Minor League Transactions: June 5-11

Here we present official minor league transactions, conveyed to us by Major League Baseball, for the period June 5-11.

Any player listed with an asterisk (*) signed a minor league contract with the organization after being removed from the 40-man roster and clearing waivers.

Please see the Baseball America Draft Database for much more detailed information on draft picks, including scouting reports (for subscribers), select signing bonuses and a running tally of team spending.

Arizona Diamondbacks
RHP Donny Medlinger (NDFA—Cal State Monterey Bay), RHP Kyle Owings (NDFA—College of Charleston), LHP Harry Marino (NDFA—Williams (Mass.)), 3B Ryan Fuller (NDFA—Connecticut)
Draft picks signed: RHP Jake Barrett (3), RHP Jeff Gibbs (9), RHP Jonathan Pulley (33), RHP Derrick Stultz (14), LHP Daniel Watts (32), C Ronnie Freeman (5), C Phildrick Llewellyn (13), C Stryker Trahan (1), 1B Jacob House (20), OF Breland Almadova (37), OF Danny Poma (10), OF Charles Taylor (4)
Released: 1B Randy Ruiz
Recalled: OF A.J. Pollock
Optioned to Triple-A: OF A.J. Pollock
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Mike Bolsinger, 3B Carter Bell
Reinstated from DL: OF Kyle Greene

College of Charleston senior righthander Kyle Owings is the older brother of Diamondbacks prospect Chris Owings, a 20-year-old shortstop for high Class A Visalia who's batting .326/.366/.551 with 11 homers in 227 at-bats.

Arizona released veteran minor league slugger (and ’09 Pacific Coast League MVP) Randy Ruiz so that he could pursue an opportunity to play in Japan, where he spent time with Rakuten in ’10 and ’11. This time around, Yokohama appeared to have the most interest in the 34-year-old Ruiz.

Atlanta Braves
Draft picks signed:
RHP Christian Barczykowski (27), RHP Jaden Dillon (29), RHP Jeremy Fitzgerald (21), RHP Michael Flores (24), RHP Nathan Hyatt (13), RHP David Peterson (8), RHP Steven Schils (9), RHP Shae Simmons (22), RHP Luke Sims (1), RHP Alex Wilson (15), LHP Brandon Rohde (25), LHP Alex Wood (2), C Bryan de la Rosa (3), C Tyler Tewell (14), 1B Casey Kalenkosky (30), 2B Ross Heffley (18), 2B Levi Hyams (19), 3B Mike Dodig (10), 3B Trenton Moses (26), SS Kraig Clabough (28), SS Eric Garcia (20), OF Chase Anselment (17), OF Justin Black (4), OF Blake Brown (5), OF Connor Lien (12)
Released: OF Kyle Rose
Recalled: RHP Cory Gearrin, RHP Julio Teheran
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Julio Teheran, C J.C. Boscan, OF Jose Constanza
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Caleb Brewer, LHP Ryan Buchter, LHP Ronan Pacheco, OF Collin DeLome
Reinstated from DL: OF Matt Lipka

Baltimore Oriles
LHP Jamie Moyer (released by Rockies), OF Nate McLouth (released by Pirates)
Released: RHP Willie Eyre, SS Vinny Zazueta
Recalled: RHP Tommy Hunter
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Miguel Gonzalez, LHP Zach Britton
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Dennis Wright, C Luis Exposito, OF John Ruettiger, OF Kipp Schutz
Reinstated from DL: RHP Bobby Bundy, C Joe Oliveira, OF Trent Mummey

Boston Red Sox
Draft picks signed:
RHP Mike Augliera (5), RHP Kyle Kraus (7), LHP Dylan Chavez (14), 1B Nathan Minnich (8), SS Mike Miller (9)
Recalled: RHP Mark Melancon
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Daniel Bard, OF Ryan Kalish
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Ryan Pressly, 2B James Kang, OF Ronald Bermudez, OF Keury de la Cruz, OF Felix Sanchez
Reinstated from DL: 2B Ryan Dent, OF Pete Hissey, OF Cody Koback

