Minor League Transactions: Oct. 24-31

Here we present official minor league transactions, conveyed to us by Major League Baseball, for the period Oct. 24-31.

The players added to 40-man rosters in this installment, such as the Diamondbacks' Alfredo Marte below, would have otherwise qualified for minor league free agency, thus providing the impetus for their organizations to act. To view all 549 of such free agents, check out our complete Minor League Free Agents 2012 listing.

Arizona Diamondbacks
OF Jeremy Reed
Elected free agency: RHP Joe Martinez, 1B Mike Jacobs, SS Cody Ransom
Added to 40-man roster: OF Alfredo Marte
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jonathan Albaladejo, RHP Joe Martinez, 1B Mike Jacobs, SS Cody Ransom, OF Tyler Graham (all players outrighted to Triple-A)

Jeremy Reed, who did not play this season, played Triple-A ball for Nashville (Brewers) and Rochester (Twins) in ’11, batting .203/.280/.305 in an abbreviated 40 games.

Alfredo Marte batted .294/.363/.523 with 20 homers in 398 at-bats for Double-A Mobile this season to rank second in the Southern League in slugging percentage. Scouts believe the 23-year-old's power will play, but then it will have to given that he fits a left-field profile.

Atlanta Braves
RHP Raymond Sanchez, LHP Yohan Flande (re-signed), LHP Jose Lugo (re-signed), LHP Alfonso Yevoli (Washington (Frontier))
Removed from 40-man: RHP Erik Cordier (outrighted to Triple-A)
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: C Cory Brownsten

Lefty Alfonso Yevoli finished his senior year at Tennessee Wesleyan this spring, went undrafted and signed on with Washington of the Frontier League, where he struck out 34 in 34 1/3 relief innings while allowing 11 walks and 25 hits. The Braves plucked a quality arm out of the FL in June ’11, signing 6-foot-8 righthander Gary Moran, who won the Southern League ERA title this season.

Baltimore Orioles
C Allan de San Miguel (re-signed), OF Jason Pridie (elected free agency from Phillies)
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Zach Clark

Zach Clark signed as a nondrafted free agent from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County in ’06, so the righty starter already is 29 years old. But in light of the Orioles' ability to turn the likes of Miguel Gonzalez into a playoff hero, Clark is worth keeping around because he throws three pitches—including an 88-90 mph sinker and good changeup—and finds the strike zone. He may not have as much upper-levels experience as you'd like, but he did fare reasonably well with Triple-A Norfolk this year (1.75 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 6.2 strikeouts and 3.1 walks per nine innings).

Chicago Cubs
RHP Marcos Mateo (re-signed), SS Edwin Maysonet (elected free agency from Brewers)
Elected free agency: RHP Justin Germano, OF Joe Mather
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jason Berken, RHP Justin Germano, RHP Marcos Mateo, RHP Blake Parker, RHP Miguel Socolovich, 2B Adrian Cardenas, OF Joe Mather (all players outrighted to Triple-A)

Chicago White Sox
1B Seth Loman (re-signed)

Cincinnati Reds
LHP Alexander Smit
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: 3B Travis Mattair

Cleveland Indians
2B Luis Hernandez (elected free agency from Rangers)
Removed from 40-man: RHP Kevin Slowey, OF Vinny Rottino (both players outrighted to Triple-A)

Detroit Tigers
RHP Shawn Hill (elected free agency from Blue Jays), 1B Lance Durham (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man: OF Don Kelly (outrighted to Triple-A)

Houston Astros
2B Jose Martinez (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man: RHP Enerio Del Rosario (outrighted to Triple-A)

Kansas City Royals
1B Henry Moreno, 2B Jose Rodriguez
Traded: LHP Brandon Sisk to Angels for RHP Ervin Santana and cash

Los Angeles Angels
SS Angel Sanchez (elected free agency from Astros)
Traded: RHP Ervin Santana and cash to Royals for LHP Brandon Sisk

Los Angeles Dodgers
SS Ozzie Martinez (re-signed)

Miami Marlins
RHP Miguel Fermin (re-signed), LHP Kevin Gelinas (Abilene (North American)), LHP James Leverton (re-signed), 2B Ross Wilson (released by White Sox)

Drafted previously in ’09 and ’10, lefty Kevin Gelinas went undrafted this year after missing the bulk of his season at UC Santa Barbara with a rotator cuff tear. He topped out near 97 mph in the North American League, however, and ranked as J.J. Cooper's No. 1 prospect in the independent leagues this fall.

