Minor League Transactions

Previous Transactions

Arizona Diamondbacks

Released RHPs Juan Acevedo, Scott Barber, Joe Carque, Jose Jimenez,
Adam Johnson and Ben Krantz, IF Rodrigo Aguirre, OF Mike Goss, 1B Sean
Luellwitz and Leslie Nichols, LHPs Roberto Medina and Brad Murray, SS
Tila Reynolds and C Kelly Stinnett.

Atlanta Braves

Signed RHP Gerard Oakes. Released LHPs Ray Aguilar and Luke
Franzenburg, OF Roosevelt Brown, SS Juan Downing, IF Mike Hanson, RHPs
Mike Mueller, Roberto Nieves, Jesus Perez and Scott Sturkie. Loaned OF
Angel Ponce to Veracruz (Mexican).

Baltimore Orioles

Signed 2Bs Rene Aqueron and Bernie Castro and RHP Andrew Edwards.
Released RHPs Rob Averette, Ryan Childs and Carlos Torres, LHPs Justin
Azze and Andrew Lorraine, 2B Evel Bastida-Martinez, Cs Lance Burkhart
and Tom McGee, 3B Mike Done, 1B Doug Gredvig, OF B.J. Littleton and SS
James Lofton. Placed RHP Paul Henry and LHP Mike Patitucci on the
restricted list.

Boston Red Sox

Signed LHP Lenny Dinardo, RHP Pete Fisher and 2B Jared Sandberg.
Released 1B Nate Purvis and Bret Underwood, IF Tom Bawden, OFs Tom
Caple, Bobby Evans, Jeff Justice, Brian Sellier and Devoris Williams,
RHPs Jason Childers, Jessie Corn, Mike Dennison, Cooper Eddy, Chris
Farley, Josias Manzanillo, Nolan Moser, Davey Penny, Arty Santos, Mike
Snapp and Kris Wilson, Cs Erich Cloninger, Lee Evans, Miguel Lopez-Cao
and Josh McKinley, LHPs Robert Cochran, Jake Glanzmann, Jason Howell
and Greg Montalbano and SS Jason Ramos. Traded OF Carlos de la Cruz and
LHP Kevin Ool to Cardinals for LHP Mike Myers. Traded IF Carlos Torres
to the Nationals, completing an earlier deal in which Nationals sent IF
Alejandro Machado to Red Sox for a player to be named.

Chicago Cubs

Signed OF Ben Grieve, RHPs Lee Gwaltney and Weston O’™Brien and LHP
John Koronka. Released 3B Rick Bell, OFs Peter Bergeron, Keith Butler,
Tony McQuade, Ed Montague, Cs Trevor Brown, Robinson Cancel, Kevin
Reinking and Whitney Robinson-Pierce, RHPs Daniel Caldwell, Sam
Fischer, Bryan Hebson, Jason Kosow, Mike Natale and Emmanuel Ramirez,
IF Preston Griffin and 1B Dave Hansen. Traded OF Travis Ezi to Brewers
for C Mark Johnson.

Chicago White Sox

Signed RHP Robert Person. Released RHPs Wyatt Allen, Brian Bowles,
Mike Crudale, Jose Espinal, Ken Ray and Mitch Wylie, 3Bs Andrew Davie
and Kevin Moore, OFs J.D. Foust, Michael Moore, Jake Whitesides and
Scott Martin, LHPs Sean Kramer, Justin Roelle, Dustin Matthews and
Teuris Olivares, Cs Santiago Narciandi, Chad Oxendine and Kenny Riley
and 2B Tom Nicholson. Placed C Matt Deuchler on voluntarily retired

Cincinnati Reds

Signed SS Jose Gualdron and RHPs Jose Acevedo, Justin Coffey and
Luis Machuca. Released RHPs Jared Brite, Dayle Campbell and Hatuey
Mendoza, LHPs Anthony Boughner and Frankie Keller, OFs Chad Durham and
Domonique Lewis, 2B Troy Cairns and C Bobby Estalella. Placed RHP Derek
Hawk, OF Travis Kaats and LHP Leonard Rice on restricted list.

Cleveland Indians

Signed 2B Danny Garcia and 3B Jason Thrower. Released RHPs Carlos de
la Cruz, Neomar Flores, Angel Guzman, Mark Harris, Edwin Minaya, Gerard
Oakes, Ryan Prahm, Hector Santana and Elliott Shaw, LHPs Justin Lamber,
Roger Lincoln and David Martinez and OFs Teodoro Encarnacion and Josh
Loggins. Placed LHP Pierre-Luc Marceau on restricted list. Placed 3B
Brett Parker on voluntarily retired list. Traded LHP Brent Hoard and C
Fernando Lunar to Mets for future considerations. Traded LHP Cliff
Bartosh to Cubs for RHP Bear Bay.

