Minor League Transactions: Dec. 10-22

Official minor league transactions, conveyed to Baseball America by major league Baseball, for the period Dec. 10-22.

The Baseball America Minor League Free Agent Tracker is where you want to be for an an overview of all players imported by each organization this offseason. More than 300 players have signed minor league contracts for 2017.

The FA Tracker is more comprehensive this year with listings for released players who have signed with new orgs as well as those coming back to affiliated ball from independent or international leagues.

Arizona Diamondbacks
RHP Keyvius Sampson (non-tendered by Reds), OF Oswaldo Arcia (released by Padres, Nov. 21), OF Reymond Fuentes (released by Royals, Sept. 14)

Center fielder Reymond Fuentes is a speed-oriented lefthanded hitter with 74 major league at-bats to his name. The 25-year-old hit .254/.325/.317 with 17 stolen bases at Triple-A Omaha in the Royals system in 2016. The new Diamondbacks front office, headed by general manager Mike Hazen, has ties to the Red Sox organization and thus ties to Fuentes, a Boston first-round pick in 2009 out of high school.

Atlanta Braves
RHP Manny Barreda (Tijuana (Mexican)), RHP Navery Moore (Southern Maryland (Atlantic)), LHP Andrew Albers, OF Emilio Bonifacio
Released: RHP Caleb Beech, RHP Taylor Cockrell, RHP Tyler Greene, RHP Britt Robertshaw, C Trey Keegan, C Ruben Perez, C Collin Yelich, 3B Jordan Edgerton, OF Elias Arias
Traded: LHP Alberto Rodriguez to Giants for cash

Baltimore Orioles
RHP Tomo Ohka (did not play in 2016), 2B Sean Coyle, OF Chris Dickerson (re-signed)

Japanese righthander Tomo Ohka last pitched in the majors for the 2009 Indians and last pitched 100 big league innings for the 2005 Brewers. Now the 40-year-old is a trying to make it back to the highest level as a knuckleballer after honing the pitch in the American and Japanese independent leagues. Orioles general manager Dan Duquette originally brought Ohka to the U.S. in 1999 when Duquette was GM of the Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox
RHP Marcus Walden, C Dan Butler (re-signed), 3B Matt Dominguez, OF Junior Lake
Released: RHP Nicolo Clemente, RHP Mike McCarthy, RHP Kuehl McEachern, RHP Max Watt, LHP Brad Stone, 2B Reed Gragnani, 2B Rafael Oliveras, 2B Andy Perez
Traded: RHP Clay Buchholz to Phillies for 2B Josh Tobias
Removed from 40-man: LHP Williams Jerez (outrighted to Triple-A)

Chicago Cubs
RHP Fernando Rodriguez (elected free agency from Athletics), LHP Daniel Moskos, C Ali Solis, 2B Jemile Weeks, SS Elliot Soto

Chicago White Sox
RHP El’Hajj Muhammad, RHP Jorge Rondon, RHP Chris Volstad (re-signed), C Nate Causey (Traverse City (Frontier)), 1B Cameron Seitzer (released by Rays, Dec. 14), OF Zach Kapstein
Released: RHP Dylan Barrow, RHP Ramon Espinosa, RHP Josh Goossen-Brown, RHP Brandon Magallones, RHP Richard McWilliams, RHP Brandon Quintero, RHP Cody Winiarski, LHP Carlos Diaz, C Steven Pollakov, 2B Dante Flores, SS Ryan Leonards, OF Frank Califano
Traded: RHP Tyler Barnette to Padres for cash
Traded: RHP James Dykstra to Rangers for cash
Removed from 40-man: LHP Matt Purke (outrighted to Triple-A)

Cincinnati Reds
RHP Rob Wooten

Cleveland Indians
RHP Diarlin Jimenez

Colorado Rockies
RHP David Holman (Kansas City (American Association)), RHP C.C. Lee (Seibu (Japan)), C Spencer Navin (released by Dodgers, Aug. 14), C Zach Taylor (released by Brewers, Dec. 12), C Maxx Tissenbaum (Quebec (Can-Am)), 2B Cesar Galvez (re-signed), 2B Rafael Ynoa (re-signed)

