Organization Talent Rankings Updated After Trade Deadline

Now that the non-waiver trade deadline has passed, here's a look at how the farm systems rank. Consider this a snapshot; these rankings will change as players graduate and others establish themselves more firmly. Players change, and we’re always gathering more information, but here’s how we see the systems as of Aug. 1.

Best of the Best

1. Braves

The skinny: Our preseason No. 1 still has depth as well as impact talent.

2. White Sox

The skinny: Massive farm system makeover has White Sox nipping on Braves' heels.

Elite Farm Systems

3. Phillies

The skinny: Phillies are still deep in upper-level talent but also helped by improvement from young pitchers.

4. Padres

The skinny: Many of Padres best prospects are in Class A and below, but depth of the farm system is notable.

5. Astros

The skinny: Development of Franklin Perez, Forrest Whitley and Yordan Alvarez boosts already deep group.

6. Rays

The skinny: Depth less notable here than strength of the top prospects.

7. Yankees

The skinny: Even after trading to help bullpen and rotation, Yankees are still loaded.

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