Chicago Cubs
Added to 40-man roster:
RHP Manny Corpas
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Frankie de la Cruz, RHP Ben Wells, LHP Hung-Chih Kuo, OF Matt Szczur
Reinstated from DL: 3B Dustin Geiger, OF Elieser Bonne

Chicago White Sox
Draft picks signed:
RHP Chris Beck (2), RHP Brandon Brennan (4), RHP Tony Bucciferro (14), RHP James Hudelson (28), RHP Zach Isler (8), RHP Adam Lopez (21), RHP Cory McGinnis (22), RHP Storm Throne (25), LHP Zach Toney (26), 1B Keon Barnum (1.5), 1B Alex Williams (19), 2B Eric Grabe (24), 2B Micah Johnson (9), 3B Thomas McCarthy (18), 3B Steven Nikorak (32), 3B William Thompson (31), SS Nick Basto (5), SS Jake Brown (30), OF Kale Kiser (23)
Released: RHP Blake Drake
Added to 40-man roster: OF Jordan Danks
Removed from 40-man: SS Ozzie Martinez (outrighted to Triple-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Pedro Hernandez, C Kevan Smith, OF Nick Ciolli, OF Keenyn Walker
Reinstated from DL: RHP Ryan Buch, 3B Kyle Shelton

Cincinnati Reds
LHP Ryan Feierabend (York (Atlantic))
Draft picks signed: RHP Ben Klimesh (15), RHP Dan Langfield (3), RHP Jon Moscot (4), RHP Austin Muehring (19), RHP Avain Rachal (22), RHP Michael Salter (31), RHP Mike Saunders (24), RHP Jackson Stephens (18), RHP Mo Wiley (28), LHP Nolan Becker (11), LHP Mason Felt (5), LHP Sean Lucas (25), LHP Richard McCaffrey (34), LHP Jordan Remer (21), LHP Nick Routt (16), C Joe Hudson (6), SS Brent Peterson (12), SS Tanner Rahier (2), OF Jesse Winker (1.5)
Recalled: SS Kris Negron
Optioned to Triple-A: 3B Mike Costanzo
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Kanekoa Texeira, OF Bryson Smith
Reinstated from DL: RHP Mark Serrano, 3B Jason Christian

Cleveland Indians
Optioned to Triple-A:
RHP Chris Schwinden, C Luke Carlin, SS Juan Diaz
Placed on 7-day DL: C Dwight Childs, 1B Beau Mills
Reinstated from DL: OF Bryson Myles, OF Thomas Neal

Chris Schwinden settled with the Indians after a waiver claim merry-go-round that included a stopover in Toronto after being outrighted by the Mets. In 8 2/3 big league innings this year Schwinden allowed 13 runs (12.46 ERA) and 18 baserunners. 

Colorado Rockies
C Omir Santos (elected free agency from Tigers), SS Zach Osborne (NDFA—Tennessee)
Draft picks signed: RHP Ryan Arrowood (28), RHP Andrew Brown (23), RHP Shane Broyles (14), RHP Rayan Gonzalez (21), RHP T.J. Oakes (11), RHP Scott Oberg (15), RHP Ryan Warner (3.5), LHP Mike Mason (24), LHP Anthony Seise (20), C Chris Cowell (34), 1B Ben Waldrip (10), 2B Jason Stolz (17), 3B Kyle Newton (19), OF Derek Jones (8), OF Jeff Popick (16)
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Royce Ring, 2B Tim Smalling
Reinstated from DL: RHP Edgmer Escalona

Detroit Tigers
RHP Cesar Carrillo
Draft picks signed: RHP Nick Carmichael (24), RHP Joshua Carr (28), RHP Matt Davenport (34), RHP Julio Felix (12), RHP Charlie Gillies (10), LHP Ryan Longstreth (40), LHP Alex Phillips (21), C Bennett Pickar (11), SS Jordan Dean (15), SS David Reaves (25), OF Zach Kirksey (29)
Elected free agency: C Omir Santos
Recalled: RHP Jose Ortega, 2B Hernan Perez
Added to 40-man roster: C Bryan Holaday
Removed from 40-man: C Omir Santos (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Jose Ortega, 2B Hernan Perez
Placed on 7-day DL: 1B Dean Green
Reinstated from DL: SS Cale Iorg, OF Daniel Fields