Detroit Tigers
RHP A.J. Achter, RHP Collin Balester (Samsung (Korea)), RHP Jake Brigham (Rakuten (Japan)), RHP Waldis Joaquin (Laguna (Mexican)), RHP Jorge Marban (released by Red Sox, Aug. 4), RHP Thad Weber (re-signed), LHP Travis Blackley (Puebla (Mexican)), LHP Anthony Vasquez, 2B Omar Artsen (Santa Fe (Pecos)), 2B Logan Watkins, 3B Zack Cox (Wichita (American Association)), 3B Gabriel Quintana, SS Brendan Ryan (elected free agency from Angels), OF Jim Adduci (Lotte (Korea)), OF Quincy Latimore, OF Ronnie Mitchell, OF Juan Perez

The Tigers have searched far and wide for minor league depth this offseason by signing players from the top leagues in Mexico (Travis Blackley, Waldis Joaquin, Arcenio Leon), Japan (Jake Brigham) and Korea (Jim Adduci, Collin Balester) leagues. Detroit had success with this a year ago when they brought first baseman Chad Huffman back after two years in Japan. He hit .286/.387/.505 with 17 home runs at Triple-A Toledo in 2016.

Detroit also signed veteran glove man Brendan Ryan, slugging third baseman Gabriel Quintana (20 homers at Double-A San Antonio) and 2010 first-rounder Zack Cox, who hit .290/.348/.452 in 96 games in the independent American Association.

Houston Astros
C Juan Centeno (elected free agency from Twins)

Kansas City Royals
RHP Bobby Parnell (released by Tigers, Aug. 23), LHP Braulio Nunez, LHP Jonathan Sanchez (did not play in 2016), 2B Brooks Conrad (Sugar Land (Atlantic)), 3B Garin Cecchini, OF Ruben Sosa (Laguna (Mexican))
Released: LHP Reinaldo Cepin, OF Boo Vazquez

Switch-hitting outfielder Ruben Sosa advanced to Triple-A in the Astros system—Houston drafted him out of Oklahoma City University in 2011—but the 26-year-old landed in the Atlantic and Mexican leagues in 2015 and 2016. The 5-foot-7 sparkplug hit .371/.458/.517 in 70 games for Laguna this year to rank first in the Mexican League in on-base percentage and second in the batting race.

Los Angeles Angels
RHP Ryan Etsell
Traded: RHP Austin Adams and RHP Kyle McGowin to Nationals for SS Danny Espinosa
Traded: C Jett Bandy to Brewers for RHP Drew Gagnon and C Martin Maldonado

Los Angeles Dodgers
RHP Wilmer Font, RHP Jay Muhammad, RHP Andrew Thurman (released by Braves, Aug. 18)
Released: RHP Alexis Candelario

Miami Marlins
RHP Javy Guerra, LHP Kelvin Marte, C Collin Yelich (released by Braves, Dec. 15), 1B Dustin Geiger (Wichita (American Association)), OF Brandon Barnes (released by Rockies, Sept. 9)
Released: RHP Jose Diaz, RHP Joel Effertz, RHP Isaac Gil, RHP Ty Provencher, RHP Kelvin Rivas, LHP Frank Garces, C Arturo Rodriguez

Milwaukee Brewers
RHP Hiram Burgos (re-signed), RHP Forrest Snow, LHP Andrew Barbosa, LHP Andy Oliver, 2B Eric Sogard (elected free agency from Athletics), SS Ivan De Jesus Jr.
Released: RHP Jeremy Newton, LHP Shawn Clowers, LHP Joan de la Cruz, LHP Boanerges Nova, C Zach Taylor, 1B Alan Sharkey, OF Omar Garcia
Traded: RHP Drew Gagnon and C Martin Maldonado to Angels for C Jett Bandy

Minnesota Twins
RHP Henry Centeno (released by Rays, Sept. 16), RHP Drew Rucinski, C Eddy Rodriguez, C Dan Rohlfing, 1B Reynaldo Rodriguez (re-signed), 2B Tommy Field (re-signed), 3B Dan Gamache (released by Pirates, Sept. 12), 3B Matt Hague (Hanshin (Japan)), SS Benji Gonzalez, OF J.B. Shuck

New York Mets
RHP Cory Burns (Lancaster (Atlantic)), RHP Ben Rowen, RHP Joshua Torres (released by Brewers, March 29)

New York Yankees
RHP Nick Rumbelow (re-signed), SS Cito Culver (re-signed), SS Ruben Tejada
Released: OF Michael O’Neill

The Yankees drafted Michael O’Neill twice—they made the Michigan outfielder a third-round pick in 2013—but the nephew of former Yankees right fielder Paul O’Neill advanced only to Double-A Trenton prior to his release. Speed is the 24-year-old righthanded batter’s greatest asset.

