Minor League Transactions: May 4-10

Players listed with an asterisk (*) signed minor league contracts, replacing major league pacts with the same organization.

Arizona Diamondbacks
LHP Ron Mahay
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Barry Enright
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Chase Anderson, RHP Josh Ellis, OF David Winfree
Reinstated from DL: RHP Charles Brewer, OF Adam Eaton

Atlanta Braves
RHP Jeremy Haynes, 1B Chris Garcia (re-signed)
Released: RHP Jay Sborz
Recalled: SS Diory Hernandez
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Julio Teheran
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Julio Teheran, SS Brandon Hicks
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Jason Lowey, 2B Mike Brownsten, 2B Matt Weaver, 3B Donell Linares, 3B Dan Nelson, OF Willie Cabrera, OF Adam Milligan, OF Kyle Rose
Reinstated from DL: RHP Jay Sborz, SS Mycal Jones, OF Willie Cabrera

The Braves cut Chris Garcia on April 3 but recently re-signed him to play first base for low Class A Rome after promoting Barrett Kleinknecht to high Class A. The R-Braves last night cleared the 10-win hurdle (10-24), leaving the Mariners' low Class A Clinton outfit (9-26) as the only minor league club with a single digit in the win column. Garcia, by the way, ranked No. 3 on last year's Independent Leagues Top 10 Prospects list.

Top pitching prospect Julio Teheran served up a home run to Ryan Howard in his big league debut, a 4 2/3 inning stint in which he yielded three runs. A scout recently weighed in on Teheran's projected impact, both immediate and long-term.

Baltimore Orioles
1B Darryl Crosier
Traded: 2B Paco Figueroa to Phillies for future considerations
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Brandon Cooney, C Craig Tatum, 1B Joe Mahoney, 3B Billy Rowell, SS Manny Machado, OF Trent Mummey, OF Kieron Pope
Reinstated from DL: RHP Ryan O'Shea, 3B Billy Rowell, OF Mike Planeta

Manny Machado's terrific start (.333/.450/.611, five homers, six doubles, 19 walks) was halted by a dislocated left kneecap, which he suffered in a May 5 game.

Baltimore bid adieu to the Figueroa twins in little more than a month, trading Paco to the Phillies after releasing Danny, a center fielder, on April 2. Both Miami products came to the Orioles in the ’05 draft.

The Orioles signed Darryl Crosier after a workout at Double-A Bowie's Prince George's Stadium. He has roots in the Baltimore area, having played for Overlea High in the city as well as collegiately for CC of Baltimore County-Dundalk and Maryland-Eastern Shore.

Boston Red Sox
RHP Michael Olmsted
Released: RHP Austin Bailey
Recalled: RHP Alfredo Aceves, RHP Scott Atchison, SS Jose Iglesias
Added to 40-man roster: LHP Rich Hill
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Scott Atchison
Placed on 7-day DL: C Carson Blair, SS Yamaico Navarro
Reinstated from DL: RHP Tony Pena Jr., RHP Charle Rosario, LHP Kyle Fernandes, C Leonel Escobar
Reinstated from inactive list: LHP Dennys Reyes

Signed as a 16th-rounder in ’07, Austin Bailey pitched in one game for low Class A Greenville in ’08 and then never took the field again. He spent most of that season on the disabled list, followed in ’09 by a year on the suspended list and a year on the restricted list in ’10.

Chicago Cubs
LHP Polin Trinidad, C Max Ramirez
Voluntarily retired: RHP Todd Wellemeyer
Placed on 7-day DL: OF David Macias
Reinstated from DL: RHP Todd Wellemeyer, LHP Doug Davis, C Mario Mercedes, C Jonathan Mota

Chicago White Sox
RHP Henry Mabee
Reinstated from DL: RHP Johnnie Lowe

Cincinnati Reds
OF Brent Clevlen
Released: RHP Jeff Jeffords
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Carlos Fisher, RHP Jordan Smith, OF Jeremy Hermida
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Doug Salinas, RHP Juan Carlos Sulbaran, 1B Carlos Mendez, OF Brian Barton, OF Denis Phipps, OF Dave Sappelt

With the signing of Brent Clevlen, the Reds' Triple-A Louisville affiliate could roll out an outfield featuring Brian Barton (’07), Jeremy Hermida (’04, ’05, ’06) and Clevlen (’04), a trio of former Top 100 Prospects who for one reason or another have not established themselves in the big leagues. Fred Lewis (’05) recently left the Bats to join the big league Reds, while Yonder Alonso (’09, ’10, ’11) learns the ropes in left field this season.

