Minor League Transactions

A look at minor league transactions covering March 31 to April 6. We’re experimenting with an expanded version of transactions that includes players who were optioned, called up to the majors, placed on the minor league disabled list and outrighted off the 40-man roster.

The end of spring training camp means all players have to be cut or assigned to minor league rosters or disabled lists.

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Released: 1B Jesus Cota
Selected to major league roster: RHP Micah Owings
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Yusmeiro Petit
Optioned to Double-A: 2B Emilio Bonifacio
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Jeff Bajenaru, RHP Matt Fowles, RHP Donald Julio, RHP Kyler Newby, LHP Jared Doyle

Cota, a draft-and-follow from Pima (Ariz.) CC who signed in 2001, hadn’t put Double-A behind him in his six years in the Arizona system. Owings picked up his first big league win April 6 while filling in for the injured Randy Johnson. Bonifacio heads to Mobile after hitting .321/.375/.449 with 61 steals in the Cal League. Can he keep up the pace? Petit was acquired for RHP Jorge Julio before the season; he’ll try his hand at the Pacific Coast League again after posting a 4.28 ERA there last season. Getting out of Isotopes Park will help.

Atlanta Braves
Released: RHP Junior Guerra, RHP J.B. Miadich, RHP Stephen Russell, 1B James Jurries, OF Steven Doetsch
Recalled: RHP Kyle Davies
Optioned to Triple-A: 2B Martin Prado
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Jose Ascanio, RHP Joey Devine
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Blaine Boyer, RHP Erik Cordier, RHP Phil Stockman, RHP Barry Vines, LHP Carlos Rivas
Placed on voluntarily retired list: LHP Brady Endl
Placed on restricted list: RHP Gonzalo Lopez
Loaned to Mexican League: 3B Jaime Trejo, OF Ivan Terrazas

A sixth-round pick in 2002, Jurries had spent most of the past three seasons at Triple-A. Davies, 23, notched eight strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings Apirl 8, though he surrendered two solo homers to the Mets. Prado lost out on the big league second base job to Kelly Johnson; he can handle third base, too, so he could resurface later this year. Devine was limited to just 35 innings last year because of a degenerative disc in his lower back. Cordier, who was the haul from the Royals for Tony Pena Jr., is recovering from Tommy John surgery he had last fall.

Baltimore Orioles
Released: RHP Casey Cahill, C Kyle Dahlberg, SS Ryan Steinbach, OF Zach Davis, OF Jarod Rine
Selected to major league roster: C Alberto Castillo
Outrighted off 40-man roster: RHP Todd Williams
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Brian Burres
Optioned to Double-A: RHP James Hoey, SS Luis Hernandez, OF Jeff Fiorentino, OF Val Majewski
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Rob Bell, RHP Ryan Keefer, RHP Cory Morris, RHP Paul Shuey, RHP Hyuk Son, OF Jason Dubois, OF Jason Fransz, OF Adam Stern, OF Bubba Trammell

Brian “The Blade” Burres, former Giants farmhand, is tough on righthanders and put together a solid Triple-A campaign last season. Baltimore is trying him in the bullpen this season. Fiorentino and Majewski are back in Double-A, while Jon Knott, Luis Montanez and Ruddy Lugo man Norfolk’s outfield. The hard-throwing Hoey pitched at every full-season affiliate except Triple-A Ottawa last season, and the Orioles’ mass acquisition of relievers last offseason has created a bit of a logjam.

Boston Red Sox
Signed: RHP Carlos Almanzar, RHP Lincoln Holdzkom
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Adam Bernero, RHP Jose Vaquedano, LHP Randy Beam, LHP Mario Pena, LHP Ryan Phillips, C Michael Leonard, 1B Ian Bladergroen, SS Alex Prieto, SS Scott Youngbauer, OF Yahmed Yema
Placed on suspended list: 3B Claudio Arias
Placed on restricted list: C Roberto Sosa, RHP Ryan Schroyer
Placed on voluntarily retired list: OF Chris Durbin
Rehabilitation assignment: RHP Mike Timlin (Triple-A Pawtucket), LHP Jon Lester (Low Class A Greenville)