Oakland Athletics
RHP Ryan Brasier, RHP Koby Gauna, RHP Emerson Nelo, RHP Phillip Ortiz, LHP Kevin Ferreras, LHP Victor Veliz, OF Robert Martinez

Philadelphia Phillies
LHP Sean Burnett, C Bryan Holaday (non-tendered by Red Sox), SS Pedro Florimon, SS Hector Gomez (SK Wyverns (Korea)), OF Daniel Nava
Acquired: RHP Mario Sanchez from Nationals as player to be named for RHP Jimmy Cordero
Traded: 2B Josh Tobias to Red Sox for RHP Clay Buchholz
Removed from 40-man: RHP Michael Mariot (outrighted to Triple-A)

Pittsburgh Pirates
RHP Andrew Potter (Evansville (Frontier)), LHP Greg Williams (released by Reds, June 24), SS Greg Picart
Released: RHP Ivan Cespedes, RHP Delvin Hiciano, RHP Alex Martinez, RHP Luis Paula, RHP Billy Roth, RHP David Whitehead, LHP Cristian Mota, C Deybi Garcia, 1B Sam Kennelly, OF Mister Luciano, OF Gavi Nivar

St. Louis Cardinals
C Eric Fryer (non-tendered by Pirates), 2B Dickie Joe Thon
Released: RHP Chris Thomas, C Riley Drongesen, 2B Josh Swirchak, OF Carlos Torres

San Diego Padres
RHP Logan Bawcom, RHP Jon Edwards (non-tendered and re-signed), RHP Gabe Encinas, RHP Erik Johnson (non-tendered and re-signed), RHP Craig Stammen, LHP Jose Garcia, LHP Jorge Guerra, C Webster Rivas, 1B Brett Wallace (re-signed), 2B Noah Perio, 3B Christian Villanueva (non-tendered by Cubs)
Acquired: RHP Tyler Barnette from White Sox for cash

The Cubs non-tendered 25-year-old Mexican third baseman Christian Villanueva in December after he missed the entire 2016 campaign with a broken right leg. At Triple-A Iowa in 2015 he batted .259/.313/.437 with 18 home runs and 88 RBIs in 123 games.

San Francisco Giants
RHP Raul Rivero (Bologna (Italian)), LHP Matt Reynolds (re-signed), C Travis Higgs, C Josmil Pinto, 1B Mike Morse (released by Pirates, April 21), SS Jimmy Rollins (released by White Sox, June 15), OF Carlos Garcia, OF Justin Ruggiano
Acquired: LHP Alberto Rodriguez from Braves for cash

Mike Morse had one of his finest seasons with the 2014 Giants, when he hit 16 home runs with a 130 OPS+ in 131 games. Jimmy Rollins may be 38 years old, but he’s a Bay Area native who could be a spring mentor for young Giants players. Justin Ruggiano has carved out a career as a fourth outfielder who has inflicted damage on lefthanders with a .275 career average and .252 isolated slugging.

Seattle Mariners
C Ryan Casteel, OF Kyle Waldrop
Released: RHP Joe Peeler, LHP Nick Kiel, LHP Pat Peterson, LHP Dylan Silva, 1B Nick Halamandaris, OF Gus Craig, OF Jose Leal

Tampa Bay Rays
OF Shane Peterson
Released: 1B Cameron Seitzer, SS Cristian Toribio, OF Bralin Jackson
Removed from 40-man: C Justin O’Conner (outrighted to Triple-A)

Texas Rangers
RHP Dario Beltre (re-signed), RHP Anthony Carter (re-signed), RHP David Perez (re-signed), C Alex Burg (re-signed), SS Jason Martinson, OF Jared Hoying (non-tendered and re-signed)
Acquired: RHP James Dykstra from White Sox for cash

Toronto Blue Jays
RHP Brayan Mejia, RHP Gaudy Ramirez, RHP Murphy Smith (re-signed), RHP Jhon Victorino, LHP Jeff Beliveau, LHP T.J. House, LHP Rafael Monsion, OF Andres Martinez

Washington Nationlas
RHP Gabriel Arias (did not play in 2016), RHP Jacob Turner, LHP Tim Collins (elected free agency from Royals), C Devin Ivany (re-signed), C Andruth Ramirez (re-signed), 1B Patrick Leyland, 2B Emmanuel Burriss
Released: RHP Matt Pirro, C Erik VanMeetren, OF David Kerian
Traded: RHP Mario Sanchez to Phillies as player to be named for RHP Jimmy Cordero
Traded: SS Danny Espinosa to Angels for RHP Austin Adams and RHP Kyle McGowin