Minor League Transactions: Nov. 1-8

Be sure to check out the complementary Minor League Free Agents list, where you can view all 533 free agents on one screen.

Teams have until Nov. 20, that's a week from Saturday, to finalize 40-man rosters in preparation for the Rule 5 draft. So what you're seeing in this installment is teams adding players to the 40-man, such as Melky Mesa (Yankees), Erik Cordier (Braves) and Cole Garner (Rockies), so that they would not qualify for minor league free agency.

The players here who elected free agency earned that right by virtue of their removal from the 40-man roster. The first time this happens they have no recourse—it's either minor league assignment or a new organization on a waiver claim. Upon second removal from the 40-man (and all subsequent outrights), he can elect free agency once he clears waivers. This is the case for Eddie Bonine (Tigers), Mike Hessman (Mets) and Steven Jackson (Pirates), among others.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Removed from 40-man roster:
RHP Leo Rosales, LHP Clay Zavada

Atlanta Braves
OF Brent Clevlen (re-signed), OF Beau Torbert (Sioux Falls (American Association))
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Juan Abreu, RHP Erik Cordier

Beau Torbert hit .394 with 24 home runs and 100 RBIs in just 95 American Association games to win his second league MVP award as well as the BA Independent Leagues Player of the Year award. The Braves become the third organization to sign the 27-year-old Torbert, an Astros 17th-round pick from Faulkner (Ala.) University in ’04. He also went to spring training with the Tigers in ’09.

Baltimore Orioles
LHP Will Startup (re-signed), C Adam Donachie (re-signed), 1B Austin Rauch (re-signed), SS Carlos Rojas (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Jim Hoey
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Frank Mata

Boston Red Sox
LHP Nestor Lastreto, LHP Richie Wasielewski, C Chia-Chu Chen, C Sean Killeen, 2B Jordan Sallis

Chicago Cubs
RHP Angel Guzman (re-signed), RHP Mike Parisi (re-signed), LHP J.R. Mathes (re-signed), OF Jim Adduci (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Angel Guzman (then re-signed)
Elected free agency: RHP Angel Guzman

The Cubs outrighted Angel Guzman to the minors, and after he cleared waivers he elected free agency rather than accept that assignment. The Cubs re-signed Guzman, who missed the entire season, to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training.

Chicago White Sox
Removed from 40-man roster:
LHP Randy Williams, C Donny Lucy
Elected free agency: C Donny Lucy
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Henry Mabee, SS Eduardo Escobar

Cleveland Indians
Removed from 40-man roster:
1B Wes Hodges, 2B Drew Sutton, 3B Andy Marte, OF Chad Huffman
Elected free agency: RHP Anthony Reyes, C Luke Carlin, C Chris Gimenez

Colorado Rockies
Voluntarily retired:
1B Bo Bowman
Added to 40-man roster: OF Cole Garner
Reinstated from inactive list: 1B Bo Bowman

Detroit Tigers
LHP Ramon Garcia (re-signed), C Max St. Pierre (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Eddie Bonine, RHP Jay Sborz, C Max St. Pierre (then re-signed), OF Jeff Frazier
Elected free agency: RHP Eddie Bonine
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Brandon Hamilton

Houston Astros
RHP Casey Fien, RHP Jose Valdez (re-signed), LHP Doug Arguello (re-signed), 2B Anderson Hernandez (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Jose Valdez (then re-signed)

Kansas City Royals
RHP Julio Pimentel (re-signed), SS Mario Lisson (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: OF Jai Miller
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Aaron Hartsock

Los Angeles Angels
RHP Tony Pluta (Victoria (Golden)), C Travis Scott (Rockford (Northern)), 3B Ricky Alvarez (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Ysmael Carmona
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Bobby Mosebach, OF Cory Aldridge
Elected free agency: RHP Bobby Mosebach, OF Cory Aldridge

Tony Pluta, an Astros third-round pick in ’00, topped out in high Class A in ’07 prior to drawing his release. He's kept the dream alive by pitching in the independent leagues since then—namely, the Golden League and the American Association. Pitching for Victoria this year, he went 6-4, 4.56 with 81 strikeouts and 42 walks in 77 innings.

Los Angeles Dodgers
LHP Abner Ruiz (re-signed), SS Christian Lara (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: OF Jamie Hoffmann

Milwaukee Brewers
RHP Tim Dillard (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: C Martin Maldonado

Minnesota Twins
RHP Kyle Waldrop (re-signed), C Jair Fernandez (re-signed)
Released: C Frederic Hanvi, 1B In Kyun Kang, 2B Yancarlo Franco, 2B Drew Thompson, 3B Yorby Martinez, OF Michael Harrington
Reinstated from inactive list: 2B Yancarlo Franco

Seldom in a space of so few names will you see so many countries represented. The dustbin Twins hail from France (Frederic Hanvi), South Korea (In Kyun Kang), Spain (Yancarlo Franco) and Venezuela (Yorby Martinez). Even the U.S. players have interesting backstories. Michael Harrington missed a large chunk of the season—well, 50 games—after drawing a suspension. A second-round pick in ’05, Drew Thompson missed the entire ’07 an ’08 seasons with back injuries and never seemed to recover. He hit .203/.286/.307 for high Class A Fort Myers this season.