Almanzar, professional reliever for hire, has pitched for six big league clubs. Holdzkom has taken a circuitous route to Boston: He was a major league Rule 5 selection of the Astros from the Cubs roster last December. Holdzkom cleared waivers and was returned to the Cubs in March, and had subsequently been released. Bladergroen has returned to the field from a severe wrist injury, but his power has not. He was acquired from the Mets for Doug Mientkiewicz prior to the 2005 season. The Red Sox intend to let Lester build arm strength before moving him to Triple-A, as he recovers from treatment for lymphoma.

Chicago Cubs
Released: RHP Lincoln Holdzkom, OF Matt Ciaramella, OF Val Pascucci
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Adam Harben, RHP Roberto Novoa, RHP Michael Phelps, RHP Mark Prior, LHP Geoff Jones, LHP Sean Marshall, LHP Chris Shaver, 3B Mike Kinkade, OF Jeff Culpepper, OF Sam Fuld, OF Ryan Harvey
Placed on restricted list: OF David Gregg, OF Jeremy Williams

Harvey is recovering from a hamstring injury and will probably head back to the Florida State League when recovered. Prior isn’t ready to pitch–but isn’t really injured, either, according to the Cubs–so he begins on the DL. Marshall has some residual shoulder soreness from last season.

Chicago White Sox
Released: LHP Demetrius Banks, C Brian Kent, 2B Junior Spivey, 3B Robert Bass, SS Jose de los Santos, OF Thomas Paterson
Selected to major league roster: LHP John Danks, C Gustavo Molina
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Garry Bakker, RHP Josh Fields, RHP Lucas Harrell, RHP Bret Prinz, LHP Ray Liotta, LHP Nick Lubisich, LHP Ryan Rodriguez, C Eric Hollis, C Matt Sharp, 2B Brandon Johnson

Most of the organization’s prospects are healthy, but big league catcher Toby Hall is on the shelf with a torn labrum, enabling Molina to crack the roster. Spivey has played for four teams in the past four years and will likely latch on as somebody’s Triple-A second baseman.

Cincinnati Reds

Released: RHP Dustin Hermanson, RHP Nick Moran, LHP Brandon Camardese
Selected to major league roster: RHP Victor Santos, LHP Eddie Guardado
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Andrew Good, RHP Thomas Pauly, RHP Brock Till, C Chris Denove, C Ryan Jorgensen, C Miguel Perez
Place on suspended list: RHP George Wilkerson
Placed on restricted list: RHP Blake Hendley

Cleveland Indians
Signed: RHP Tim Drew
Placed on minor league disabled list: LHP Tony Sipp, C Armando Camacaro, 1B Michael Aubrey, 2B Jake Gautreau
Place on suspended list: OF Juan Valdes

Sipp is rehabbing an elbow injury and does not plan to have surgery. Sidelined by recent back trouble, Aubrey is in extended spring training to build core strength.

Colorado Rockies
Signed: RHP Marco Duarte
Released: RHP Drew Shetrone, C Luis Apodaca, 3B Erick Almonte, OF Judson Thigpen
Selected to major league roster: RHP Simon Ferrer, 1B John Mabry, OF Steve Finley
Outrighted off 40-man roster: RHP Simon Ferrer, OF Alexis Gomez
Optioned to Triple-A: OF Ryan Spilborghs
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Juan Morillo
Optioned to high Class A: RHP Simon Ferrer
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Darren Clarke, RHP Mike De Jean, RHP Mike Esposito, RHP Jud Songster, RHP Dave Veres, C Agustin Sanchez, 2B Frank Menechino
Rehabilitation assignment: RHP Brian Lawrence (Triple-A Colorado Springs)

Veterans Finley and Mabry made the big league squad, pushing Spilborghs–who hit .287/.337/.431 in the majors last year–to Triple-A. Converted position player and current knuckleballer Ferrer returns to Asheville. He has a 1.54 ERA in 35 minor league relief innings.

