Padres’ Yeison Asencio, Formerly Yoan Alcantara, Receives Visa

Yeison Asencio, the Padres outfielder formerly known as Yoan Alcantara, received his visa this morning, according to Padres vice president of player development and international scouting Randy Smith.

Asencio, who had been in the Dominican Republic, will report to Arizona for extended spring training before the Padres consider assigning him to a team.

Asencio, 22, had originally signed on July 2, 2009 for $135,000 using the identity of Yoan Alcantara and a Nov. 20, 1992 date of birth. Last year in November, it became public that Alcantara was using a false identity and an age two and a half years younger than his true age. A Major League Baseball investigator, Kleiber Miguel Bruno Gonzalez (known as "Bruno" in Dominican baseball circles), was also arrested by Dominican police over allegations he took a $25,000 bribe and conspired with an unnamed scout to fraudulently allow Asencio to pass his investigation. MLB has not commented yet on whether Asencio will be subject to any disciplinary action from the league.

Before it became known that he was using a false identity, Alcantara had ranked as the No. 1 prospect in the 2011 Rookie-level Arizona League, where he hit .348/.367/.586 in 210 at-bats, showing above-average power and arm strength along with a free-swinging approach.