Prospect Diary: Jon Lester

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Editor’s note: Red Sox lefthander Jon Lester picked up his first win of the season over the weekend in Rochester, and he checks in from New York in his latest Prospect Diary.

Finally . . . That about sums up my night the other night. It’™s good to get my first Triple-A win out of the way and get this long road trip done. We faced Rochester, and I finally put a consistent start together.

Mechanically, things are starting to click and get more consistent from pitch to pitch. My stuff was there, like it’™s been, but my command was just better all around.

When it comes to pitching for the Boston Red Sox there’™s always pressure. Whether its from fans, media or teammates your always going to have that target on your back.

However, I love having that pressure put on me. It makes you focus more and more between starts and while your actually on the mound doing your job. I think it also makes you mentally tougher–if you can go through the ups and downs in Boston you can perform and succeed anywhere.

Other than my fastball, my most consistent pitch has been my cutter. And that is based off of my fastball so, my most consistent offspeed pitch would be my change-up. All of my pitches along with my command depend on how mechanically sound I am. If my mechanics are out of whack, my pitches aren’™t as good as they could be. But no matter how bad my mechanics are, the command of my fastball is most always there.

When you’™re out on the mound you never want to show any emotion, especially towards the umpires. You can always show emotion when something exciting happens. Once you let the umpires get into your head, you’™re done–you might as well come out of the game right then. When the ump makes a bad call and I’™m on the mound, I get mad at first but I try and take a deep breath and get back on the rubber like it never happened.

The current umpiring situation is only going to get worse. Players are starting to get frustrated with these guys–and not just at this level, but all across the minor leagues. The game is just way too fast for these guys and they don’™t know how to handle certain situations. In some of the games we’™ve played it’™s almost been a beer league type of umpiring. Hopefully the league and the umpires can agree on a contract soon.

Thanks for the questions and for reading my diary. Please keep them coming.

If you have a question for Jon Lester, e-mail Chris Kline and he will forward the question to Lester. Lester will address some questions in future Prospect Diary entries.