Detroit Tigers
Selected to major league roster: LHP Bobby Seay
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Craig Dingman, RHP Chris Homer, RHP Orlando Perdomo, RHP Jay Sborz, LHP Erik Averill, LHP Joey Eischen, OF Joseph Tucker
Placed on temporarily inactive list: OF Vincent Blue

Florida Marlins
Released: RHP Luis Suarez, C Nick Trzesniak
Selected to major league roster: RHP Lee Gardner, 3B Jason Wood, OF Alejandro De Aza
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Kenny Baugh, RHP Travis Bowyer, RHP Jason Jarrett, RHP Marc Lamacchia, RHP James Russ, RHP Jarrett Santos, LHP Jeff Gogal, LHP Avi Rasowsky, LHP Sean West, C Trent DAntonio, SS Geoffrey McCallum, OF Angel Molina
Placed on restricted list: RHP Stuart Alexander, RHP Allen Baxter, RHP Jesus Silva
Rehabilitation assignment: LHP Taylor Tankersley (High Class A Jupiter)

Minor league vets Gardner and Wood got surprise Opening Day roster spots, but even more surprising was De Aza winning the center field job over Eric Reed, Alfredo Amezega or Reggie Abercrombie. West is done for the year after having surgery to repair a torn labrum. Tankersley is working his way back from shoulder soreness.

Houston Astros
Signed: IF Justin Caines
Released: LHP Kevin Walker, SS Edwin Maldonado
Selected to major league roster: RHP Brian Moehler, RHP Rick White
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Matt Albers, RHP Fernando Nieve, SS Eric Bruntlett
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Jimmy Barthmaier, RHP Felipe Paulino
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Travis Driskill, RHP Felipe Paulino, C Danny Fatheree, C James Goethals, C Jeff Mackor, OF Wallace Torbert
Placed on temporarily inactive list:LHP Scott Sauerbeck, OF Brian Gordon

Kansas City Royals
Selected to major league roster: RHP Brandon Duckworth, RHP Jason Standridge, 3B Alex Gordon
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Daniel Cortes, RHP Luis Cota, RHP Leo Estrella, RHP Kevin Haltiwanger, RHP Matt Kniginyzky, RHP Devon Lowery, RHP Ignacio Tamayo, C Ross Boudreaux, C Jared Price, 2B Mike Gaffney, 3B Justin Gemoll, OF Andrew Larsen, OF Geraldo Valentin
Placed on restricted list: 3B Luis Castillo

Los Angeles Angels
Released: RHP Jared Bonnell
Selected to major league roster: RHP Chris Bootcheck
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Chris Resop, C Jeff Mathis, 1B Kendry Morales, OF Nick Gorneault
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Steven Shell, C Bobby Wilson
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Richard Aldridge, RHP David Austen, RHP James Holcomb, RHP Chris Hunter, RHP Stephen Marek, RHP Tommy Mendoza, RHP Fernando Rodriguez, RHP Von Stertzbach, RHP Richard Thompson, RHP James West, LHP Kelly Shearer, C Brett Martinez, 1B Clifton Remole, 2B Josh Davies
Placed on restricted list: 2B Devin Day
Reinstated from inactive list: OF Dontavious McDowell
Rehabilitation assignment: RHP Bartolo Colon, RHP Jered Weaver (both with high Class A Rancho Cucamonga)

Marek is working on mechanical issues in extended spring, while Mendoza is rehabbing a shoulder injury.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed: 2B Ivan Naccarata
Released: RHP David Horlacher, RHP Adam Thomas, C Jason Anthony, C Angel Martinez, 1B Jason Mooneyham, OF Dwaine Bacon, OF Derry Jackson
Selected to major league roster: RHP Rudy Seanez
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Chin-Hui Tsao, 1B James Loney, 3B Andy LaRoche
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Zach Hammes, LHP Mike Megrew
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Jose Diaz, RHP Harold Eckert, RHP Zach Hammes, RHP Joseph Jones, RHP Spike Lundberg, RHP Chris Malone, RHP Danny Muegge, RHP Miguel Pinango, RHP Kyle Wilson, LHP David Pfeiffer, C Octavio Martinez, 2B Parker Brooks, 2B Travis Denker, SS James Rohan, OF James Tomlin