Colorado Rockies

Signed SS Tila Reynolds. Released OFs Brian Barre, Trey George and
Chris Latham, RHPs Jimmy Barrett, Lance Calmus, Dave Coggin, Mike
Cosgrove, Jason Gilfillan, Doug Johnson, Ryan Kibler, Elvis Perez and
Jeff Watchko, 1B Chris Fallon, C Sandy Madera, 3B Greg Norton, LHP
Darren Oliver and OF Daniel Phillips.

Detroit Tigers

Signed OFs Byron Gettis and Marcus Thames. Released RHPs Phil Akens,
Landon Harper, Mike Howell, Tyler Jacobson, Mike James, Rick Kirsten,
Matt Parris, Troy Pickford and Philip Wilkins, SSs Octavio Amezquita
and Nathan Doyle, Cs Justin Barnes, Michael Kropf, Mike Rivera and Alex
Trezza, LHPs Dominic Carmosino, Damien Myers, Ricardo Palma and Kenon
Ronz, OFs Jordan Foster, Neil Jenkins, David Mattle and Matt Williams,
IF Juan Llamas and 3B Brant Ust. Traded LHP Steve Colyer to Mets for
RHP Matt Ginter.

Florida Marlins

Signed RHPs Isiander Heredia, Ben Howard and Simon Tovar. Released
RHPs Ryan Burnau, Ryan Cameron, Cody Cillo, Lance Davis, Evan Greusel,
Jamaal Joseph, Mike Neu, Chris Pillsbury, Ruddy Lugo, Joe Orloski, Matt
Saucedo and Justin Wayne, Cs Mike Difelice, Shuremy Fornerino, Casey
Grzecka and Spencer Wyman, LHPs Louis Evans and Jason Pearson, OFs Jose
Aponte, Nick Ewen, Charles Frazier and Vladimil Veloz, IF Michael Krga
and SS Gary Schneidmiller.

Houston Astros

Signed RHPs Ezequiel Astacio and Roberto Giron, C Yovanny Ozuna, OF
Adam Seuss and 3B Junior Zamora. Released OFs Freddy Acevedo, Cameron
Likely and Jon Topolski, 3Bs Brandon Averill and Brock Koman, RHPs
Kevin Cassidy, Pedro Diaz, Ryan France, Weston O’™Brien, Matt O’™Donnell,
Greg Powell, Turk Wendell and Matt Wheatland, LHPs Nick Bourgeois, Mike
Kesten, Brian Rodaway and Jordan Zimmerman, 2Bs Jason Corapci, Lance
Koenig and Brian Skaug, Cs Mark Obradovich and Zack Riera and SSs Jack
Santora and Chris Uhle.

Kansas City Royals

Released OFs Richard Austin, Jeff Barry, Brian L. Hunter, Bryan
Graham, Ryan Lehr and Joe McEwing, LHPs Ryan Bonesio, Billy Keppinger,
Jacob McConiga and Brian Nendza, RHPs Jose Chen, Josh Clow, Dusty
Dossett, Alexis Encarnacion, Roberto Giron, Jacob Mullis, Mike Natale,
Lucas Palmer, Eddy Ramos, Adam Tennyson and John Trujillo, and 3Bs Matt
Ferrara and Darrell Qualls.

Los Angeles Angels

Signed SSs Andy Fox and Jason Ramos and OF Chris Morris. Released C
Jared Abruzzo, SSs Jon Brewster and Victor Gutierrez, RHPs James
Carroll, Jason Corbett, Alex Francisco, Dustin Griffith, Wayne Hedden,
Victor Moreno, Chris Roque and Dominic Woody, 2B Brandon Doddo, OFs
Caleb Maher and Michael Perdomo and LHPs Kyle Pawelczyk and Mike

Los Angeles Dodgers

Signed LHP Alex Merricks. Released LHP Jamaal Hamilton and RHPs
Clint Hosford and David Parker. Traded 2B Brett Dowdy to Padres for OF
Todd Donovan. Traded RHP Pat Mahomes to Mets for a player to be named.

Milwaukee Brewers

Signed LHP Andy Pratt. Released LHPs Brian Adams and Justin Wilson,
C Joel Alvarado, RHPs Greg Bruso, Juan Cerros, David Nolasco and Jason
Ryan, OFs Michael Gordon, Mario Mendez and Chris Morris and C Kelley
Gulledge. Traded C Mark Johnson to Cubs for OF Travis Ezi. Placed OF
Terry Trofholz on restricted list.

