Portland Club Sticks With The Beavers

The Portland Beavers have gone through a search for a new name to announce that the team’s new nickname will be–the Beavers.

After running surveys and polls of Portland fans and a vote on a new name, the club says fans were clear in their desire to keep the old nickname.

“We said from the beginning this was a decision that couldn’t be made without the input of the community and our fans,” said Beavers owner Marritt Paulson in a release. “There’s no question that there is a great deal of history with the Beavers’ name and we are embracing that history.

“We are not going to change the name just for the sake of change. It’s clear that there are strong feelings about the Brewers name and that’s a great thing.”

Paulson did say that the Beavers are still working on rebranding the team with a new logo and color scheme which are expected to be announced during the offseason.