Houston Astros
OF Drew Locke (Sugar Land (Atlantic))
Draft picks signed: RHP Michael Dimock (37), RHP Christian Garcia (29), RHP Erick Gonzalez (15), RHP Mike Hauschild (33), RHP Jordan Jankowski (34), RHP Daniel Minor (9), RHP John Neely (30), RHP Brady Rodgers (3), RHP Aaron West (17), LHP Joe Bircher (10), LHP Brian Holmes (13), LHP Kenny Long (22), C M.P. Cokinos (31), C Ricky Gingras (18), 2B Austin Elkins (19), 3B Angel Ibanez (28), SS Carlos Correa (1), SS Ryan Dineen (25), SS Joe Sclafani (14), OF Andrew Aplin (5), OF Dan Gulbransen (16), OF Terrell Joyce (12), OF Brett Phillips (6), OF Marc Wik (21)
Released: C Joe Witkowski, 1B Mario Gonzalez, SS Max Ayarza
Acquired: OF D'Andre Toney from Royals as player to be named for C Humberto Quintero and OF Jason Bourgeois
Recalled: 2B Matt Downs, SS Brian Bixler
Placed on 7-day DL: OF Grant Hogue
Placed on 60-day DL: LHP Kyle Hallock
Reinstated from DL: RHP Luis Ordosgoitti, OF Domingo Santana

Shortstop Carlos Correa signed on June 7, making him one of just six No. 1 overall picks in the past 20 drafts to sign in June. Chronologically they are the Mets' Paul Wilson (June 18, 1994), the Rays' Josh Hamilton (June 3, 1999), the Marlins' Adrian Gonzalez (June 6, 2000), the Padres' Matt Bush (June 16, 2004), the Rays' Tim Beckham (June 19, 2008) and now Correa.

Kansas City Royals
RHP Torey Deshazier (NDFA—Arkansas Baptist), LHP John Killen (released by Red Sox)
Draft picks signed: RHP Kevin Allen (23), RHP Ashton Goudeau (27), RHP Shane Halley (20), RHP Zach Lovvorn (6), RHP Alec Mills (22), RHP Jake Newberry (37), RHP Zeb Sneed (11), RHP Andrew Triggs (19), RHP John Walter (29), RHP Kyle Zimmer (1), LHP Patrick Conroy (32), LHP Hunter Haynes (13), LHP Colin Rodgers (3), LHP Dylan Sons (15), LHP Matt Strahm (21), LHP Daniel Stumpf (9), LHP Matt Tenuta (25), C Chad Johnson (5), C Beau Maggi (24), C Parker Morin (14), 1B Mark Donato (26), OF Ethan Chapman (30), OF Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado (8), OF Ariel Estades (17), OF Fred Ford (7), OF Alexis Rivera (10)
Released: RHP Edgar Garcia
Traded: OF D'Andre Toney to Astros as player to be named for C Humberto Quintero and OF Jason Bourgeois
Recalled: RHP Nathan Adcock, LHP Ryan Verdugo, 1B Clint Robinson
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Will Smith, LHP Ryan Verdugo
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Greg Billo, RHP Santiago Garrido, C Juan Graterol
Reinstated from DL: 1B Jake Kuebler

Los Angeles Angels
Draft picks signed:
RHP R.J. Alvarez (3), C Zachary Livingston (34), C Zach Wright (12), SS Eric Stamets (6), OF Joel Capote (28)
Released: RHP Jake Negrete, 1B Mike Sodders
Recalled: C Hank Conger
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Bobby Cassevah, OF Kole Calhoun

Los Angels Dodgers
RHP Wes Roemer (St. Paul (American Association))
Draft picks signed: RHP Lindsey Caughel (23), RHP Jordan Hershiser (34), RHP Ross Stripling (5), LHP Jake Hermsen (28), 1B Paul Hoenecke (24), 1B John Sgromolo (37), 2B Jesmuel Valentin (1.5), SS Darnell Sweeney (13)
Optioned to Triple-A: 2B Alex Castellanos
Placed on 7-day DL: C Steve Cilladi, C J.J. Ethel, C Angelo Ponte, 1B Austin Gallagher, OF Tyler Henson
Reinstated from DL: RHP Andres Santiago, 2B Rafael Ynoa

