New York-Penn League Announces All-Star Rosters

This year’s New York-Penn League All-Star Game will feature a pair of brothers reunited, a player who was in Indy ball before the last season, an ambidextrous pitcher, and remarkably, just one first-round draft pick from this year’s draft–and even then, it’s a supplemental first-rounder.

Tri-City will host this year’s game, which is at Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy, New York on Tuesday, August 19.

It has been a whirlwind of a season for this league. While first-round picks Reese Havens (Mets), Ike Davis (Mets) and Tri-City’s Jason Castro (Astros) did not make an All-Star team, Brad Holt represents the highest pick from 2008 participating in the game. Holt was selected 33rd overall by the Mets in the supplemental first round. First-round pick Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians) made the team after swinging a hot bat over the last couple of weeks, but he will not play in the game after being hit on the hand by a pitch on Monday.

Instead of the flashy prospects getting the nods, players like Adam Amar (Blue Jays), brothers Chase D’Arnaud (Pirates) and Travis D’Arnaud (Phillies), and Pat Venditte (Yankees) have received the call. Amar played independent baseball last season after he did not hear his name on draft day. The D’Arnaud brothers have not played together since high school in 2005. And of course, there is Venditte, who caused quite a stir at the beginning of the season when he and a switch-hitter rotated hands prior to an at-bat, causing a significant delay as umpires sorted things out.

In addition to Holt, the National League team features righthanders P.J. Dean (Nationals) and Arquimedes Nieto (Cardinals), both of whom bring miniscule ERAs into the game. The American League counters with young righthander Stolmy Pimentel (Red Sox) and lefthander Cole McCurry (Orioles).

The rest of the All-Star rosters are as follows:

Robert Alcombrack C Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Brian Baisley C Staten Island (Yankees)
Caleb Joseph C Aberdeen (Orioles)
Adam Amar DH Auburn (Blue Jays)
Michael McDade 1B Auburn (Blue Jays)
Brock Simpson 1B Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Mike Gosse 2B Oneonta (Tigers)
Isaias Velasquez 2B Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Mike Lyon 3B Staten Island (Yankees)
Jason Tweedy 3B Hudson Valley (Rays)
Lonnie Chisenhall* SS Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Addison Maruszak SS Staten Island (Yankees)
Kyeong Kang LF Hudson Valley (Rays)
Robert Widlansky LF Aberdeen (Orioles)
Chris Demons CF Auburn (Blue Jays)
Anthony Scelfo CF Hudson Valley (Rays)
Jason Corder RF Hudson Valley (Rays)
Mitch Dening RF Lowell (Red Sox)
Nick Barnese* RHP Hudson Valley (Rays)
Robert Bell RHP Auburn (Blue Jays)
Eric Berger* LHP Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Joel Carreno RHP Auburn (Blue Jays)
Matthew Gorgen RHP Hudson Valley (Rays)
Cole McCurry LHP Auburn (Blue Jays)
Castillo Perez RHP Auburn (Blue Jays)
David Phelps RHP Staten Island (Yankees)
Stolmy Pimentel RHP Lowell (Red Sox)
Andy Shive RHP Staten Island (Yankees)
Tyler Stohr RHP Oneonta (Tigers)
Pat Venditte RHP/LHP Staten Island (Yankees)


Travis D’Arnaud C Williamsport (Phillies)
Miguel Fermin C Jamestown (Marlins)
Derek Norris C Vermont (Nationals)
Ben Lasater DH Jamestown (Marlins)
Phil Disher 1B Tri-City (Astros)
Jeremy Farrell 1B State College (Pirates)
Colt Sedbrook 2B Batavia (Cardinals)
Brandon Turner 2B Jamestown (Marlins)
Jermaine Curtis* 3B Batavia (Cardinals)
David Flores 3B Tri-City (Astros)
Paul Gran 3B Jamestown (Marlins)
Chase D’Arnaud SS State College (Pirates)
Troy Hanzawa SS Williamsport (Phillies)
Jack Shuck LF Tri-City (Astros)
Steve Susdorf LF Williamsport (Phillies)
Frederick Parejo CF Batavia (Cardinals)
T.J. Steele CF Tri-City (Astros)
Michael Guerrero RF Vermont (Nationals)
Shane Peterson RF Batavia (Cardinals)
P.J. Dean RHP Vermont (Nationals)
Brad Holt RHP Brooklyn (Mets)
Daniel Jennings LHP Jamestown (Marlins)
Wade Korpi LHP Jamestown (Marlins)
Arquimedes Nieto RHP Batavia (Cardinals)
Adam Reifer RHP Batavia (Cardinals)
Robert Roth RHP Brooklyn (Mets)
Phillip Rummel RHP Tri-City (Astros)
Yury Santana RHP Brooklyn (Mets)
Christopher Schwinden RHP Brooklyn (Mets)

 * – Injury or promotion, will not play