Cleveland Indians
Voluntarily retired:
OF Greg Folgia
Recalled: RHP Frank Herrmann
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Jeanmar Gomez, RHP Frank Herrmann

Colorado Rockies
OF Mike Daniel
Recalled: RHP Clayton Mortensen
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Andrew Johnston, RHP John Maine, RHP Dan Perkins, RHP Chad Rose, LHP Craig Bennigson, OF Tyler Massey
Reinstated from DL: RHP Andy Graham, RHP Claudio Vargas
Placed on temporarily inactive list: C Jordan Pacheco
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Nick Schnaitmann, LHP Josh Muecke

Detroit Tigers
OF Ryan Hamme
Released: C Billy Alvino, 3B Cesar Nicolas, OF Jon Weber
Option transferred: RHP Lester Oliveros (Double-A to Triple-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Ramon Lebron
Reinstated from DL: RHP Jeff Ferrell, SS Danny Worth, OF Clay Timpner
Reinstated from inactive list: OF Jon Weber

Twenty-two-year-old Venezuelan righty Lester Oliveros had one of the more impressive relief lines you'll see this season. With Double-A Erie prior to his promotion to Triple-A, he struck out 27 of the 59 batters (45.7 percent) he faced while allowing just nine hits and one run in 16 innings.

Jon Weber drew a 100-game suspension last July for a third recreational drug offense and promptly retired.

Florida Marlins
RHP Burke Badenhop
Placed on 7-day DL: C Wilfredo Gimenez, 1B Ben Lasater
Reinstated from DL: RHP Garrett Parcell, 3B Matt Dominguez
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Luis Gomez

Houston Astros
RHP Jose Valdez, LHP Sergio Escalona
Added to 40-man roster: OF Joe Inglett
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Gabe Garcia, C Carlos Corporan, SS Oswaldo Navarro, OF Collin DeLome, OF J.D. Martinez
Reinstated from DL: LHP Luis Cruz

Kansas City Royals
RHP Ysrael Abreu, 1B Kila Ka'aihue*
Released: RHP Eric Basurto, RHP Steven Shell, SS J.D. Alfaro
Traded: OF Gregor Blanco to Nationals for future considerations
Added to 40-man roster: 1B Eric Hosmer
Optioned to Triple-A: 1B Kila Ka'aihue
Reinstated from DL: RHP Eric Basurto, LHP Glenn Gibson, 2B Joaquin Arias
Reinstated from inactive list: SS J.D. Alfaro

Eric Hosmer left the Pacific Coast League as its batting (.439) and on-base (.525) leader, but given his hot start in Kansas City (7-for-21 with two homers and two doubles) it looks like he won't be returning to capture those minor league titles for real. He trades places with Royals first baseman Kila Ka'aihue, who hits like the Kila Monster at Triple-A Omaha (.283/.424/.516, 52 HR, 1,132 PA) but more along the lines of the Cookie Monster in the big leagues (.216/.309/.375, 11 HR, 326 PA). With Hosmer and Billy Butler locking down the Royals' first base and DH spots for the foreseeable future, Ka'aihue can at least look forward to the ’12 season when he'll be out of options. If Kansas City tries to farm him out next spring, assuming he's still on their 40-man roster, then the other 29 clubs will have a shot at him on waivers.