Milwaukee Brewers
SS Hector Gomez (re-signed)
Released: LHP Manuel Ruiz

Minnesota Twins
RHP Esmerling Vasquez (re-signed)
Elected free agency: RHP P.J. Walters, OF Matt Carson
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jeff Manship, RHP Luis Perdomo, RHP Esmerling Vasquez, RHP Kyle Waldrop, RHP P.J. Walters, OF Matt Carson (all players outrighted to Triple-A)

New York Yankees
RHP Kelvin Perez (re-signed)
Returned Rule 5 pick: RHP Brad Meyers (to Nationals)

Oakland Athletics
RHP Mike Ekstrom (elected free agency from Rockies), LHP Garrett Olson (elected free agency from Mets)

Philadelphia Phillies
C Tim Kennelly (re-signed), C Steve Lerud (re-signed), 2B Pete Orr (re-signed)

Pittsburgh Pirates
C Rudy Pena (re-signed), 1B Stefan Welch (re-signed), 2B Keoni De Renne (re-signed), 2B Anderson Hernandez (re-signed), OF Austin McClune (re-signed), OF Anthony Norman (re-signed)
Released: OF Michael Ryan
Elected free agency: C Eric Fryer
Removed from 40-man: RHP Daniel McCutchen, C Eric Fryer, 1B Jeff Clement (all players outrighted to Triple-A)

St. Louis Cardinals
Added to 40-man roster:
RHP Jorge Rondon

If you're looking for the next homegrown Cardinals reliever, a la Joe Kelly, Trevor Rosenthal, Mitchell Boggs or Fernando Salas, this could be your guy. The 24-year-old Jorge Rondon tops out near 97 mph and backs it up with a nice mid-80s slider. He made gains in the power and control departments this season, logging 46 games between Double-A and Triple-A and notching 9.2 strikeouts and 4.4 walks per nine innings.

San Diego Padres
Removed from 40-man:
RHP Thad Weber (outrighted to Triple-A)

San Francisco Giants
Reinstated from DL:
RHP Chris Stratton

Seattle Mariners
RHP Jonathan Arias (re-signed), RHP Stephen Shackleford (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man: 1B Luis Jimenez (outrighted to Triple-A)

Tampa Bay Rays
SS Shawn O'Malley (re-signed)
Released: RHP Dan Bream, RHP Zach Butler, RHP Shane Dyer, RHP George Jensen, RHP Alex Koronis, RHP Kyle Pelchy, RHP Stayton Thomas, LHP Brett Blaise, LHP Dayne Quist, LHP Justin Woodall, C Michael Williams, 1B Miguel Beltran, 1B Phil Wunderlich, 3B Daniel Duran, OF Deshun Dixon, OF Chris Murrill
Elected free agency: OF Rich Thompson

Among the players released by the Rays are six players signed this summer, including four draft picks—Miguel Beltran (19th round), Daniel Duran (24th), Dayne Quist (28th) and Michael Williams (30th). Tampa Bay signed Brett Blaise and Kyle Pelchy as nondrafted free agents out of college.

Texas Rangers
Added to 40-man roster:
RHP Justin Miller

The Rangers may have a fleet of relievers with mid-90s heat and plus sliders knocking at the door in Arlington in a few years. The list begins with Roman Mendez and Neil Ramirez (assuming he stays in the bullpen), but also could include the likes of Matt West and Justin Miller (both on the 40-man roster now) once they recover from Tommy John surgeries they had this season. Miller had his procedure at the end of April, and unlike West he had reached and excelled at Double-A prior to getting hurt, suggesting that he might not be too far away. Texas released him from the 40-man and re-signed him to a minor league deal season, so they're adding him back to the 40-man here to shield him from the Rule 5 draft. 

Toronto Blue Jays
Removed from 40-man:
RHP Tyson Brummett (outrighted to Triple-A)

Washington Nationals
RHP Francisco Samuel (released by Cardinals), C Carlos Maldonado (re-signed), SS Josh R. Johnson (re-signed), OF Chris Rahl (re-signed)