Promotion of the Day

The West Virginia Power certainly are not re-inventing the wheel with its promotional philosophy of keeping things as wacky as possible at the ballpark, but it has become one of the more entertaining and creative clubs in the game.

The latest proof is coming this Thursday when the low Class A Power host “the world’s largest tighty whitey race.” The event, with prizes still to be determined for the winner, will feature a race with teams of three inside size 100 briefs (which may be better known as tighty whities to some). The same night the Power will try to find “the world’s fastest fat guy” with a race of 300-pound plus fans from center field to a foul line.

“We did a lot of brainstorming this offseason and tried to come up with the most arcane ideas we could think of,” West Virginia general manager Ryan Gates said. “Every team has a finite promotional budget, so we tried to figure out what are some inexpensive yet entertaining promotions. A pair of size 100 tightie whities, you can find those pretty inexpensively. Last year we did a rock, paper, scissor contest that has become a Tuesday night tradition.”

Gates said they hope not to offend anyone with the fat guy race, but rather “find some people who realize we are having fun with it and want to have some fun too.”

Last night the Power hosted a salute to indoor plumbing (insert your own West Virginia joke here) with giveaways that included plumbers, toilet seats and toilet papers.

Gates said light bulb event for their wacky approach came last season when the team diverted from its promotional schedule to host “super hero night”, with the entire gameday staff dressed as their favorite superheros.

“I was Space Ghost,” Gates said. “I must have signed 75 to 100 autographs. Not too many fans dressed up and people didn’t come out to the ballpark because it was superhero night, but I bet a couple hundred people left that night thinking it was a great time.”

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