Milwaukee Brewers
Released: OF Ty Meadows
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Jose Capellan, 3B Vinny Rottino
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Josh Baker, RHP Jeremy Hall, RHP Johnathan King, RHP Devin Rogers, RHP Mark Rogers, LHP Lindsay Gulin, LHP Jeff Housman, LHP Jeremy Lewis, C Clifton Medlin, 1B Michael Carlin, OF Darren Ford
Placed on restricted list: RHP Khalid Ballouli, RHP Luis Jimenez

Minnesota Twins
Released: OF Deacon Burns, OF Jeremy Pickrel
Selected to major league roster: RHP Sidney Ponson
Placed on minor league disabled list: LHP Ricky Barrett, LHP Carmen Cali, LHP Errol Simonitsch, C Jose Leger, 1B Ken Harvey, SS Paul Kelly, SS Andrew Thompson
Placed on restricted list: SS Luis Ugueto

New York Mets
Signed: OF Victor Mendez
Released: RHP Ramiro Mendoza, RHP Jorge Vasquez, OF Victor Mendez
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Chan Ho Park
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Marcos Carvajal
Optioned to high Class A: RHP Mike Pelfrey
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Blake Eager, RHP Jacobo Neguilis, RHP Tim Worthington, LHP Edgar Alfonzo, LHP Shane Hawk, C Jean Blaquiere, 3B Shawn Bowman, SS Wilson Batista, OF Ambiorix Concepcion, OF Wil Cordero, OF Jesus Gamero, OF Jamar Hill, OF Joe Holden
Placed on voluntarily retired list: LHP Thomas Warren
Placed on restricted list: LHP Eric Knott

Pelfrey is in the minors until the big league team requires a fifth starter, which should be April 13. Who knew Park had an option remaining? Carvajal, who was claimed on waivers from the Devil Rays in February, repeats Double-A, after racking up 69 strikeouts in 72 relief innings for Montgomery last year.

New York Yankees
Signed: SS Andrew Beattie
Released: RHP Cory Stuart, C Mark Davis, 2B Kevin Howard
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Jeff Kennard
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Joba Chamberlain, RHP J. Brent Cox, RHP Chris Garcia, RHP Mark Melancon, RHP Paul Patterson, RHP Steven White, 2B Russell Raley, SS Andy Cannizaro, SS Grant Plumley
Place on voluntarily retired list: 1B Ben Jones
Placed on restricted list: RHP Rolando Japa, RHP Daniel McCutchen, RHP Hector Noesi

Four of the Yankees’ top 15 prospects begin the season on the shelf. Melancon and Garcia both had Tommy John surgery. Cox had elbow surgery and will likely miss the season.

Oakland Athletics
Signed: 2B Todd Walker
Released: 1B Erubiel Durazo, SS Ryan Ruiz
Selected to major league roster: 2B Todd Walker, OF Travis Buck
Outrighted off 40-man roster: SS Antonio Perez
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Brad Halsey, 2B Donald Murphy
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Scot Drucker, RHP Scott Dunn, RHP Jeff Muessig, RHP William Shields, LHP Steven Bondurant, LHP Dan Meyer, LHP Mario Ramos, LHP Derek Tharpe, C David Castillo, C Jed Morris, 1B Brant Colamarino, OF Luis Perez, OF Jose Pineda
Placed on restricted list: LHP Leonard Landeros