Los Angeles Angels
3B Michael Demperio
Recalled: OF Reggie Willits
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jason Bulger (outrighted to Triple-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Matt Palmer, OF Drew Heid
Reinstated from DL: RHP Kevin Nabors, 2B Jon Townsend, 3B Michael Demperio, OF Roberto Lopez

Los Angeles Dodgers
RHP John Housey
Released: RHP Jon Huber
Recalled: RHP Kenley Jansen
Placed on 7-day DL: C Jessie Mier
Reinstated from DL: C Alex Garabedian, SS Juan Castro, OF Eugenio Velez
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Roman Colon

Milwaukee Brewers
RHP Sean Green*
Released: SS Luis Figueroa, SS Yancarlos Ortiz
Recalled: RHP Mike McClendon
Added to 40-man roster: OF Brandon Boggs
Removed from 40-man: OF Brandon Boggs (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Sean Green
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Wily Peralta, C Dayton Buller, SS Carlos George
Reinstated from DL: RHP Trey Watten, SS Edwin Maysonet
Placed on temporarily inactive list: LHP Lucas Luetge
Reinstated from inactive list: LHP Lucas Luetge

The Brewers excised Brandon Boggs from the 40-man to clear space for the return of Zack Greinke, but then an injury to Nyjer Morgan granted him a stay of execution. Boggs quickly accepted his outright assignment to Triple-A so that he could be called right back to Milwaukee.

Edwin Maysonet's return from the disabled list spelled the end of Luis Figueroa's time with Triple-A Nashville. He went 8-for-27 (.296) in nine games with the Sounds.

Minnesota Twins
LHP Dusty Hughes*, OF Aaron Bates
Recalled: SS Trevor Plouffe, OF Ben Revere
Added to 40-man roster: C Rene Rivera
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Dusty Hughes, C Steve Holm
Placed on 7-day DL: C Allan de San Miguel, C Kyle Knudson, OF Brandon Roberts

New York Mets
RHP Brian Sweeney (Somerset (Atlantic))
Placed on restricted list: 2B Russ Adams
Added to 40-man roster: LHP Pat Misch, LHP Mike O'Connor
Optioned to Triple-A: OF Lucas Duda
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Eric Beaulac
Reinstated from DL: OF Darrell Ceciliani

New York moved Russ Adams to the restricted list as he contemplates retirement. He started the year in an 11-for-61 (.180) funk with Triple-A Buffalo.

New York Yankees
SS Ramiro Pena
Removed from 40-man: 2B Kevin Russo (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Jess Todd
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Brian Anderson, LHP Steve Garrison, OF Zoilo Almonte
Reinstated from DL: RHP Jairo Heredia, LHP Naoya Okamoto, LHP Josh Romanski, OF Neil Medchill, OF Damon Sublett

Oakland Athletics
LHP Lance Sewell
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Jerry Blevins
Option transferred: RHP Fautino de los Santos (Double-A to Triple-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Ryan Doolittle, RHP Graham Godfrey, LHP Max Peterson, LHP Julio Ramos, LHP Jeff Urlaub, C Mitch Canham, 3B Tony Thompson
Reinstated from DL: RHP Brett Hunter, RHP Nathan Long, RHP John Meloan, RHP Justin Souza, LHP Ben Hornbeck, 1B A.J. Kirby-Jones, 3B Wes Timmons

Post-Tommy John surgery Fautino de los Santos thrived after moving to the bullpen last season. The 25-year-old earned his promotion by striking out 14.5 batters per nine innings for Double-A Midland this season.

Philadelphia Phillies
2B Paco Figueroa from Orioles for future considerations
Recalled: RHP Scott Mathieson
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP David Herndon
Placed on 7-day DL: C Jeff Lanning
Reinstated from DL: C Torre Langley

Pittsburgh Pirates
OF John Bowker*
Released: RHP Marc Baca
Removed from 40-man: OF John Bowker (outrighted to Triple-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: C Wyatt Toregas, OF Gerlis Rodriguez
Reinstated from DL: LHP Dan Meyer, 3B Josh Harrison

St. Louis Cardinals
RHP Andy Moss, LHP Ryan Kulik, 2B Matt Valaika, OF Tyler Henley, OF Ryde Rodriguez
Option transferred: RHP Maikel Cleto (High-A to Double-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Jose Rada, LHP Rich Rundles, 1B Phil Cerreto
Reinstated from DL: 1B Phil Cerreto
Reinstated from inactive list: OF D'Marcus Ingram

San Diego Padres
RHP Jason Ray, SS Robert Hudson
Released: RHP Erick Ojeda, RHP Daniel Ottone
Added to 40-man roster: C Kyle Phillips, 2B Logan Forsythe
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Simon Castro, RHP Alexis Lara, RHP Stiven Osuna
Reinstated from DL: RHP Eddie Kunz, RHP Adam Schrader, C Jason Hagerty
Placed on temporarily inactive list: RHP Luis Perdomo

