MWL All-Stars Announced

Rosters for the Midwest League’s All-Star game have been announced. The game will be played June 17 in Midland, Mich., home of the Great Lakes Loons. Bold denotes starters.


Joseph Krebs LHP Dayton Reds
Luis Montano RHP Dayton Reds
Jeff Jeffords RHP Dayton Reds
Derek McDaid RHP Fort Wayne Padres
Steven Johnson RHP Great Lakes Dodgers
Miguel Ramirez RHP Great Lakes Dodgers
Randy Boone RHP Lansing Blue Jays
Edgar Estanga LHP Lansing Blue Jays
Brad Mills LHP Lansing Blue Jays
Mark Diapoules RHP Quad Cities Cardinals
Jarrod Parker RHP South Bend DIamondbacks
Bryan Augenstein RHP South Bend  Diamondbacks
Evan Scribner RHP South Bend  Diamondbacks
Alfredo Figaro RHP West Michigan Tigers
Jon Kibler LHP West Michigan Tigers

Sean Coughlin C South Bend Diamondbacks
Kenley Jansen C Great Lakes Dodgers
Chris Carlson 1B  West Michigan Tigers
Felix Carrasco 1B Fort Wayne Padres
Mike Mee 1B South Bend Diamondbacks
Andy Parrino 2B Fort Wayne Padres
John Tolisano 2B Lansing Blue Jays
Pete Kozma SS Quad Cities Cardinals
Justin Jackson SS Lansing Blue Jays
Brandon Waring 3B Dayton Reds
Kevin Ahrens 3B Lansing Blue Jays
Andrew Lambo
LF Great Lakes Dodgers
Charlie Kingrey RF Quad Cities Cardinals
Evan Frey CF South Bend Diamondbacks
Joe Tucker OF West Michigan Tigers
Denis Phipps OF Dayton Reds
Casper Wells OF West Michigan Tigers
Manny Rodriguez DH Lansing Blue Jays

If you’re wondering why players from Quad Cities, which resides in the Western Division, showed up on the East’s roster, it’s because of the imbalance of teams between the two divisions. Every year, players from one of the western teams are sent across to play for the East.

The entire Lansing infield will be making the trip, including prospects Justin Jackson, John Tolisano, and Kevin Ahrens who will all head to Midland as reserves. Lugnuts first baseman Manny Rodriguez will be the East’s starting DH to complete the quartet. Among the major prospects included, Jackson has to be the biggest surprise. He’s hitting only .243/.373/.385, but none of the other shortstops in the East are putting up spectacular numbers either, so it’s just as well they took the best prospect in Jackson. If you’re looking for a prospect who may have been snubbed, the best candidate is probably Great Lakes righthander Justin Miller. His 2.36 ERA ranks eighth in the MWL and he’s held opponents to two earned runs or fewer in eight of his 10 starts. However, his 30-28 K-BB ratio puts a pretty big hole in his case.

West Michigan’s Alfredo Figaro is the favorite to be the starting pitcher for the East. His 1.22 ERA ranks second in the league.


David Bromberg RHP Beloit Twins
Spencer Steedley  LHP Beloit Twins
Steven Hirschfeld RHP Beloit Twins
Joe Augustine RHP Burlington Royals
Michael Anton LHP Cedar Rapids Angels
Ryan Brasier RHP Cedar Rapids Angels
Kennil Gomez RHP Clinton Rangers
Neftali Feliz RHP Clinton Rangers
Derek Holland LHP Clinton Rangers
Craig Italiano RHP Kane County Athletics
Scott Mitchinson RHP Kane County Athletics
Jamie Richmond RHP  Kane County Athletics
Blake Parker RHP Peoria Cubs
Phillippe Aumont RHP Wisconsin Mariners
Jose Felix C Clinton Rangers
Daniel Lehmann C Beloit Twins
Ian Gac 1B Clinton Rangers
Efren Navarro 1B Cedar Rapids Angels
Greg Dowling 1B Kane County Athletics
Steve Singleton 2B Beloit Twins
Larry Cobb 2B Kane County Athletics
Edilio Colina 2B Wisconsin Mariners
Renny Osuna SS Clinton Rangers
Juan Diaz SS Wisconsin Mariners
Garrett Olson 3B Beloit Twins
Jonathan Greene 3B Clinton Rangers
Adrian Ortiz LF Burlington Royals
Mitch Moreland RF Clinton Rangers
Corey Brown CF Kane County Athletics
Ben Revere OF Beloit Twins
Jovan Rosa DH Peoria Cubs
Tim Smith DH Clinton Rangers

Clinton and Beloit predominated the West’s roster, with 16 players coming from those two clubs. It’s a bit puzzling that Ben Revere isn’t in the starting lineup, although that can likely be chalked up to his having fewer at-bats than any of the three starters. Nevertheless, you’d think a guy with an average that’s still well north of .400 after 141 at-bats would crack the lineup. You could also make a case for Clinton outfielder Engel Beltre being in the game, but with nine Clinton players already on the roster, they don’t have much room for complaining. Burlington shortstop Mike Moustakas can make an argument as well with his eight home runs, but a line of .241/.296/.410 wasn’t impressive enough.

Another notable omission is Cedar Rapids righthander Jordan Walden. His 2-5 record is mostly the product of a struggling offense more than a reflection of his own efforts, and his other numbers are solid across the board.

Craig Italiano figures to be the West’s starter. Italiano has dominated MWL competition all season and hasn’t allowed an earned run since April 21.