Miami Marlins
2B Blake Barber (NDFA—Lee (Tenn.))
Draft picks signed: RHP Blake Barnes (29), RHP Brian Ellington (16), RHP Justin Jackson (27), RHP Dane Stone (25), LHP Patrick Merkling (18), C David Cruz (30), 3B Patrick Claussen (34), 3B Matt Juengel (24)
Recalled: RHP Sandy Rosario, 1B Gaby Sanchez
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Daniel Jennings, OF Bryan Petersen
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Charlie Lowell, 2B German Duran, OF Ryan Patterson
Reinstated from DL: OF Jake Smolinski

Milwaukee Brewers
Draft picks signed:
C Clint Coulter (1), OF Victor Roache (1)
Released: RHP Bradley Blanks
Placed on 7-day DL: 1B Carlos George, OF Khris Davis
Reinstated from DL: OF Ben McMahan

Minnesota Twins
Draft picks signed:
RHP Zach Jones (4), LHP Mason Melotakis (2), LHP Taylor Rogers (11), C Bo Altobelli (21), C Bryan Santy (30), 1B D.J. Hicks (17), 1B Adam Brett Walker (3), SS Joel Licon (25), OF Bryan Haar (34), OF Jonathan Murphy (19), OF Jake Proctor (14)
Released: RHP Tobias Streich, C Billy Killian, 2B Julio Torres
Recalled: 1B Chris Parmelee
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Cole DeVries
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Miguel Munoz, RHP Anthony Slama, C Danny Lehmann
Reinstated from DL: RHP Samuel Deduno, RHP Tom Stuifbergen, 2B Brian Dinkelman

New York Mets
Draft picks signed:
RHP Brandon Welch (5), 2B Richie Rodriguez (9), SS Gavin Cecchini (1)
Released: LHP Mark Picca
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Chris Young
Removed from 40-man: RHP Jack Egbert, 1B Josh Satin (both players outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Pedro Beato
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Erik Turgeon, LHP Chuck James
Reinstated from DL: RHP Logan Verrett

New York Yankees
Draft picks signed:
RHP Charles Basford (37), RHP Taylor Garrison (7), RHP Derek Varnadore (9), LHP Dietrich Enns (19), LHP Eric Erickson (34), LHP Tim Flight (17), LHP Caleb Frare (11), LHP James Pazos (13), 1B Saxon Butler (33), 1B Matt Snyder (10), OF Taylor Dugas (8), OF Danny Oh (27)
Recalled: RHP Ryota Igarashi
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Ryota Igarashi
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Caleb Cotham, RHP Robert Paullus, C Tyler Austin, 3B Kevin Mahoney
Reinstated from DL: RHP John Brebbia, LHP Nik Turley, 2B Anderson Feliz, SS Doug Bernier, OF Chris Dickerson, OF Melky Mesa

Oakland Athletics
Draft picks signed:
RHP Kayvon Bahramzadeh (24), RHP Ryan Dull (32), RHP Kris Hall (8), RHP Derek Hansen (25), RHP Tucker Healy (23), RHP Tyler Hollstegge (21), RHP Austin House (14), RHP Stuart Pudenz (13), RHP Vince Voiro (15), C Bruce Maxwell (2), C Philip Pohl (28), 1B John Wooten (37), OF Matthew Hillsinger (22), OF Brett Vertigan (10)
Released: 3B Wilfrido Sosa
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Evan Scribner, OF Brandon Moss
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Danny Farquhar
Placed on 7-day DL: OF Myrio Richard
Reinstated from DL: 2B Wes Timmons

Danny Farquhar notched 9.8 strikeouts and 3.0 walks per nine innings during his 20 relief appearances for Double-A New Hampshire in the Blue Jays system prior to his waiver claim by Oakland.