Minnesota Twins

Signed SSs Matt Lawman and Augie Ojeda, RHP Bill Pettit, 2B Luis
Rodriguez and OF Mike Ryan. Released 1B Dusty Gomon, Cs Nick Anderson,
Andy Dangler, Josh Johnson and Greg Najac, RHPs Jason Bowlin, Eric
Brandon, Julio Guerrero, Robbie Hebert, Hiroyuki Iida, Pat Strange and
Emmanuel Tejada, 2B Brett Tamburrino, SSs Seth Davidson, Andy Fox and
Alex Garcia, LHPs John Lynch, Chris Marini, Alex Merricks, C.J.
Nitkowski and Nick Webb, OFs Javier Lopez and Armando Rios and 3B Eric
Munson. Placed OF Garrett Guzman and 2B Kaulana Kuhaulua on restricted

New York Mets

Signed RHPs Giancarlo Alvarado and Greg Belson, LHP Jose Rosado, OF
Ron Calloway and C Mike DiFelice. Released RHPs Domingo Acosta, Joey
Cole, Troy Fry, Joe Gannon, Micah Mangrum, Joe Nelson, Willis Roberts
and David Torres, 3B Charles Bennett, LHPs James Dougherty, Brent Hoard
and Ryan Olson, SSs Travis Garcia, Corey Hart and David Reaver, 2B
Brian Zech, Cs Kelly Stinnett and Andy Dominique, OFs Joe Jiannetti,
Rashad Parker, Seth Pietsch, Kerry Robinson and Adam Seuss. Acquired
Pat Mahomes from Dodgers for player to be named. Traded RHP Matt Ginter
to Tigers for LHP Steve Colyer. Purchased contract of SS Benji Gil from

New York Yankees

Signed LHP Wayne Franklin, RHPs Pete Munro and Scott Proctor and C
Wil Nieves. Released 2Bs Homer Bush and Rafael Rodriguez, Cs Troy
Caradonna, Nate Griffin, Manuel Mejia and Matt Oakes, RHPs Rik Currier
and Ben Moore, LHPs Geoff Goetz and Mark Phillips and OFs Doug
Glanville, Noah Hall and Robert Villanova.

Oakland Athletics

Signed C Travis Chapman and RHP Alex Santos. Released RHPs Ryan France and Marc Sauer, OF Nick Rogers and 3B Mayobanex Santana.

Philadelphia Phillies

Signed RHPs Ryan Cameron, Geoff Geary, Travis Minix, Edwin Moreno,
Franklin Perez and Michael Smith, 1B Doug Gredvig and 3B Juan
Richardson. Released 1B Kevin Barker, 3Bs Tony Buffone and Nick Shimer,
RHPs Clemente Doble, Brad Overton and Aaron Wilson, LHP Daniel Hodges,
2B Nick Italiano, IF Kurt Keene, OF Miguel Quintana and C Erik

Pittsburgh Pirates

Signed RHP Wyatt Allen, Julio Guerrero and David Mazurek. Released
RHPs Joel Ortega, Victor Ramos, David Beigh, Matt Bimeal, Albie Lopez
and Ryan Mottl, 1B Tim Brown, C Travis Chapman, OF Ben Grieve, LHP John
Hummel and 2B John Marshall Smith.

St. Louis Cardinals

Released RHPs Greg Bauer, Dan Baysinger, Chris Bova, Wilson Ciprian,
Ron Evans, Luis Gomez, Nathan Kopszywa, James Mondesir, Gregg Pleeter,
Jared Smith, James Tricoglou, Austin Tubb and Mike Wodnicki, LHPs Josh
Brey, Brantley Jordan, Hector Mercado, Chad Petty, Joey Siak, Pete
Soteropoulos and Colin Young, Cs Adam Burton, Nick Hopkins, Cody Palmer
and Spencer Wyman, SSs Tim Cantu and Omar Pena, OFs Chad Ehrnsberger,
Casey Grimm, Jose Virgil and Levi Webber, 3B Das Jesson, 1B John
Lindsey and 2Bs Michael Dzurilla, Wilton Guerrero, Brian Harris and
Jorge Sequea. Traded LHP Mike Myers to Red Sox for OF Carlos de la Cruz
and OF Kevin Ool.

