Prospect Diary: Jon Lester

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Jon Lester has been contributing a weekly diary to Baseball America about life as a minor league prospect. The focus of the diary changes a little this week, as Lester has gone from minor league prospect to big league pitcher–he was called up and made his first start at Fenway Park on June 10, allowing three runs in 4 1/3 innings.

Obvious question–what was it like making your big league debut at Fenway?

–Jerry, Framingham, Mass.

Making your major league debut is fun, nerve racking, and very stressful. Having said that, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

To be able to make my first start in Fenway Park, that made everything worthwhile. This is something that you can’t really describe to anyone. You just have so many emotions and your trying to keep those in check and get big league hitters out at the same time.

It was nice though, because I was able to get my family and some friends out to Boston for the game. They were able to enjoy this experience as well, and got to see Fenway for the first time. It was hard to go somewhere nice after the game because it was so late. The rain delay took something like four or five hours, so we started pretty late. We did get to go eat and spend some time together, which was very nice. That gave us all a chance to talk about all the events that happened that night from all our different perspectives.

What’s life on the road like? What do you guys do to have fun or relax?

–Ben, Chapel Hill, N.C.

When we go on the road, there’s really not a whole lot that goes on. If we have a night game, we might grab some lunch and get to the field a little early. If it’s an early game we might go out to dinner if we can find a place that’s still open. Off the field not a lot goes on, either. However, if you get to the clubhouse early enough, you can be a part of some pretty intense card games.

Since the draft was last week, what was that whole experience like for you? And since this year’s draft fell on the same week you got to make your major league debut, did you think about that at all?

–Annie, Fort Myers, Fla.

To be honest I don’t really have a whole lot of memories from the draft. It all happened so fast and I was too young to really appreciate what was going on. But after I signed, I almost had the same emotions as the other night. It was definitely a similar feeling that came over me. You start thinking that your dream has finally come true and you’re going to play professional baseball. Then you go to rookie ball and realize that you are still a long way from what you really want. So it was a little bit the same, but a whole lot different. Stepping on the field at Fenway was my dream come true, but it took an awful lot of hard work to get there.

Thanks again for all the questions and support. I hope I gave you guys the answers you were looking for and please keep them coming.

If you have a question for Lester, send it to Chris Kline, and he’ll pass the best questions on to Lester to be answered in a future diary.