Philadelphia Phillies
RHP Matt Wright (Sugar Land (Atlantic)), SS Pedro Nivar (released by Royals)
Draft picks signed: RHP Kevin Brady (10), RHP Jordan Guth (9), RHP Jeb Stefan (22), LHP Hoby Milner (7), 1B Chris Serritella (4), OF Dylan Cozens (2), OF Steven Golden (13)
Released: RHP Dave Bush
Recalled: 2B Michael Martinez
Added to 40-man roster: RHP B.J. Rosenberg
Removed from 40-man: 2B Pete Orr (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP Raul Valdes, 2B Michael Martinez, 2B Pete Orr
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Lino Martinez, LHP Adam Morgan, OF Derrick Mitchell
Reinstated from DL: RHP Chris Kissock, RHP Colton Murray

Pittsburgh Pirates
Draft pick signed:
C Wyatt Mathisen (2)
Traded: C Kris Watts to Nationals for cash considerations
Recalled: OF Alex Presley
Optioned to Triple-A: OF Gorkys Hernandez
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Porfirio Lopez
Reinstated from DL: LHP Colton Cain, LHP Daniel Moskos

St. Louis Cardinals
Draft picks signed:
RHP Joey Cuda (27), RHP Steven Gallardo (19), RHP Dixon Llorens (25), RHP Ronnie Shaban (33), LHP Javier Machuca (38), LHP Steve Sabatino (26), C Steve Bean (1.5), 1B Joe Almaraz (21), 1B Jeremy Schaffer (18), 2B Bruce Caldwell (15), SS Brett Wiley (13), OF Yoenny Gonzalez (8), OF Matt Young (20)
Recalled: RHP Fernando Salas
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Joe Kelly
Optioned to Triple-A: LHP John Gaub, C Steve Hill
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Chase Reid, C Cody Stanley
Reinstated from DL: RHP Jorge Rondon

San Diego Padres
LHP Mark Picca (released by Mets)
Draft picks signed: RHP Cory Bostjancic (15), RHP Matthew Chabot (21), RHP Joe Church (17), RHP Malcom Diaz (13), RHP Matt Shepherd (31), RHP Cam Stewart (20), RHP Tony Wieber (33), LHP Brandon Alger (26), LHP Christian Miller (19), LHP Robert Russell (28), C Cristian Munoz (37), C Chris O'Dowd (23), 1B Goose Kallunki (27), 2B Eric Charles (29), 3B Chris Burke (18), 3B Fernando Perez (3), SS Stephen Carmon (10), OF Brian Adams (8), OF Wynton Bernard (35), OF Alexi Colon (32), OF Anthony Renteria (39), OF Mallex Smith (5)
Released: OF Mykal Stokes
Elected free agency: RHP Jeff Suppan
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Brad Boxberger, RHP Jason Marquis
Removed from 40-man: RHP Matt Palmer, RHP Jeff Suppan (both players outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Miles Mikolas
Optioned to Double-A: RHP Andrew Cashner
Optioned transferred: RHP Nick Vincent (Triple-A to Double-A)
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Greg Gonzalez, RHP Matt Stites, LHP R.L. Eisenbach, C Jason Hagerty, 1B Carlos Sosa, SS Beamer Weems, OF Sawyer Carroll
Reinstated from DL: RHP Mike Broadway, 2B Jonathan Galvez, 2B Michael Wing, OF Sawyer Carroll, OF Dan Robertson

San Francisco Giants
3B Russ Mitchell (released by Marlins)
Recalled: RHP George Kontos
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Steve Edlefsen, 1B Brett Pill
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Demondre Arnold, RHP Craig Whitaker, 3B John Eshleman, SS Carter Jurica
Reinstated from DL: RHP Cody Hall, LHP Matt Yourkin, 1B Wes Hodges

Seattle Mariners
Draft picks signed:
RHP Matthew Brazis (28), RHP Aaron Brooks (26), RHP Levi Dean (23), RHP Blake Hauser (13), RHP Dominic Leone (16), RHP Matt Vedo (24), RHP Grady Wood (10), LHP Scott DeCecco (21), LHP Steve Ewing (20), LHP Blake Holovach (27), LHP Rusty Shellhorn (31), C Toby Demello (29), 1B Taylor Ard (7), 1B Kristian Brito (11), 2B Richard Palase (32), 3B Patrick Kivlehan (4), SS Gabrial Franca (22), SS Brock Hebert (14), OF Jabari Henry (18)
Released: RHP Reynaldo Sabala, RHP Alex Sunderland
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Anthony Vasquez, 2B Patrick Brady, 3B Francisco Martinez
Reinstated from DL: C Adam Moore, 1B Jharmidy DeJesus, OF Nathan Melendres

