Minor League Transactions: Oct. 11-18

Eleven players elect for free agency, bringing the total to 65 thus far this offseason. The full list of so-called declared minor league free agents, i.e. those with no minor league contract renewals remaining, is distributed about five days after the World Series ends.

Atlanta Braves
RHP Evan Danieli, RHP Luis De Luna, RHP Wei Huang, RHP Dan Jurik, LHP Alexis Pinto, C Meng Tsai, 3B Jordan Kreke

Baltimore Orioles
1B Darryl Crosier
Elected free agency: RHP Jeremy Accardo, RHP Mitch Atkins
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jeremy Accardo (outrighted to Triple-A)
Reinstated from DL: C Jordan Wolf

The Orioles initially signed Darryl Crosier, a Maryland-Eastern Shore product, in May 2010, only to release him in June. Now he's back with the organization.

Chicago White Sox
C Adam Ricks (re-signed)
Released: RHP Chase Cooney, RHP Jean Duque, SS Jerry Puentes
Elected free agency: RHP Shane Lindsay
Removed from 40-man: RHP Kyle Cofield, RHP Josh Kinney, RHP Shane Lindsay, LHP Leyson Septimo (all four players outrighted to Triple-A)

Cleveland Indians
Removed from 40-man:
RHP Mitch Talbot, OF Jerad Head (both players outrighted to Triple-A)

Colorado Rockies
OF Luis Terrero (Mexico City (Mexican))

Luis Terrero ranked as the Diamondbacks' No. 2 prospect in ’02, but he hit just .239/.317/.355 (72 OPS+) in three trials with Arizona. Now 31 years old, he's spent two of the last three years in the Mexican League, and the Rockies are his fifth major league organization in the last seven years. Terrero batted .390/.485/.770 in 382 at-bats for Mexico City this year, leading the ML in slugging, RBIs (110), extra-base hits (67) and runs (109). He finished second in the batting race and with 38 homers.

Houston Astros
RHP Jonnathan Aristil (re-signed), RHP Jose Valdez (re-signed)
Elected free agency: RHP Jose Valdez (and subsequently re-signed)
Removed from 40-man: RHP Alberto Arias, RHP Jose Valdez, C J.R. Towles (all three players outrighted to Triple-A)

Jose Valdez elected free agency and then re-signed with Houston on a minor league deal on Oct. 17, making him the first minor league signee of the offseason.

Kansas City Royals
RHP Mario Santiago (re-signed), LHP Andrew Dobies (re-signed), LHP Edgar Osuna (re-signed), 1B John Whittleman (re-signed)
Released: RHP Andrea Pizziconi, 1B Brian Gaylord

Italy-born Andrea Pizziconi made 16 appearances for Rookie-level Burlington after joining the Royals in the June 2011 trade that sent catcher Lucas May to the Diamondbacks. He logged 22 strikeouts, 21 walks and six homers allowed in 39 2/3 innings for the B-Royals.

Los Angeles Angels
RHP Cody Evans (re-signed), 3B Ricky Alvarez (re-signed)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Assigned to Arizona Fall League:
OF Brian Cavazos-Galvez

Milwaukee Brewers
C Dayton Buller (re-signed)
Elected free agency: OF Brandon Boggs
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Casey Medlen

Minnesota Twins
Elected free agency:
OF Jeremy Reed
Removed from 40-man: RHP Anthony Slama, C Rene Rivera, 2B Matt Tolbert, OF Jason Repko (all four players outrighted to Triple-A)

New York Mets
Elected free agency:
2B Luis Hernandez

New York Yankees
Elected free agency:
LHP Raul Valdes
Removed from 40-man: LHP Raul Valdes, 2B Reegie Corona (both players outrighted to Triple-A)

Oakland Athletics
RHP Gary Daley (re-signed), RHP Jose Guzman (re-signed), RHP Jonathan Ortiz (re-signed)
Released: RHP Jeiler Castillo, RHP Michael Hart, RHP Aaron Larsen, RHP John Meloan, 1B Chris Affinito, 3B Jonatan Santana, OF Jose Rivero

Jeiler Castillo and Jose Rivero both joined Oakland following last year's minor league Rule 5 draft. The Diamondbacks drafted Rivero and then sold him to the Athletics.

Philadelphia Phillies
RHP Drew Naylor (re-signed)
Elected free agency: 2B Pete Orr, OF Brandon Moss
Removed from 40-man: 2B Pete Orr, OF Brandon Moss (both players outrighted to Triple-A)
Reinstated from DL: RHP Siulman Lebron, RHP Miguel Nunez, LHP Pedro Lora, 3B Jake Smith, SS Nerio Rios, OF Gauntlett Eldemire

San Diego Padres
Elected free agency:
C Kyle Phillips

San Francisco Giants
RHP Marc Kroon, 2B Edgar Gonzalez

Seattle Mariners
C Jesus Sucre (re-signed)

Tampa Bay Rays
RHP Andy Bass, RHP Brooks Belter, RHP Omar Bencomo, RHP Mickey Jannis, RHP Dave Laufer, RHP Ryan Turner, LHP Michael Jarman, LHP Shawn Smith, 2B Jonathan Koscso, 3B Tanner Biagini, OF Dustin Biell, OF Brian Bryles, OF Reid Fronk, OF Chris Winder

The Rays cut ties with four players selected in this year's draft, three of who played for short-season Hudson Valley: Andy Bass (18th round), Brooks Belter (25th), Jonathan Koscso (29th) and Ryan Turner (32nd).

Texas Rangers
1B Jose Ruiz

Toronto Blue Jays
RHP Jose Lorenzo, C Matt Liuzza

Washington Nationals
Returned Rule 5 pick:
RHP Elvin Ramirez (to Mets)

Elvin Ramirez spent the entire season on Washington's 60-day disabled list, prohibiting him from returning him to the Mets at an earlier date. Had the Nationals kept Ramirez, they would need to keep him on the active roster for 90 days next season before they could option him to the minors.