San Diego Padres

Signed LHP J.D. Cockroft. Released RHPs Mike Brunet, Greg Conden,
Anasazi Guthrie, Paul Jacinto, B.J. Jenkins, Agustin Marquetti and Gabe
Ribas, 3B Orlando Diaz, OFs Michael Glendenning, Ryan Johnson, Zach
Smithlin, Brian Wahlbrink and Nate Whitney, LHPs Kevin Beavers, Gregg
Gant, Matt Hampton, Matt Lincoln, Jacobo Meque, Austin Morgan, Ken
Mullen and Isaac Pavlik, C Juan Hernandez and SSs Justin Smyres and Rob
Watson. Loaned OF Yancarlo Angulo, LHPs Jose Castro and Jesus Soto and
RHP Michael Brunet to Mexico City (Mexican). Sold the contract of IF
Oscar Carrillo to Mexico City. Traded OF Todd Donovan to Dodgers for 2B
Brett Dowdy.

San Francisco Giants

Signed LHP Stephen Randolph. Released LHP Michael Kunes, OFs Roberto
Morillo, Jesse Schmidt and Zach Strong, 1B Judson Richards, 3B Derek
Barrows and RHPs Chris George, Kevin Jenson, Al Levine, Matt Montgomery
and Julio Pavon. Loaned 2B Lorenzo Mercado to San Luis (Mexico). Placed
RHP Daniel Portorreal on suspended list.

Seattle Mariners

Released LHPs Ryan Anderson, Nate Bland and Michael Ciccotelli, RHPs
Ira Brown, Phillip Cullen, Tim Dorn, Terry Forbes, Jared Hoerman, Rett
Johnson, Nate Mitchell, Brad Rose and Darwin Soto, Cs Tim Marks, Tom
Owen, Richard Rodrigues and Matt Tindell, 3B Jeremy Dutton, OF Vince
Faison, SSs Ricardo Gutierrez and Aaron Herr, 1B Joe Jacobitz and IFs
Michael Cox and Nicholas Orlandos. Traded SS Benji Gil to Mets for
player to be named.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Signed 3B Eric Munson, OF Alex Sanchez and C Richard Sweeney.
Released RHPs John Benedetti, Brian Bulger, Mark Comolli, Tim Coward,
Jon Dobyns, Jason Girdner, Nick Gor, Kyle Kane, Ryan McCally, Travis
Minix, Matt Parker, Chad Redfern, Andy Weimer and Phillip Wilson, OFs
Brian Buchanan, Nate Dion, Tom Goodwin, Stephen Jones, Adam Olow and
Blake Schultz, 2B Chad Cooper, Cs Brent Cordell, Russ Jacobson, Dan
Massiatte and Brent Speigner, LHPs Robert Cramer, Aaron Gangi, Tim
King, Denny Neagle and John Price and 3B Brandon Larson.

Texas Rangers

Signed C Jared Abruzzo. Released 1B Chris Alexander, RHPs Francisco
de los Santos, Willy Espinal, Gary Hogan, Ben Keiter, David Mazurek,
Nick Seeley, Wilson Toribio and Joldy Watts, LHPs J.D. Cockroft, Ben
Foster, Kenny Holubec, Justin Lensch and Chris Russ, SS Tobin Swope and
Cs Ben Margalski and Jeff Waldron.

Toronto Blue Jays

Released RHPs Joaquin Canizal, Matt Dalton, Derrek Nunley, Michael
Smith, Seung Song, Andy Torres and John Wesley, LHPs Chris Leonard,
Justin Maureau and Chris Michalak, OF Derry Hammond, Cs Jonathan
Chappell and Andy Dominique and 2B Dominic Rich. Traded OF Tyrell
Godwin to Nationals for LHP Aaron Wideman.

Washington Nationals

Signed C Craig Kuzmic. Released RHPs Donnie Bridges, Edward Diaz,
David Haverstick, Ricky Jenkins, Luis Pineda, Brandon Roznovsky, OFs
Maurice Cobb, Michael Coleman, Ramon Diaz, Jim Kavourias and Danny
Rombley, IF Luis Cordova, SS Francis Desena, 3B George Arias, Brian
Ellerson, Phil Hiatt, Luis Rojas, LHPs Keith Ferguson, Tony Ferrari,
Josh Girdley, Alex Lontayo and Matt White, 1B Aaron McNeal, C Keith
Osik and 2B Jason Conslik, Jose Ovalles and Jared Sandberg. Traded LHP
Aaron Wideman to Blue Jays for OF Tyrell Godwin. Acquired IF Carlos
Torres from Red Sox, completing an earlier trade in which Nationals
sent 2B Alejandro Machado to Red Sox for player to be named.