A 10th-round pick in ’02 who has been released twice and two other times has switched organizations as a minor league free agent, Kyle Phillips proves that making the big leagues is possible if you're willing to don catcher's gear. San Diego called on him when Nick Hundley hit the disabled list, and he also received a September callup with the ’09 Blue Jays. Who knows? With a lefty stick and a career .270/.335/.387 batting line in the minors, the 27-year-old Phillips may be just getting started on a career as a backup.

San Francisco Giants
LHP Geno Espineli
Optioned to Triple-A: 2B Emmanuel Burriss, SS Ryan Rohlinger
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Jose Casilla, RHP Justin Schumer, RHP Chris Wilson, 2B Brock Bond, OF Mike McBryde
Reinstated from DL: RHP Daryl Maday, SS Ryan Lormand
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Ronnie Ray

Seattle Mariners
LHP Roenis Elias
Released: RHP Steve Richard
Recalled: OF Carlos Peguero
Added to 40-man roster: OF Mike Wilson
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Tim Boyce
Reinstated from DL: 1B Matt Browning, OF Kuo Hui Lo
Reinstated from inactive list: LHP Brian Moran

A second-round pick out of high school in ’01, Mike Wilson earned a place on Seattle's 40-man roster twice before, following the ’06 and ’08 seasons. Neither stint lasted all that long, and he received no big league playing time. That changed this season as Wilson, in his 10th year on the Mariners' farm, batted .381/.429/.683 in 63 at-bats for Triple-A Tacoma. As a former football player, he struggled for years to even reach Triple-A, spending three full years in short-season ball and parts of four others in Double-A.

Tampa Bay Rays
RHP Shane Minks
Placed on suspended list: RHP Dane de la Rosa
Recalled: RHP Rob Delaney, OF Brandon Guyer
Removed from 40-man: 3B Felipe Lopez (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: OF Brandon Guyer
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Chris Andujar
Reinstated from DL: 2B Cody Cipriano
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Dane de la Rosa

The International League suspended Dane de la Rosa for four games for hitting Indianapolis' John Bowker in retaliation. Indians starter Rudy Owens hit a Durham batter following a home run.

Texas Rangers
RHP Pedro Strop*, OF Leonys Martin*
Recalled: RHP Mark Lowe, OF Craig Gentry
Removed from 40-man: RHP Ramon Aguero (outrighted to Double-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Pedro Strop, C Taylor Teagarden
Optioned to Double-A: OF Leonys Martin
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Miguel de los Santos
Reinstated from DL: 1B Chris McGuiness
Placed on temporarily inactive list: 1B Jose Ruiz, OF Leonys Martin
Reinstated from inactive list: SS Omar Quintanilla

The Rangers signed speedy 22-year-old Cuban outfielder Leonys Martin to a five-year, $15.5 million major league deal on May 4. He shows up here on the minor league side of things because Texas needed to issue a minor league pact in order to option him to Double-A Frisco.

Toronto Blue Jays
Placed on suspended list:
3B Bryson Namba
Optioned to Triple-A: SS Mike McCoy
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Dan Barnes, LHP Rommie Lewis, LHP Alex Pepe, 1B Ryan Shealy, SS Niuman Romero, SS Chris Woodward, OF Ricardo Nanita
Reinstated from DL: RHP Henderson Alvarez, RHP Dan Barnes, RHP Bobby Korecky, RHP Marcus Walden, C Travis d'Arnaud, SS Manny Mayorson, OF Markus Brisker, OF Jason Lane, OF Ricardo Nanita
Placed on temporarily inactive list: 2B Callix Crabbe
Reinstated from inactive list: 3B Bryson Namba

Washington Nationals
OF Gregor Blanco from Royals for future considerations
Recalled: OF Roger Bernadina
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Taylor Jordan, C Brian Peacock, SS Josh R. Johnson, OF Chris Curran
Reinstated from DL: RHP Dean Weaver, 1B Michael Aubrey, 2B Matt Antonelli, OF Eury Perez