Tampa Bay Rays
RHP Kyle Pelchy (NDFA—Virginia Commonwealth), LHP Brett Blaise (NDFA—Belhaven (Miss.)), C Ryan McChesney (NDFA—Florida Tech), 1B Brandon Allen*
Draft picks signed: RHP Kris Carlson (35), RHP R.J. Davis (20), RHP Rob Finneran (37), RHP Dylan Floro (13), RHP Willie Gabay (15), RHP Ryan Garton (34), RHP Nick Sawyer (40), RHP Jon Weaver (21), LHP Sean Bierman (10), LHP Kevin Brandt (18), LHP Jordan Harrison (25), LHP Dayne Quist (28), C Luke Maile (8), C Geoffrey Rowan (39), C Michael Williams (30), 1B Miguel Beltran (19), 2B Tommy Coyle (16), 3B Reid Redman (23), SS Benjamin Kline (32), OF Willie Argo (22), OF Marty Gantt (7), OF Clayton Henning (11)
Released: 1B Juan Miranda, SS Joel Barroso
Removed from 40-man: 1B Brandon Allen (outrighted to Triple-A)
Optioned to Triple-A: OF Rich Thompson
Placed on 7-day DL: OF Kevin Kiermaier
Reinstated from DL: RHP Matt Torra, LHP Grayson Garvin, C Luke Bailey

Texas Rangers
Draft picks signed:
RHP Alec Asher (4), RHP Eric Brooks (11), RHP Coby Cowgill (23), RHP Keone Kela (12), RHP Cody Kendall (8), RHP Brandon Kuter (29), RHP Josh McElwee (20), RHP Paul Schwendel (40), RHP Casey Shiver (10), LHP Joseph Burns (28), LHP Sam Stafford (13), LHP Austen Thrailkill (26), C Charles Moorman (17), 2B Janluis Castro (16), 2B Cam Schiller (7), SS Gabriel Roa (25), OF Preston Beck (5), OF Royce Bolinger (6), OF Barrett Serrato (30)
Released: RHP Trevor Hurley
Added to 40-man roster: RHP Tanner Scheppers
Designated for assignment: LHP John Gaub
Placed on 7-day DL: LHP Greg Williams, C Elio Sarmiento
Reinstated from DL: RHP Tyler Tufts, LHP Neal Cotts, LHP Miguel de los Santos, C Jorge Alfaro, 3B Tommy Mendonca, OF Julio Borbon, OF Leonys Martin

Toronto Blue Jays
Draft picks signed:
LHP Brad Delatte (5), LHP Colton Turner (21), C Tucker Frawley (8), SS Derrick Chung (31), OF Anthony Alford (3), OF Ian Parmley (7)
Released: OF Sony Javier, OF Steve McQuail
Recalled: RHP Chad Beck, C Yan Gomes
Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Chad Beck, RHP Jesse Chavez, RHP Robert Coello
Optioned transferred: OF Travis Snider (Triple-A to high Class A)
Placed on 7-day DL: OF Brad Glenn
Reinstated from DL: RHP Kramer Champlin, LHP Tyler Ybarra, OF Jake Marisnick, OF Danny Perales, OF Travis Snider

Washington Nationals
LHP Graham Hicks (released by Cubs)
Draft picks signed: RHP Mike Boyden (31), RHP Dave Fischer (18), RHP Brian Rauh (11), RHP Blake Schwartz (17), RHP Derek Self (9)
Acquired: C Kris Watts from Pirates for cash considerations
Recalled: 1B Tyler Moore
Placed on 7-day DL: RHP Shane McCatty, RHP Cameron Selik, LHP Matt Purke, C Adrian Nieto, C Beau Seabury, OF J.R. Higley, OF Kevin Keyes
Reinstated from DL: LHP Bobby Lucas, C Sam Palace, SS Brent Greer