Few organizations engender loyalty quite like the Twins. Kyle Waldrop, 25, didn't even bother to test the free agent market this offseason. He re-signed with the club that made him the 25th overall pick in the ’04 draft. Moved to the bullpen in ’09, Waldrop has taken his game to a new level. He compiled a fine 3-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio with Triple-A Rochester this season while a strong rate of 2.3 groundouts for every flyout.

New York Mets
RHP Ryan Coultas (re-signed), RHP John Lujan (re-signed), OF Valentino Pascucci (re-signed)
Released: RHP Cole Abbott, RHP Dan McDonald, RHP Tim Stronach, RHP Zach Von Tersch, C Jordan Abruzzo, 2B Andy Green, 3B Marinus Vernooij, OF Kurt Steinhauer
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Manuel Alvarez
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Eddie Kunz, LHP Raul Valdes, C Omir Santos, 3B Mike Hessman, OF Jesus Feliciano
Elected free agency: C Omir Santos, 3B Mike Hessman

New York Yankees
2B Luis Nunez (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: OF Melky Mesa
Removed from 40-man roster: LHP Royce Ring
Elected free agency: LHP Royce Ring

Oakland Athletics
LHP Travis Blackley (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Boof Bonser, OF Matt Carson
Elected free agency: RHP Boof Bonser, 3B Jeff Larish
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: LHP Lance Sewell

Philadelphia Phillies
LHP Drew Rundle (re-signed), C Torre Langley (re-signed), C Dane Sardinha (re-signed), 2B Keoni Ruth (re-signed), SS Fidel Hernandez (re-signed)

Pittsburgh Pirates
2B Greg Picart (re-signed)
Released: RHP Chris Jakubauskas
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Sean Gallagher, RHP Steven Jackson, LHP Justin Thomas, 1B Jeff Clement, OF Brandon Moss
Elected free agency: RHP Steven Jackson, LHP Justin Thomas, OF Brandon Moss

Pittsburgh has taken fliers on seemingly dozens of young players in the past three seasons, acquiring them when trading veterans, on waiver claims, in minor trades and, in one notable case, straight off the minor league free agent scrap heap. But for every Garrett Jones, the Pirates have weathered players who did not perform quite so well. Among the excised are four recent examples in Sean Gallagher (6.03 ERA in relief, 1-to-1 SO-to-BB), Steven Jackson (8.74 ERA in 11 relief outings this year), Jeff Clement (.201/.237/.368 in 144 at-bats) and Brandon Moss (.228/.295/.373 in parts of three years).

St. Louis Cardinals
Removed from 40-man roster:
C Matt Pagnozzi

San Francisco Giants
LHP Matthew Yourkin (re-signed)

Seattle Mariners
RHP Jarrett Grube (re-signed), RHP Stephen Kahn (re-signed), RHP Mumba Rivera (re-signed), RHP Alfredo Venegas (re-signed), C Ralph Henriquez (re-signed), C Jose Yepez (re-signed), 3B Leury Bonilla (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Sean White, LHP Ryan Feierabend, LHP Chris Seddon, C Guillermo Quiroz
Elected free agency: C Guillermo Quiroz

Tampa Bay Rays
RHP Drew Leary (NDFA—San Diego State), 2B J.J. Furmaniak (re-signed)
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Matt Bush, SS Elliot Johnson

Elliot Johnson earned his way back on the 40-man roster by batting .319/.375/.475 for Triple-A Durham and proving he can play a passable shortstop (in addition to second base and corner outfield). The 26-year-old switch-hitter will head to camp with a chance to land a reserve role.

Indy records being as disorganized as they are, it's not clear where exactly Drew Leary came from. Drafted by the Red Sox out of high school in ’06 (44th round), he pitched for San Diego State this spring (1-2, 8.89 with 27 strikeouts in 28 innings), but it's unclear if or where Leary pitched this summer, professionally or otherwise.

Texas Rangers
RHP Chris Mobley (re-signed), C Kevin Cash, SS Travis Adair (re-signed), SS Guilder Rodriguez (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Doug Mathis, RHP Brandon McCarthy, 3B Esteban German
Elected free agency: RHP Brandon McCarthy

So they won't necessarily have to turn to Matt Treanor again next year, the Rangers have acted preemptively in signing veteran catch-and-throw man Kevin Cash.

Toronto Blue Jays
RHP B.J. Lamura (re-signed), C Joe Bowen (re-signed)

Washington Nationals
2B Adam Fox (re-signed)
Removed from 40-man roster: LHP Jesse English
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: OF Bryce Harper