Philadelphia Phillies
Released: RHP Jeff Farnsworth, OF Ryan Fleming
Selected to major league roster: RHP Joe Bisenius
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Jason Wylie, LHP Allen Davis, SS Hector Made
Placed on restricted list: 2B Peeter Ramos
Rehabilitation assignment: RHP Freddy Garcia, RHP Jon Lieber, C Chris Coste (all with high Class A Clearwater)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed: OF Luis Matos
Selected to major league roster: RHP John Wasdin, SS Donald Kelly
Placed on 60-day disabled list: RHP Brad Lincoln
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Jonathan Albaladejo, RHP Ron Belisario, RHP Mark Corey, RHP Dustin Craig, RHP Steven Duguay, RHP Felipe Garcia, RHP Masumi Kuwata, RHP Matt Lorenzo, RHP Mike Nannini, C Matt Clarkson, C Justin Elliott, C Chris Jones, C Nick Stillwagon, 2B Nick Green, 3B Chris Truby, OF Matt Meath
Place on voluntarily retired list: RHP Luis Lopez
Rehabilitation assignment: SS Freddy Sanchez (Triple-A Indianapolis)

Lincoln is undergoing Tommy John surgery and will miss the season.

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed: RHP Andres Cavazos, 2B Jaime Landin
Released: LHP James Borne
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Phillip Andersen, RHP Jason Cairns, RHP Kyle McClellan, RHP Mark McCormick, RHP Stuart Pomeranz, RHP Robert Ransom, RHP Matt Trent, LHP Eric Haberer, OF Ian Church, OF Cody Haerther, OF Matt Lemanczyk, OF Eli Marrero
Placed on restricted list: 3B Randy Roth
Loaned to Mexican League: RHP Chris Russ, OF Amaury Cazana-Marti

Cuban defector Cazana-Marti was the club’s 18th-round pick last year. Marti first played independent ball when he arrived in the States, then left to become eligible for the draft. The Cardinals claimed at the time the Cuban defector was 28 years old, though records from the Cuban League show he was actually 32. St. Louis showed they wanted him on the fast track last season, sending Cazana-Marti to the Arizona Fall League, but putting a player on loan to the Mexican League doesn’t usually bode well for their future. Especially if the player is a 32-year-old who hasn’t played about Double-A. (Chris Kline)

San Diego Padres
Signed: RHP Scott Strickland, LHP Justin Hampson, SS Jonathan Schemmel
Released: RHP Ryan Klatt, RHP Mark Roberts, LHP John Gragg, C Robert Jacobson, C Shawn Wooten, 2B Brandon Powell, OF Howie Clark, OF Christian Prieto, OF Juan Senreiso
Optioned to Double-A: LHP Sean Thompson
Placed on 60-day disabled list: LHP Matt Lachappa
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Bobby Basham, RHP John Hudgins, RHP Stephen Watkins, LHP Adrian Burnside, LHP Shawn Estes, LHP Michael Johnston, C Brandon Gottier, C Todd Greene, C Colt Morton, 1B Brett Bonvechio, 1B Brian Myrow, OF Josh Alley, OF Jeremy Cleveland
Place on voluntarily retired list: SS Andrew Davidiuk

San Francisco Giants
Released: RHP Jeff Miller, LHP Jeff Urban
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Scott Munter, RHP Brian Wilson, LHP Travis Blackley
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Kelyn Acosta, RHP Osiris Matos, 1B Travis Ishikawa,
Optioned to minors: RHP Merkin Valdez, 2B Eugenio Velez
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Jesse Foppert
Placed on temporarily inactive list: RHP Sun Woo Kim
Placed on voluntarily retired list: C Andrew Busch

Seattle Mariners
Released: C Justin Ruchti
Selected to major league roster: RHP Brandon Morrow, LHP Arthur Rhodes, C Jamie Burke
Designated for release or assignment: SS Michael Garciaparra
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Jake Woods, SS Michael Morse, OF Adam Jones
Optioned to Double-A: OF Michael Wilson
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Cibney Bello, RHP Ivan Blanco, RHP Travis Chick, RHP Renee Cortez, RHP Chad Fillinger, RHP Ruben Flores, RHP Michael Hrynio, RHP Stephen Kahn, LHP Julio Santiago, LHP Harold Williams, OF Eddy Hernandez
Placed on temporarily inactive list: C Brian Schweiger, SS Eriberto Menchaca, SS Rey Ordonez
Placed on restricted list: 3B Sean Burroughs

