt Eddy: Humber’s
always going to allow his share of home runs, because he works high in
the zone with his fastball and he’ll hang a few breakers, so continuing
to limit baserunners is going to be key for him. He’ll be 26 next
season, so he’ll get a long look in spring training.

 Q:  Darren from UK asks:
Santana hasn’t made the list, but being named the California League MVP
after not playing in the league for a month, now that’s pretty
impressive! How good does the Casey Blake trade look for the Indians

John Manuel:
Gonna go a little lightning round here . . . Santana has made that deal
look super sweet. He’s in the mix at the top of that system as well. LA
still makes the deal if it makes the playoffs but that team seems to
have reverted to form.

 Q:  Brandon from Charleston, WV asks:
How would you rank Neftali Soto, Yonder Alonso, and Todd Frazier?

John Manuel: Alonso, Soto, Frazier.

 Q:  Brandon from Charleston, WV asks:
Will Juan Duran or Yorman Rodriguez crack the Reds top 10 prospects?

John Manuel:
Yes on Duran, I’ll say maybe on Yorman. Gonna be a new look atop the
Reds’ list with Bruce, Cueto, even Homer and also Votto gone.

 Q:  Nick from Astoria asks:
continues to pitch very well. Where do you see him ranking in the top
100 prospects, and how do you think he will do in the future in the MLB?

John Manuel:
Very possible top 100, great athlete, great arm, would like to see more
IP before ranking him super high. Hard to say what he’ll be — Roy
Oswalt? Jake Peavy? He’s slight, throws the hell out of it and is a
freaky athlete, those guys seem to be his high-end comps.

 Q:  Trevor from Saskatoon, Canada asks:
asked at the beginning of the year where Travis Snider would finish the
year playing what would have been your answer? In other words are you
as shocked as I am that he is gonna be a big leaguer this year?

Matt Eddy:
If you check the Jays’ Top 30 chat archives, you’ll probably find your
answer. I’m guessing I said that Snider would finish this season in
High A, with maybe a cup of coffee at Double-A. But that was based on
precedent. Toronto has been *much* more aggressive in its player
promotions this season — see: Arencibia, Cecil, Mills and, especially,

Matt Eddy: But congratulations to Travis for
earning his callup. He’s overcome an early elbow injury to cruise
through the minors, and you just don’t see many players that young
(he’s 20) make the four-rung climb to the big leauges in one season. As
an added bonus, he gets to play in Yankee Stadium before they abandon
it next year.

 Q:  Nick from Astoria asks:
kind Septembers do you see for these three studs. Fernando Martinez,
Lars Anderson, and David price. Any to be called up for a cup of coffee?

Matt Eddy: Bank on Price, but it’s probably wait til next year for Martinez and Anderson.

 Q:  Craig from San Diego asks:
How does Chris Tillman’s progression compare to Chad Billingsley as a RHP drafted out of high school?

John Manuel:
Such different guys, not worth comparing them — one tall and thin, one
shorter and frankly thick or even fat in the lower half. One from the
Midwest, one from Cali. Just not useful to compare them. Tillman’s an
elite prospect, one of the top 10 in the game more than likely, at
least top 10 pitchers . . . Nothing to not like about Tillman. Should
be in Baltimore next year at some time.

 Q:  mikeyt from east hampton asks:
do you guys make of Mike Antonini, Dylan Owen and Dylan Gee. all 3 have
moved very fast all the way to AA and been successful, how do they
project to the majors?

Matt Eddy:
Not to knock them, but they seem more like pitchability guys who may
get only short stints in the bigs to prove themselves. Antonini appears
to have the most upside, as a three-pitch lefty. Regardless, the Mets
have to be satisfied to have found three mid-round, small-college
pitchers in the ’07 draft who can handle Double-A so quickly.

Matt Eddy:
With Gee’s promotion last week, out Mets correspondent Adam Rubin chose
the trio as the subject of his upcoming org report, so be on the
lookout for that at late next week.

 Q:  South East Jerome from Arizona asks:
are the rumors about Jon Niese being called up Are they true since they
are shutting John Mains down for the rest of the season? Thanks.

Matt Eddy:
The soreness in John Maine’s shoulder has taken several miles per hour
off his fastball, and without it, he can’t get big league hitters out.
Niese is one of a handful of rotation replacements options, along with
Bobby Parnell, Nelson Figueroa and Olympian Brandon Knight.

 Q:  Patrick from Elmwood Park, IL asks:
the success of Matt Wieters this year is there any way that he doesn’t
start next year in Baltimore? Any of the Orioles talented pitching
prospects, such as Tillman, Arrieta, or Erbe? One last question. How do
you like the Orioles 16th rounder Bobby Stevens? I only ask since we
have grown up together and I would like an unbaised opinion.

John Manuel:
Chances are lower on Wieters just because of how hard it is to play
catcher; I don’t think we can appreciate that as fans or even
“experts.” Also Ramon Hernandez is signed through next season so I
guess Wieters will start in Triple-A. Tillman and Arrieta could be up
next year, more likely for Tillman. I liked Bobby Stevens in college,
ranked him high in the CICL two years ago, but he’s got to make more
contact, he’s had a rough intro to pro ball. He’s athletic and an
average defender so it’s going to come down to the bat for him.

