Prospect Diary: Jon Lester

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I’m finally starting to get the hang of things here in Pawtucket. The game is starting to slow down and I am able to control the tempo a little more easily. Before when things weren’t going all that great, I was unable to control what my tempo was and control what I wanted to throw.

My last outing was a great example of controlling the tempo. Up until the fourth inning things were going pretty well, until a couple of errors that allowed a run, and a possible rally. But I was able to control my thoughts and tempo and put a stop to the rally and possible big inning.

Really that was the only difference from this start. My stuff was once again the same, as well as command. So I guess I just have to put an asserted effort into controlling my thoughts and tempo.

During spring training I was able to form a relationship with Curt Schilling. He was very helpful with the mental side of the game. We discussed a lot about what has helped him in the past with the ups and downs of a major league season. We still talk every now and again about different things regarding every angle of pitching, and it’s always good to have a brain like that to be able to pick.

I haven’t been able to find any spots to fish up here yet because 1) the weather and 2) the lack of off days, which is brutal. When I am able to go I usually just catch and release, I don’t normally keep anything. Really, the only time I keep something is when I’m back home and run into a salmon. And if I ever get to catch some crappie, I always keep those and grill ’em up.

Thanks again guys for the questions I always enjoy responding to them. Take care and I will be making another entry soon.