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Released: C Yamid Haad, C James Markel, 2B Eric Durante, OF David Cardona, OF Francisco Leandro
Selected to major league roster: RHP Gary Glover, RHP Al Reyes
Optioned to Triple-A: C Shawn Riggans, 2B Jorge Cantu
Optioned to Double-A: LHP Chris Seddon
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Aneudi Cuevas, RHP Jeremy Hellickson, RHP Brian Lockwood, RHP Shinji Mori, RHP Douglas Waechter, LHP Jonathan Barratt, LHP Drew Bigda, LHP Chuck Tiffany, SS Brandon Rousseve, OF Jason Grabowski
Placed on restricted list: LHP Brandon Mann

The Rays brought both Pena and Hee-Seop Choi to camp and wound up keeping just Pena. Cantu decided to accept his minor league assignment. Seddon spent all last season with Triple-A Durham, but finds himself back in Doubel-A as Montgomery’s championship pitching staff–including Jeff Niemann, Mitch Talbon and Andrew Sonnanstine–passed him by.

Texas Rangers
Signed: RHP Ezequiel Astacio, RHP Alfredo Simon, RHP Jorge Vasquez, LHP Charles Knippschild
Released: RHP Wandy Morla, LHP Bruce Chen, C Brian Munhall, OF Roberto Valiente
Selected to major league roster: RHP Mike Wood, 2B Jerry Hairston, 2B Matt Kata, OF Sammy Sosa
Optioned to Triple-A: C Miguel Ojeda
Outrighted off 40-man roster: RHP Ezequiel Astacio, RHP Francisco Cruceta, C Guillermo Quiroz, 3B Adam Fox, OF Marlon Byrd
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP John Bannister, RHP Thomas Diamond, RHP Juan Jimenez, RHP Daniel Touchet, LHP Matt Merricks, LHP Scott Rice, 1B James Fasano, 2B Desi Relaford, 3B Nick Cadena, OF Ben Harrison
Placed on temporarily inactive list: OF Larry Grayson
Placed on restricted list: RHP Chris Baker

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed: RHP Yusaku Iriki, C Chris Haupt, C Kyle Phillips
Released: RHP Alex McRobbie, SS Raul Tablado, OF Justin Singleton
Placed on 60-day disabled list: LHP Chi-Hung Cheng
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Jean Machi, RHP Tracy Thorpe, SS Sergio Santos
Optioned to minors: RHP Brandon League
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Yesson Berroa, RHP William Carnline, RHP Po-Hsuan Keng, RHP Jason Scobie, LHP Eric Fowler, C Robinzon Diaz, C Matt Liuzza, 1B Joey Metropoulos, 3B Jesus Gonzalez, SS Jason Armstrong, OF Luke Hetherington, OF Ryan Patterson

Patterson suffered a broken right forearm when he was struck by an Edgar Martinez fastball in spring training. He’s making steady progress and is on track to return in three months. Iriki signed with the Mets out of Japan and was served with a drug suspension last year in his first U.S. pro season. Santos spent the entire 2006 season at Triple-A, but hit just .214/.254/.299 and finds himself in Double-A to begin the year. Ray Olmedo is the Chiefs’ starter. Fowler experienced mild shoulder soreness this spring but is throwing again. Diaz suffered a concussion during spring training and is being held back to be evaluated. Cheng had shoulder surgery last offseason and is still recovering.

Washington Nationals
Signed: RHP Eduardo Baeza, SS Alex Gonzalez
Released: LHP Thomas Wilson, C Thomas Rojas, SS Hector Tiburcio
Selected to major league roster: 2B D’Angelo Jimenez
Recall: OF Kory Casto
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Saul Rivera, OF Kory Casto
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Beltran Perez, OF Frank Diaz
Placed on minor league disabled list: RHP Luis Atilano, RHP James Lehman, RHP Garrett Mock, RHP Devin Perrin, RHP Jason Simontacchi, LHP Brandon Claussen, LHP Arnaldo Munoz, C John Poppert, 1B Tim Pahuta, 3B Brandon Larson
Placed on restricted list: RHP Terrence Engles, RHP Josh Karp, 2B Bernie Castro