 Q:  Patrick from Elmwood Park, IL asks:
What are Zach McAllister’s chances of pitching in the Bronx in 2009?

John Manuel: Minute; lots of dudes ahead of him for a big league chance. Let him have some Double-A success first.

 Q:  Aaron from Media, PA asks:
disappointing AAA and Major League performances, Reid Brignac and Homer
Bailey are now injured. Which one has the better pro career?

John Manuel:
Brignac’s year was pretty good if you factor in defense; he was the
IL’s best defensive SS. He also hit for some power, was leading the
league in 2Bs when he was promoted to Tampa. I think he’ll be fine. I’m
worried about Homer.

 Q:  Jim from Chicago asks:
Any chance Kyle Blanks gets a shot in the outfield?

John Manuel:
he runs OK and seriously, could he have less range than Brian Giles
does right now? He’s a 7.0 runner in the 60; I know he’d like the
chance. Might be too ungainly to do it in that ballpark, where range is
more necessarily than if he were playing in, say, left field in Fenway.

 Q:  Clint from Omaha, NE asks:
Duffy or Melville? Where would you rank KC minor league system in terms of talent after the ’08 draft?

John Manuel:
Love Danny Duffy; huge year, as long as he’s healthy he’s a potential
front-line guy, stuff similar to Melville, less FB (at least than
Melville at his best) but a very good breaking ball. I’d take Duffy
since he’s an LHP. KCR are moving up but still hard to consider them
top half of baseball’s farm systems with so little upper-level talent.
Kai’ihue and Cortes at Double-A and Triple-A, maybe Julio Pimentel,
Blake Johnson or Blake Wood become serviceable big league arms . ..
just not much going on above A-ball. Better but not enough.

 Q:  John from Los Angeles asks:
Better MLBer: Posey or Wallace?

John Manuel: Buster, what it is right now . . .

 Q:  SprungOnSports from Long Island asks:
What long term role do you see DeJesus having with the Dodgers, and will he get a callup if the team falls out of contention?

John Manuel: Long-term 2B, not likely to get a callup but he could handle it, I’m a fan, plus savvy, good tools, can hit.

 Q:  AC from Washington asks:
Is Adam Moore one of the top 5 catching prospects in the minors?

John Manuel:
Not for me . . . Wieters, Posey, W. Ramos, C. Santana, J. Montero
(though he’s likely not a C long-term), Arencibia is in that mix, Lou
Marson, Taylor Teagarden . . . he’s nice but not top 5.

 Q:  Luis from Puerto Rico asks:
Reds question, what ceiling have Hanigan and Dickerson?

John Manuel:
Dickerson has an outside chance to be a platoon regular; Hanigan’s a
great story as an NDFA to get to the bigs but looks more like a
serviceable backup C.

 Q:  Alex from Not Texas asks:
me about Derek Holland’s secondary stuff. I know he’s dominating this
year and has a great fastball, but does he have the breaking ball or
change to set him apart from the Felizs and Bumgarners of the world who
live on heat alone?

John Manuel:
He’s got an average changeup, maybe a tick above, and a fringe-average
or average slider. Command is one issue but really I think reputation
is part of it, he was our Texas sleeper this year but not in the top
30, I’d say that’s held him back in the public’s mind or maybe in our
mind more than anything. He’s quite legit according to everyone I’ve
talked to.

 Q:  SprungOnSports from Long Island asks:
What are your thoughts on the unveiling of the 2008 AFL rosters?

John Manuel:
I’m for it. Our thoughts were given with the rosters yesterday.

 Q:  jr from valencia,ca asks:
good can Michael Watt be? Does he have a higer ceiling that Chris
Withrow, especialy with the injury riddled season Withrow encountered
this year?

John Manuel:
Not for me, most scouts weren’t as high on Watt as the Dodgers were.
Withrow’s injuries certainly give me pause but I’m not especially a
Watt believer.

 Q:  John from DC asks:
Better hitter from the 08 draft, present and future: Wallace or Pedro?

John Manuel:
Alvarez, though I’m more of a Wallace believer than most. NorCal
Baseball represent in this week’s hot sheet, Wallace & Darnell were
teammates with NorCal Baseball 4-5 years ago.

 Q:  Tyler from CT asks:
What do you think of Medlen? Future as a starter or reliever?

John Manuel: Reliever, but a good one.

 Q:  ed from Minneapolis asks:
Best Yankee prospect on the Charlston River Dogs not named Montero is…

John Manuel:
Dellin Betances, followed by Austin Romine, Zach McAllister and Jairo
Heredia. Good roster. Brad Suttle has been there too, lots of top 30

 Q:  alcides escobar from milwaukee asks:
will i be playing next year in milwaukee

John Manuel: AT some point yes. Maybe even next week.

 Q:  jay from madison asks:
realize that C. Tillman made the team photo but given that he was the
number #1 pick 2 weeks ago, is just 20 years old and has put up almost
all zeros since, how does he fall out of the top 12. Do you make an
attempt to add fresh faces thus giving less chance to players who have
been consistently outstanding?

John Manuel:
I wasn’t in on the last two meetings but I have a feeling there’s some
Tillman fatigue. Also, it’s just hard to make it — 13 spots for all
those players, like around 4500 players. So I think it’s just hard to
keep making it. What more is there to say about him? But I agree, it’s
hard to see how he moves down when he doesn’t give up runs.

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